Do you want to organize your green holiday in the Marche, Italy? Discover the organic and eco-bnb farmhouses not to be missed!

Sustainability is an increasingly important issue, even when we travel. If you are organizing a green holiday, the Marche is an ideal destination. In this Italian region you will find in fact pleasant and unspoiled places, cliffs overlooking the sea, enchanting hilly landscapes and ancient villages rich in traditions. If you want to organize your holiday in an eco-friendly way, the choice of accommodation is fundamental. Let’s start to discover the most beautiful and eco-sustainable hotels in the Marche. Organic farms, eco-friendly apartments, ecological bed & breakfasts, sustainable resorts, surrounded by nature and full of charm. Brace yourselves and take note!

1. A vegan and romantic organic farmhouse in the hills of Macerata

Coroncina Farmhouse, Marche Countryside

This wonderful eco-friendly and vegan farmhouse in the Marche region offers the opportunity to stay in romantic double rooms, in apartments and even in a wooden barrel. The eno-gastronomic experience is guaranteed, in fact the entire breakfast is buffet style with 0 km products prepared directly by the owners. The Provencal-style restaurant offers a vegan menu, which uses only Italian and local produce.

Why it’s green? The energy sources used are 100% renewable, the kitchen is 0 km and there is an organic garden. The structure is equipped with solar panels and adopts the method of recovering and reusing rainwater. The light bulbs are energy efficient and the cleaning products are environmentally friendly.

Starting from: € 120 per night in a double room

Info: Coroncina

2. Slowcanda, an eco-sustainable and inimitable Bed & Breakfast in the Marche region

Eco-friendly Bed & Breakfast in the Marche region

If you want to take a step back in time and smell the ancient scents of his childhood, the Slowcanda Farmhouse is the perfect destination. The eco-bnb is located in Località Bacciardi, an almost magical place in which about thirty houses, a square and a church, form the backdrop to an indescribable landscape. The small town under Mount Nerone cannot be reached by public transport, a feature that makes it even more special. There are two rooms in the inn: one double and one triple, each of which has a bathroom.

Why it’s green? A pleasant place like few others, one that steals your heart and that you will hardly be able to forget. The accommodation has been renovated in green building, with particular attention to the recovery of rainwater. Of course, solar panels could not be missing and, just like the old days, the wood stove to warm up! In the restaurant you can taste only local products, prepared directly by the owners. The foods are all homemade, from bread to pasta, up to milk and jams for breakfast.

Starting from: 70 € to night in a double room

InfoAgriturismo Slowcanda

3. Return to Nature in the hills of Macerata

Return to Nature in the hills of Macerata

What about this splendid ecological farmhouse that allows those who choose it to live in contact with nature at 100%? It is certainly perfect for all those who love nature at 360 degrees and who, in addition to relaxation, are looking for good organic food to enjoy, embracing the vegan / vegetarian option. The Marche hills that frame this structure, will give rest and peace to the thoughts of those who stay there, leaving the problems beyond their borders.

The property offers a relaxation room where you can listen and play good music, read a book and why not drink a good glass of wine under a sky full of stars. If you love nature, the simplicity it can offer, if you love animals and you need the warmth that only a family environment can give, then you are in the right place!

Why it’s green? The accommodation facility is built in green architecture, and therefore saves resources and reduces its carbon emissions. The sun’s energy is used to heat the water in the showers, thanks to solar panels. In addition, organic cleaning products and low-energy bulbs are used. The restaurant menu is based on organic and zero km products.

Starting from: € 80 / € 110 to night.

Info: Ritorno alla Natura Veg

4. Like a dream, with a view to Urbino

Eco-friendly farmhouse with a view to Urbino

Locanda della Valle Nuova is an organic farmhouse surrounded by over fifteen hectares of cultivated fields and woods. Here you can stay in three beautiful houses surrounded by greenery. Nothing is missing: the kitchens are complete with everything and the interiors of the apartments are welcoming and modern.

The exterior offers the opportunity to relax in the large garden, in the swimming pool, on the terrace or in the wide surrounding countryside. Moreover, there is the wonderful opportunity to go for a ride with horses, as there are also instructors at your disposal. In addition, there is the possibility to carry out food and wine tours and walks in search of truffles.6.

Why it’s green? The materials used for the farmhouse renovation are traditional, with the addition of double-glazed windows and solar collectors that produce hot water. A high-performance stove, fueled with wood from the woods, will warm up your evenings in the colder months. The photovoltaic panels produce an average of 184,000 kWh of electricity every year; every year in the atmosphere there are 100,000 kg of CO2 less thanks to these systems. It can be said that Valle Nuova is zero-emission!

Starting from: 95 € to night in an apartment for 2 people.

Info: Locanda della Valle Nuova

5. An eco-friendly B&B in the Osimo countryside

eco-friendly B&B in the Osimo countryside, Marche

Among the hills of Marche there is this beautiful B&B, which seems to be waiting for you to welcome you and make your holiday unique. This family-run structure wants to give those who decide to live it even just for one day, a unique experience that makes the love for old passions and the beauty of life come back into vogue.

Why it is green? Among the eco-sustainable options chosen by the B&B there are: food at km0, clean electricity, recovery and reuse of rainwater. The building is built in green architecture, with solar panels for the production of hot water, and flow reducers for water saving. The products used for cleaning and soaps are ecological.

