There are gifts that after a short time end up being thrown away. The result is that packaging waste is produced, they are not usually a nice surprise for those who receive them and are impractical. For example, large boxes of chocolates run out in a short time and then there remains only the packaging, or gifts that after being discarded end up in a drawer and are not used.

What are the right ideas for valuable Christmas gifts for both the receiver and the environment? Here are 5 ideas for eco-friendly Christmas gifts that help reduce waste and packaging, last a long time and add value. It is really worth it!

Experiences In Contact With Nature: Gifts That Are Not Gonna Be Forgotten

Eco-friendly Christmas gifts: a unique experience with ecobnb gift cards
eco-friendly gifts: an experience with the ecobnb gift card

Those who want to give up waste, packaging, and any useless gifts, can bet on time. Gifts do not always have to be tangible physically, they can also dematerialize and become an experience. For example, those who have always wanted to spend more time with grandparents can simply give their loved ones a weekend in nature, or a dinner at a restaurant based on organic and local products. Contemporary gifts are a matter of the heart, produce less junk, and are also versatile.

A Calendar For Christmas: Lasts All Year Long

a personalized calendar as eco-friendly christmas gift
eco-friendly christmas gifts: a calendar

What to give, not only to grandma and grandpa but also to all the other family members for Christmas? A bottle of wine or a packet of chocolates for everyone? It’s quite boring. In addition, plastic packaging and decorations with Christmas motifs are not sustainable. So how about a calendar for the whole year ahead? It can also be done with a little creativity, such as calendars pasting photo memories, and creating a real jewel for at least a year.

Buying Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts At Zero Km Distance

Eco-friendly Christmas gifts: regional products and km 0
Eco-Friendly gifts: regional products. Photo via Canva PRO

Of course, those who want to make a physical gift can do it, but here it is worth paying attention to the provenance with respect to the place of sale. Does it have to be imported wine? Local regional farmers may have a much better product and do not need transport and shipping. Regional origin is an important idea when it comes to a sustainable gift. In online trading, it is worth paying attention to the ecological compensation of shipping to keep the product environmentally friendly.

Conscious Shopping – With Sustainability Factor

Eco-friendly gifts: products in eco-friendly material
Eco-Friendly gifts: sustainable cotton products. Photo via Canva PRO

Gifts can also be clothes, but when buying it is important to make sure they are sustainable products. Many fashion chains now offer sustainable organic cotton products, with a double added value. On the one hand, clothes last much longer, and on the other hand, they give a good feeling. You don’t even have to spend much more. In most cases, sustainable fashion is not overly expensive, but of much better quality.

Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts: Attention To The Environment In Packaging

avoid using decorated gift wrap paper to reduce your environmental impact
Eco-Friendly gifts: no decorated paper. Photo via Canva PRO

Packing a gift just to rip the paper and throw it away? Not a good idea. Who wish can simply collect old cardboard or, for example, the sheets of a newspaper. Painted in color or glued, the pages can be used to create beautiful ecological packaging. It should not always be the glossy colored wrapping paper off the roll, with plastic tapes. The gift looks more beautiful but greatly harms the environment, especially if it is not disposed of properly.

Cover image: photo via Pixabay/yvettefang0604