Especially during the winter season, the consumption of gas might become a real problem since it is both polluting and expensive. What are the impacts on the environment? How can we limit the damage, and save money? Find it out by continuing to read this article.

How polluting is methane gas?

One of the machinery used during the extraction of gas
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Methane gas is a hydrocarbon and for this reason, it has enormous heating power, what experts call global warming potential. According to scientific research by the CNR, a ton of methane gas has a heating power of the atmosphere 70 times higher compared to CO2 over a 20-year time span.

In fact, methane gas is responsible for almost 25% of the increase in temperature since pre-industrial times and for 20% of polluting emissions worldwide. Furthermore, it damages human health as well as that of other animals and plants as it modifies ecosystems.

How much does methane gas cost?

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The cost of methane gas is quite high since the fields are mostly located in Russia, Algeria, and the United States of America.

Moreover, in addition to extraction, costs are also affected by transport through gas pipelines or ships. In this second case, there is also a further cost for the passage to the liquid state.

How can we spend less and reduce gas waste?

Woman adjusting her thermostat to avoid polluting with gas emissions
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To spend and waste less methane gas you need to be aware of some simple tips that we are going to analyse together. Here are some practical tips to pollute and spend less gas at home.

1. Avoid heat losses

And to do this, be careful to use domestic heat sources correctly. If we are not careful there will be damage to the environment, caused by polluting emissions into the atmosphere that contaminate the air we breathe.

2. Pay attention in the kitchen

In the kitchen place your pans on the gas stove in proportion to their size. In this way the gas flame will heat the contents without dispersing the heat and, therefore, we will not have any gas dispersion.

3. Switch off or lower the heating when away

Heating the house during the cold months is really a sore point. If we know that we will be absent for a prolonged period, we should try not to turn the heating on at all.

4. Use smart thermostatic valves

Thermostatic valves are used, as the name suggests, to coordinate the switching on of the heating in the best possible way, while also ensuring that comfort in the home is safeguarded. Thanks to these valves, it is possible to program a different temperature depending on the room.

The valves also sense, for example, when a window is opened, in order to stop the heating in that particular room while still heating the other ones.

5. Keep the heating of the house controlled through Apps

Technology helps us as well since there are so many applications that allow you to keep domestic heating under control. It is obvious that in order to use these applications at home there must be an internet connection. However, if the connection is interrupted, the thermostat will keep working and, in the worst case, it will still be adjustable manually.

An application through which you can analyze the consumption of gas in your house
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We have to keep in mind that gas is a non-renewable resource that is really expensive, both for the planet and the economy. Furthermore, if Europe wants to achieve its carbon-neutral goal by 2050, it will have to work hard and fast.

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