Manerba del Garda has always been a place of interest for those who love lakeside activities. In this green guide you will find sustainable tips for a fun and relaxing holiday in one of the ten happiest towns in Italy!

In the Lombard part of Lake Garda, in the province of Brescia, lies Manerba di Garda. This is undoubtedly one of the most popular and visited villages on the western shore of the lake.
In the ranking compiled in 2015 by the newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore, Manerba appears mentioned among the 10 happy towns of Italy. This nomination is probably attributable to the focus on environmental sustainability, but also to the bright colours that stand out in the town centre and the numerous beaches that have been a favourite bathing spot for Italian and foreign tourists for decades.

Manerba del Garda and its colors
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There are several picturesque sights in the small village that you won’t want to miss, such as the stone arch on Via Marconi that overlooks the turquoise lake, or Via del Gazzo where you will find a precious garden full of vegetation.

If you want to lose yourself in unspoilt nature, Manerba is the ideal place. Here you will find two large parks: the Archaeological and Nature Park and the Lake Park, two emblems of the town.
Also you cannot miss the castle with its medieval tower, which can be visited from the inside, and the San Sivino-Gabbiano pile-dwelling site.

Itineraries that you cannot miss in Manerba del Garda

When visiting a new place, the difficulty is often dictated by a lack of knowledge of the points of interest, and of how they can be reached. You will find here in our guide 3 unmissable itineraries in Manerba del Garda. Their are meant for those most suitable for families to those for the more adventurous ones.

1. Relax in the most picturesque beaches of Lake Garda

Beach of Manerba del Garda
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This is the perfect itinerary for groups of friends who choose Lake Garda as a break from the daily stress of work or university.
It is an 11 km long route that goes from beach to beach. Start with La Romantica beach, the longest of them all, completely dotted with bars and kiosks. Then follow with the very touristy and popular Pisenze beach. Here you can dabble in various water sports such as windsurfing or sup.
Finally, continue to the Dusano and Sasso beaches.These are the most suitable for a swim in the fresh waters of the lake and an afternoon of relaxation on the pebbly shore.

The beaches of Manerba are populated in all seasons; it is difficult to give up a walk beside this turquoise water even in winter! Of course, to fully enjoy them, summer is preferable so that you can take advantage of the refreshing weather and the thousands of activities organised daily by the various kiosks.

2. From Rocca Manerba to Punta Sasso

Manerba's Rock and Lake Garda
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The itinerary we propose here is the one most suitable for adventure lovers and the more intrepid. It is a more demanding route that takes about half a day and the use of hiking clothing is strongly recommended.

We start at Rocca Manerba, so named in memory of the castle that was once located there. This is probably the most evocative place on the entire site; it is an overhanging cliff overlooking the lake. Let yourself be carried away by the legend of the wolf that defended its lair in the castle in the Middle Ages

After enjoying this flashback into medieval history, you should continue along the gravel path until you reach the Sasso plain. Here you can enjoy a picnic full of local specialities, with a breathtaking view of the entire landscape.

The ideal season to walk this trail is spring, so you can enjoy the cool lake breezes and the not-yet-burning sun.

3. Trip at the two closer Manerba’s islands

San Biagio island
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You cannot miss the two neighbouring islands which are also perfect for families.

Getting to the two islands will be very easy; there are several ferries that will take you there in a matter of minutes.
However, the Island of San Biagio has the peculiarity that it can also be reached on foot at times when the lake is receding. If you don’t want to miss the experience of ‘walking on water‘, we recommend visiting it between October and November, when the lake tends to dry up.
This island is also called Rabbit Island, as in the past the island was occupied by actual colonies of rabbits. Today, you can enjoy a naturalistic landscape and a view from a different perspective of the town of Manerba.

Once you have passed San Biagio, you can move on to Isola del Garda. Presiding over the island you will find a huge palace in complete neo-Gothic-Venetian style . It dates back to the last decades of the 19th century. The building is surrounded by a marvellous Italian garden, you will be astonished by the beautiful patterns of hedges and flowering bushes.

Local specialities

restaurant on Lake Garda
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Manerba del Garda offers two products of excellence: oil and wine. A wine tasting accompanied by typical cold cuts and cheeses is therefore a must. Likewise, you must try an oil tasting.

Specialities include lake fish presented in different options and cakes made with local ingredients, such as Sbrisolona.

In order to be environmentally aware and respectful, we recommend that you focus your search especially on agritourisms. These tend not only to offer dishes of typical Bergamo lacunar cuisine, but also to use raw materials directly from 0 km.

Eco-friendly accommodation in Manerba del Garda

The town of Manerba is very conscious of its ecological footprint. Don’t forget that in 2021 the town opened its doors to the Garda Festival of Sustainability. This is why there is a wide selection of eco-friendly accommodation. These range from typical Brescian-style farmhouses to organic agritourisms offering full board surrounded by nature.

Bio Foresteria Manerba
Bio Foresteria Manerba

By browsing Ecobnb you can find the best option for you, among the various eco-friendly accommodations. We prefer the love of nature and contact with it.

To conclude, Manerba del Garda is a picturesque town directly on the turquoise Lake Garda. Among the various activities and proposals offered by the place, you will certainly find the one that suits your ideal holiday. Furthermore, the town pays much attention to the environment, as is evident from the clean beaches and the various sustainable tourism proposals.
Don’t miss the opportunity to visit!

Manerba del Garda
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