On 27 October 2016, the international tourism day, experts have selected the 100 most sustainable destinations of the year, according to 15 core criteria. The initiative of this ranking is meant to recognize those tourist destinations that have committed to make a difference, focusing on sustainability. Among these 100 green destinations all over the world, we have chosen 10 in Italy and in Europe.

These are the green destinations to visit this year!

Cogne, Italy – Mountain Pearl

Our ranking began in Northern Italy, in the heart of Gran Paradiso National Park. Cogne is one of the Italian municipalities that are members of the Alpine Pearls, because of its environmental friendliness. This small mountain town, along with an irresistible mix of activities, culinary delights, traditions and nature, offers good public transport service, free of charge.

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Ljubljana, Slovenia – European Green Capital

We move to Slovenia, to get into its beautiful capital, which has also been named Green Capital of Europe 2016. This vibrant and ancient city in recent years has invested heavily in sustainability, to offer to inhabitants and tourists a better quality of life . Closed to traffic center, free buses and electric taxis and many green areas make Ljubljana a model for livability and eco-sustainability.

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Gozo, Malta – Organic and pristine

Gozo is not well known, yet it is a paradise on earth. A wilderness, wonderful beaches and numerous historical heritages make it a perfect destination for a trip. In addition, the island offers mostly 100% organic food and also promotes eco-education in schools.

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Romagna, Italy – Between history and culinary delights

Let’s go back to Italy, to visit its heart. The Romagna is in the heart of the peninsula and probably offers the best of Italian culinary tradition. The main cities of this historical region are Ravenna and Cesena, but all the territory is committed to preserving its rich cultural heritage, through the promotion of local producers and artisans.

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Drniš, Croatia – A park, a river and the music

We are in the south of Croatia, in the beautiful and pristine hinterland. Here is Drnis, a town actively engaged in the preservation and promotion of its heritage, and the natural with the Krka National Park and the River Čikola, both the historical and cultural, with several monuments, medieval fortresses, churches and its tradition and his popular songs.

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Cascais, Portugal – Waterfront bike

Not far from Lisbon, on the coast, there is Cascais, a charming fishing town. The city has set itself the goal of reducing by more than 20% its CO2 emissions by 2020 and to make it the city promotes soft mobility, offering free bicycles at different points of the city and tours to discover the local cultural and natural heritage in the Eco Park of Pisao.

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Goeree-Overflakkee, Netherlands – Relaxed atmosphere of a small island

We arrive in the Netherlands, in the south of the country, to visit the island of Goeree-Overflakkee. The island is made up of 4 towns that from 2013 constitute a single municipality. Goeree-Overflakkee promotes among its citizens solar energy and water savings, making more accessible the purchase of solar panels and flow reducers.

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Werfenweng, Austria – Electric vehicles at high altitude

We move in Austria, to visit the second Alpine Pearl of our ranking. Werfenweng has become a model for the whole area, thanks to its offer of soft mobility. Tourists and locals can take advantage of many electric vehicles, for free. The destination also promotes the use of renewable sources and local products and it involves the local population to develop sustainable tourism offers.

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Alonissos, Greece – Monk seals and no plastic

Here we are on the Aegean Sea on the island of Alonissos, the most remote of the Sporades and the most committed to the protection of nature and environment. Habitat for monk seals and many other rare animals, the island is protected by a marine park. Green initiatives taken forward in this earthly paradise are many: from energy saving to “Plastic bag-free Alonnisos” project.

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Brittany, France – Picturesque villages and wilderness

A very picturesque corner of France, with significant cultural and linguistic roots that distinguish it from the rest of the country: Brittany is a charming place made of medieval villages, impressive castles and fascinating stretches of coastline. Since 2006, this amazing tourist destination is investing in sustainability. A greenways and cycle paths network of over 1000 km has been successfully created, and programs for the protection of historic towns and coastline have been implemented .

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Are you ready to go? Which one of these green destinations are you going to visit first?


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