It’s time to think about the colorful decorations cause Christmas is coming!
We have to bring out the old decorations box and share it between what to hold and what to throw away… and then we have to think about the tree, the inevitable Christmas tree.

And if we need to find a new one… which kind I can choose?
It’s better buy a real one or an artificial one??  A research from Ellipsos 2009 ( about the artificial or real trees emissions said that the impact of a true tree is of 60% less then a synthetic one used for at least 6 years.
To choose is not easy and if we strongly want a real traditional Christmas tree we have to remember that it’s not false, it’s an alive tree  that we take off its natural ambience to bring in to our home. The pines have a longer life then the human and so we have to respect them, so we can just plant it in to our garden or in a vase to let him became our tree for the future Christmases, that’s the better choice if we want a real pine for Christmas.
But if what we care is the Eco-sostenable … then we won’t choose any of the above possibilities.
If we are attract from the idea to have  a real tree in front of our home so we can just decorate one of the trees that we already have in our garden, also if is not a pine, once that we put color lights and decorations, the effect will be surely what we expect from.
If otherwise we do not have trees in the garden to be transformed, and we don’t own already an old artificial Christmas tree, that’s the right moment to be ingenious and make a new kind of tree for this Christmas, to recycle things that we already have and we don’t use it anymore.

Some ideas to create Christmas tree reusing

Surely we can find a lot of empty bottles, made of glass or plastic, and combine that like a pyramid build like that our fir, add some color lights and the transparency and reflection effects won’t  disappoint us!

And why not make a small tree with the corks? We can color them and combine in a imaginative way. Or with the juice or beer caps the color joke is already done!!

There is no limits to the possibilities, using hangers or old books, everything can make the Christmas vary original… the must is to create… and better if we do it recycling.

Surely it’s not just a tree to let us feel Christmas… that’s why there are many ideas to adorn  our home  in this period of the year. And to every idea corresponds a decoration.

The buttons have normally many colors and shapes, this help our fantasy to join them in a bicolor garland, in polar stars combine it with an iron wire and some ribbon to hang it, or stick it in a Christmas ball.

And what about orange??? We can dry  a round slices of orange leave it for a while on a heater and a bit of glitters and a colorful ribbon and the decoration is done!

And now the return of the corks…..they seem essential to decorate our Christmas…..and above all…..imaginatively helpful.

What to said more…..the ideas are not miss, meanly we have the materials all in our hands, so don’t miss the bet and decor your house respecting the sustainably!

Author: Cristina Vignoli

Fidentina di nascita, sono partita e ritornata mille volte, perché non mi stanco mai di viaggiare, cambiare e conoscer cose nuove. Adoro, oltre al viaggiare e le lingue straniere, la fotografia, il cinema, i giri in bicicletta per le campagne durante le belle giornate, conoscere gente nuova, le emozioni vissute.
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