Lake Endine really offers unique landscapes, between history and nature, and several enchanting places that are worth a visit. Today we suggest some things not to be missed, walking or cycling.

Lake Endine is located in Val Cavallina, in the Orobie Alps. Rich in forests and surrounded by mountains, this valley offers the opportunity to play many sports and outdoor experiences.

One of the ideal means to visit it is definitely the bicycle! The best time is late spring, autumn and early summer.

Itineraries Along the Lake Endine

lake Endine during autumn
Lake Endine in autumn, foto via Canva PRO

Monesterolo al Lago

My walk to Lake Endine starts from Monasterolo al Lago. Here it is definitely a must to visit the castle of medieval origin with one of the gardens that are among the most beautiful in northern Italy. Very impressive is the baroque church of SS. Salvatore with the valuable stations of the Via Crucis that are decorated on the churchyard of the church itself.

I leave the village passing through the center of Monasterlo itself and I head flanking the lake at San Felice which is a fraction of Endine Gaiano.

Endine Gaiano

In Endine Gaiano is worth a walk along the lake, which is really nice. In addition, there are some things worthy of note and that deserve to be seen. Among these, the church of San Remigio that in the fifteenth century had been destroyed by the flood of a stream but also the church of San Giorgio with its beautiful works of art.


I then continue to Ranzanico which is a little higher because it is almost 500 meters above sea level. But the view of the lake is really priceless and deserves, therefore, a bit of effort. Ranzanico is located on the path that was used to reach the lake from Val Seriana. In the center of the village you can still see the traces of the fortified structure with a beautiful tower overlooking the main square and with beautiful stone portals. A passage must also be made to the parish church of Santa Maria Assunta as well as in the historic center the beautiful Palazzo Suardi Re where you can also visit the Silk Museum.

a view of lake Endine from Ranzanico
A view of the Lake from Ranzanico, foto via Canva PRO


Immediately after I head towards Bianzano which is really a maze of narrow streets and cobbled streets that deserves to be seen because it is famous for being the smallest village in the valley. It is surrounded by medieval walls and inside you can admire the Suardi Castle and from its walls you have a wonderful view over the lake. Also interesting is the Sanctuary of Santa Maria Assunta on the nearby hill.

Suardi Castle
foto via Wikimedia


My last stop is Casazza, with its archaeological site. This village is located in the southern part of the Cavallina valley and the archaeological area is spread over a thousand square meters that is located under a supermarket of the country and incorporates several finds from the Roman era. Among the buildings to see certainly to mention the Palazzo Bettoni that hosted Giuseppe Garibaldi.

Useful Tips

a view of lake endine
foto via Canva PRO

If taking a full tour on foot or by bike is too challenging, I recommend taking the walk that starts from Spinone al Lago to get to Monasterolo del Castello. It’s not very busy since it only takes half an hour. The road is flat and very particular as well as suggestive since for the majority it develops between woods and orchards. You might even find some birds or other small animals.

While the full ride on foot (also possible by bike) lasts about three hours and is spread over 18 kilometers and note that some stretches are also on trails.

Two Curiosities

lake endine
foto via Canva PRO

On Lake Endine it is not possible to use motor boats (except for those who own a small electric boat) and it follows that the waters are very quiet because the only boats that pass there are those rowing or the pedalos in summer.

During the cold season the lake freezes and the resulting landscape is truly magnificent. The locals have the habit of skating there even though this is dangerous since there are signs indicating how unsafe it is.

What to Eat

what to eat
foto via Canva PRO

Very appetizing is the polenta with mushrooms and sausage. And I point out that most of the polenta that is on sale in Italy comes from these areas. Very appetizing also the local cheeses and wines as well as the renowned lake fish such as tench.

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