Ingredients: nine castles and fortifications, a natural park to explore, the sea a few kilometers away, a fairytale atmosphere, and unparalleled panoramas everywhere.
If this sounds like the perfect recipe for a trip, then Arcevia, an enchanting village in the Marche region, is the ideal destination for your next Italian holiday.

Arcevia, village in Marche region
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We are located in the upper valley of the Misa river, 535 meters above sea level. A broad horizon opens up before us. The gaze extends as far as the blue of the Adriatic and then admires on the other side first the rolling hills and then the peaks of Umbria-Marche Apennines. This is how this corner of Marche welcomes us, offering enchanting landscapes and an atmosphere inviting us to slow down.

Your holiday in the medieval village of Arcevia

Your holiday in the medieval village of Arcevia
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Arcevia, once a land of disputes and battles, is today a suggestive village that seems to have stopped in time. It is located in a strategic position for those who want to experience the mystery and charm of its nine medieval castles, for those who want to explore the Gola della Rossa and Frasassi Regional Natural Park, but also for those who dream of the sea of ​​Senigallia but prefer a calm and relaxing stay.

The castles of the village for a dive into history

The Marche village is made up of 11 hamlets and its territory is dotted with 9 fortifications, evidence of the important history of the place. These are fourteenth-fifteenth-century castles, characterized by the mighty fortified walls and the splendid panoramas they offer. They are the castles of Avacelli, Castiglioni, Caudino, Loretello, Montale, Nidastore, Piticchio, Palazzo, and San Pietro in Musion and you must visit them one by one.

Castle of Loretello, Arcevia
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Avacelli Castle, for example, houses the church of San Lorenzo inside which you can admire a painted terracotta altarpiece representing the Madonna Della Misericordia (16th century). Caudino is one of the smallest and is set like a small pearl on the sides of the mountain. You can get there by a winding road through a beautiful forest. Loretello, with its beautiful three-arched access bridge, is the oldest. Palazzo d’Arcevia, on the other hand, was the most populous. Today it is perhaps the most evocative: perched on the slopes of Mount Caudino it is a tangle of alleys and ancient fortified houses.

The itineraries in Marche’s Natural Park

Arcevia is located within the Gola della Rossa and Frasassi Regional Natural Park, the green heart of Marche Region. It is a real paradise for all hikers, but not only. The park’s territory is dotted with numerous itineraries and paths of varying difficulty. But, more importantly, the park offers natural monuments and truly spectacular views. The spearhead of the Park is certainly the largest underground complex in Europe. The Frasassi Cave is one of the most beautiful attractions in Italy and offers a show without equal. Inside, an underground labyrinth made of stalactites, stalagmites, and crystallized lakes awaits you.

Frasassi Cave
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Another must-see is the Scappuccia Valley, a secret place that will amaze you with its charm and pristine nature.

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