The worlds of work and sustainability typically collide, because we prioritize mass production and economic growth over respect for the environment. Hence the wave of climate quitting, a phenomenon that affects all those who quit their jobs because they do not agree with the ethics of the company they work for.

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Climate quitting is a kind of silent revolution whose clear aim is to safeguard the environment. It is well known that several companies, particularly multinationals, do not follow green policies. This is because such policies would increase their expenses and slow down their production. But in recent decades, there has been a steady increase in the number of employees who decide to leave their positions because they disagree with the practices of the company and want to invest their time in work that can protect the environment.

Testimonies of climate quitting

Doing climate quitting means adopting a responsible approach towards the working world and moving away from all those businesses that do not adhere to ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) criteria. A company should embrace these criteria to ensure that all of its agents involved, including employees, distributors, and customers, care about and respect the environment, society, and governance.

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Alice Pomiato, 32, is a climate quitter. In fact, she decided to quit her job as a digital strategist at a communications company. Her choice originated from her awareness that, through her work, she was pushing her clients away from a sustainable lifestyle. With great courage, Alice put her ethics and values first and quit a job that went against her beliefs. Today she is a content creator who raises awareness on the issue of sustainability.

A study conducted by the Milan Polytechnic found that the under-30 age range is the most affected by this problem. One can see how the world outlook changes from generation to generation. On the one hand, adults tend to underestimate the issue, probably because the change has been gradual and they find it hard to believe in it and take action to improve the situation. Younger people, on the other hand, live in a deteriorated world, but they cherish the hope that they can fix it and do their part to safeguard nature.

These days, a lot of media attention is paid to climate issues. It is thus encouraging to see how the youth is willing to fight to protect the world and ensure a better situation for future generations.

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Green operators

Climate quitting is now an established phenomenon that is gaining momentum. This seems to be the source of certain changes which may occur in the very near future.

In fact, the number of employees working in the field of sustainability in companies, what we might call green operators, is rising more and more. There will be an increasing demand for consultants who can advise the company on making changes that wink at sustainability.

Universities all around the world are already moving in this direction. They are indeed promoting academic programs that can apply to a greener idea of life, particularly in the business world.


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This term refers to the fact that, given the increasing attention on eco-friendliness, many companies are adopting tactics to make their production processes and products appear more environmentally friendly. But in reality, they are only taking small steps that do not solve the problem in any way. It is a specific kind of marketing strategy designed to attract customers, who are now increasingly inclined to make informed purchasing decisions.

In fact, Greenwashing is one of the major causes of workers’ climate quitting. The false claims and the refusal to make environmental improvements very often detach employees from the ideas of the company. This moves them to permanently abandon this reality because it is too distant from their own worldview.

Climate quitting may really be the way to combine work and sustainability

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To date, there is still a small percentage of employees who decide to quit their jobs because the companies they work for do not follow environmentally friendly guidelines. Rather, the majority sees exploitation, unhygienic working conditions and low pay as their main obstacles.

Climate change cannot be stopped right away: there is still a lot of work to do. However, this does not mean that everyone cannot support this noble cause with a tiny gesture. Climate quitting is a gesture of courage but, above all, of great responsibility. It helps companies understand their employees’ demands and can lead to real policies of environmental awareness. Climate quitting may really be the way to combine work and sustainability.

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