Spring is just around the corner: nature awakens, everything is full of colors and the sun warms us. Every weekend, every holiday becomes the perfect opportunity to rediscover the pleasure of a walk in the woods, of an unusual night, to explore the world around us

5 ideas for a sustainable spring break

Wanderlust grows in these beautiful days. Here are 5 suggestions to spend an unforgettable spring break, in full respect of nature.

Glamping, the luxury camping


The days get longer and the temperatures are perfect: spring is surely the right season to try glamping, the new frontier of camping that provides close contact with nature without giving up comfort and luxury. In the network of Ecobnb, you can book a romantic night in a yurt in a forest overlooking the city of Turin, a family vacation in a Berber tent in front of the sea, or a getaway for two in a mini-cottage within walking distance of Slovenian Lake Bled and more.

Spring break between the tulips in Holland

Spring break between the tulips in Holland

This spring is the perfect time to admire the Netherlands in bloom. You’ll find yourself in front of huge tulip fields, or in the midst of beautiful flower markets. An experience that brings cheerfulness and enhances if lived by bike. Here you can find the best eco-friendly accommodations in the country.

Easter in Greece, among the woods and the sea

Spring Break in Greece, among the woods and the sea

Greece is another perfect destination for your spring break: the days are warm enough to enjoy the sea and the enchanting nature of this country. Here you will rediscover the colors: there is the white of the houses of Santorini, the blue sea, the green olive trees, and Mediterranean vegetation, which expands to meet the sea, the pink and red of the sunset, yellow of the sun. The perfect starting point to visit the area is the farm Lakazeza, just 30 minutes from Athens, but in pristine nature.

Romantic night in a tree house

Romantic night in a tree house

If you’re planning a romantic getaway for this season, you must enjoy the unique experience of sleeping in a tree house and being children for a few days. A cross Europe wonderful accommodations built in harmony with nature, in the branches of tall trees.

Farmer for a day, spring break in a farm

spring break in a farm

Tired of city life? Why not try to get your hands dirty and follow the rhythms of nature? Press the olives in Tuscany or ride horses on Lake Garda. Learn how to make organic cheese in Piedmont or collect lavender in Sicily. Wake up early to milk the cows in Trentino, or build a straw house participating in a course of bio-architecture in Liguria… Here you can find lots of ideas for a vacation in the most beautiful farms that involve guests in their daily work.