According to Le Parisien, Bordeaux is the greenest city in France. It is the capital city of bikes and full of green areas and sustainable projects

Bordeaux is well-known alla arounf the world for its fine wines and fascinating architecture. Other than that, it has also earned the qualification of “Greenest City in France” thanks to its fervent commitment to the protection of the ecosystem and the promotion of an environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

According to Le Parisien, Bordeaux is the greenest among the 444 cities in France, and it represents an enlightening model of a city living and thriving in harmony with nature. Let’s find out why!

Bordeaux, The City Of Bikes

Location for bike sharing in Bordeaux
Bike sharing in Bordeaux, picture by Canva PRO

Bordeaux is a city renowned for its elegant charm and rich cultural heritage, but it has also established itself as a true paradise for bikers. Bordeaux, also known as the “City of the Bikes”, harmoniously blends its historical past with a modern and sustainable mode of transport.

With its 200 km of cycling routes (1400 if we refer to the whole metropolitan area), Bordeaux is a bike kingdom. You can find cycling routes, bike repair shops and bike parking spaces everywhere. Moreover, you can easily rent a bike by using a simple App.

While cycling along quaint boulevards, tree-lined streets and the banks of the river Garonne, bikers become part of a lively cycling community who contributes to the commitment of the city to environmental awareness and a healthier urban lifestyle. Bordeaux’s adherence to the cycling culture not only helps to preserve its heritage, but also paves the way for a greener and more active future.

Parks, Gardens And Green Areas

Jardin Public, park in Bordeaux with a little boat cruising on the river Garonne
Jardin Public, picture by Canva PRO

The huge quantity of parks, tree-lined avenues, green squares, and flower and vegetable gardens, guarantees every Bordeaux resident a green area of approximately 20 sqm. The French city has definitely understood the importance of green areas for the health of its residents.

Along the streets of Bordeaux, beautiful green areas harmoniously blend with the historical architecture, allowing both residents and tourists to get away from the frenetic urban life. Urban parks like Parc Bordelais and Jardin Public are a true peaceful oasis. Wide expanses of meadows and ancient trees invite visitors to take relaxing strolls and moments of reflection.

The Garonne riverfront offers relaxation areas along its banks, which are the perfect place for picnics or to simply enjoy the view. Therefore, Bordeaux turns out to be a city where “green” becomes an essential part of everyday life, highlighting the commitment of the city to a balanced lifestyle and a welcoming urban environment.

Bordeaux As A Car-Free City

Electric tram in Bordeaux with a cathedral on the background
Electric tram in Bordeaux, picture by Canva PRO

Bordeaux, a city with both a wonderful atmosphere and a deep environmental awareness, has been leading change as a “car-free” or car-less city. This bold approach to urbanization has been turning streets into pedestrian, cycling, and public transport areas. As a result, it gives life to a more sustainable and enjoyable environment.

Car journeys represent only 29% of travel in the city, meaning that most residents rarely use their car. According to the mayor, the city plans to become car-free in the foreseeable future by increasingly promoting the use of bikes and public transport.
At present, you can find very few cars in the city. As a matter of fact, the urban landscape is full of electric trams and scattered with dedicated locations for bike sharing. The whole city is a 30 km/h zone. Consequently, this encourages people to use bikes instead of cars.

As a consequence of cars getting replaced with pedestrians and bikers, the streets come alive with neighborhood life, local commercial activities, and cultural events. This not only reduces air pollution and traffic but also creates a stronger community spirit and a deeper connection with the surrounding environment. Bordeaux is proof that a car-free future is possible and it’s also a bold pioneer of a fairer, greener, and livelier city.

Organic Lifestyle And Responsible Purchasing

Vegetable market in Bordeaux
Vegetable market in Bordeaux, picture by Canva PRO

Bordeaux houses a wide range of markets, shops, and supermarkets that offer organic food, highlighting once again its growing attention to health and the ecosystem.

Local markets like the well-known Marché des Capucins are filled with colourful stalls containing fresh fruit and vegetables, homemade bread, and seasonal organic products.

Specialized shops and cooperatives offer a wide variety of options, ranging from daily groceries to niche products. This allows both residents and tourists to undertake a healthier and more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Supercoop is one of the first supermarkets organized and run directly by residents, who are active members, who purchase and work in the supermarket 4 hours a month on the basis of their skills. Supercoop is a successful experiment that allows you to purchase consciously and is a great point of reference for other projects of collaborative supermarkets.

Thus, Bordeaux presents itself as a place where choosing to undertake an organic lifestyle not only becomes possible but also accessible and fulfilling.

Author: Filippo Brunato

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