Starting from: € 70 to night in a double room

Info: B&B Campodisole

6. An organic farm among the vineyards and hills of the Marche

organic farm among the vineyards and hills of the Marche

This isn’t just a simple farmhouse, but a combination of passion and tradition that has accompanied the owners for some time. By proposing a historical excursus concerning the choices of the owners of this magnificent place, we see how the farm is located on the slopes of Monte San Vicino on the land owned by the Pettinelli family. Precisely, between vineyards and tradition, an excellent wine called Caecus is born, bottled dedicated to a Czech missionary, a relative of the family. Among the vineyards and the hills, this Agriturismo offers the right package to spend pleasant moments of relaxation without forgetting to respect nature and the environment.

Why it’s green? Among the eco-sustainable alternatives dedicated to the customer we find low environmental impact putties and paints, solar panels and rainwater recovery. In addition, the food is km0, the bulbs are low-consumption and even the air conditioning is eco-sustainable as it reuses the recycling of fresh air.

Starting from: € 75 to night in a double room

Info: Da Foschetta Farmhouse

7. Wellness and Comfort near the Aso river

Marche, Eco-hotel in the countryside

We are in the Marche region, in a beautiful village surrounded by nature, recovered following all the best ecological principles and surrounded by vineyards and hills, next to the Aso river. The apartments to choose from are many, all complete with every comfort and tailored to every need. The Aso river gives relief and peace to those who let themselves be lulled by the sound of its flowing waters; the road that connects the farm to the small beach of the river makes this place a real oasis of pleasure.

Why it’s green? Without a doubt this Agriturismo is the perfect place to stay if you want to discover the beauties of the Marche, having a comfortable and ecological base. The renovation of the farmhouse took place following eco-compatible and bio-building criteria. The ancient stones that supported the structure have been kept as a symbol of tradition, while both the roofs and the floors are made of natural material. The acoustic and thermal insulation makes the stay of the guests even more pleasant and, on the gazebo, it is possible to see the photovoltaic panels.

Starting from: € 65 to night in a double room

Info: La Curtis Farmhouse

8. Eco-sustainable apartments in the hills of Fermo

Marche, eco-apartments

Not just a simple accommodation, but real apartments awarded for their beauty, sustainability and luxury. The old farmhouse was bought in 2015 by Bob and Ian, who had the foresight to create 6 beautiful eco-friendly apartments. Immersed in nature in Francavilla d’Ete, in the province of Fermo, the apartments have a shared swimming pool and their own private garden. Thus each guest has the opportunity to enjoy their own oasis of peace and relaxation.

To make the stay also a moment of knowledge and meeting, a free pizza party is organized every week for guests. Contact with nature and human contact are two of the most important things in life and Bob and Ian have managed to create, with this place, the perfect union between the two.

Why it’s green? The accommodation has an organic garden, an orchard, a herb garden, free-range chickens for fresh eggs every day. The pool is heated with solar panels and treated in an ecological way with ozone cleaning. The apartments, made in bio-architecture, use energy from renewable sources and minimize the waste of water and electricity.

From: 124 € to night per apartment

Info: Award Winning Eco Apartments

9. Girolomoni Farmhouse: like in a splendid postcard

Girolomoni, organic farmhouse and green hotel in Marche Countryside

Located in the green hills of the Marche region, this Agriturismo is made up of two structures: the Monastery of 1380 and the Locanda, which has 9 rooms and 2 studios. The places for guests are a total of 25 and on the Cesane plateau, in addition to the Agriturismo, there is also a cultural foundation, a pasta factory and a mill.

Here time seems to be almost suspended, between paths and walks in enchanting landscapes, while outside the world runs non-stop.

Why it’s green? Of course, respect for the environment plays a major role in the philosophy of this structure. In fact, organic food is grown here at km 0 and, in the Locanda, in addition to tasting the products of the Agriturismo, it will also be possible to taste other organic and environmentally friendly products. Specifically, here too we find 100% renewable sources, bio-architecture, flow reducers for water and water recovery and reuse.

From: 52 € to night for studio apartment or double room

Info: Girolomoni Farmhouse

10. An eco-friendly relais in the Conero Park

Marche, Eco-Hotel in Conero

This eco-friendly relais is housed in an old stone farmhouse inside the Conero park. It is a welcoming and pleasant place in which to spend a relaxing holiday before plunging back into the frenzy of everyday life. meadow. In the evening, the spectacle of hares chasing each other and pheasants looking for food will be a marvel for the eyes of the guests.

Why it’s green? The recovery project of this structure is in perfect harmony with eco-sustainable criteria. Moreover, the furniture is made up of exclusive material from antique markets and fairs. Here, too, 100% renewable sources, water flow reducers, eco cleaning products, solar panels and low consumption light bulbs are used.

From: € 90 to night for a double room

Info: Acanto Country House

11. An ecological country house between Marche and Umbria

An ecological country house between Marche and Umbria

An eco-friendy bed & breakfast immersed in the nature of the Marche, consisting of two 19th century farmhouses and the Country House. Between woods and mountains, on the border between Umbria and Marche, but close to cities of art, villages and naturalistic sites, this Eco-bnb is the perfect eco-friendly place for a holiday away from the chaos of everyday life.

Why it is green? Renovation carried out following bio-architecture criteria and use of photovoltaic panels and solar panels for water. Underfloor heating and sterilization of the salt pool. And again rainwater recovery, water recycling and separate collection. It’s not all! In fact, here you can find AA / AAA class appliances, organic products at km 0, low consumption lamps and organic cleaning products.

From: € 60.00 to night.

Info: Ca Paravento B&B e Country House

What is the perfect eco-friendly hotel and organic farmhouse for your next vacation in the Marche Region?

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