For those who live in Milan or for those who spend a lively holiday here, there is an enchanting place just an hour from the metropolis. It is Val d’Intelvi, a valley nestled between Lake Como and Lugano and perfect for escaping from the daily frenzy and discovering a relaxation never experienced.
Dense woods, terraces, characteristic and ancient villages surrounded by greenery, breathtaking views and a thousand possibilities for trekking and bicycle rides: Val d’Intelvi is ready to surprise you with its beauty.

The trails you can’t miss in Val d’Intelvi

Mid-mountain roads and pedestrian paths in the middle of the greenery invite you to discover this incredible area. Among the many itineraries that dot the territory, these five are truly unmissable!

The Path of Expressions

Art and nature are intertwined in this itinerary suitable for everyone. From Alpe Nava, reachable on foot from the hamlet of Posa in Schignano, starts this suggestive path along which skilled wood carvers have created beautiful works of art with the bark and trunks of trees.

The mule track to Erbonne

Erbonne, Val d'Intelvi
Aconcagua / CC BY-SA (

From the Intelvi Valley Center, in La Bolla area, a relaxing one and a half hour trail starts and leads to the charming village of Erbonne. You cross a mule track, enjoying a beautiful view of Lake Como and Mount San Zeno. The destination, at 945 meters above sea level, is the custodian of a millenary history and seems to have stopped in time.

The path of the trenches

In Val d’Intelvi there are still traces of the war. The path of the trenches crosses the Forest of Mount Generoso, the highest peak in the valley and therefore a strategic position for the defense of soldiers. During the itinerary, which takes 4 and a half hours, it is possible to discover fortifications built during the First World War.

Towards Mount Generoso

Mount Generoso, Val d'Intelvi
© Murdockcrc via Wikimedia

A ring route starting from Orimento, on the paths of transhumance, arrives on the summit of Mount Generoso at an altitude of 1701 meters. Here it is easy to spot some chamois, and you will certainly be breathless in front of the magnificent view of lakes, mountains and plains.


Balcony of Italy
© Pasquale Relvini / CC BY-SA (

From Lanzo starts a path suitable for both walkers and cyclists. It reaches the so-called Balcony of Italy in less than two hours. From the summit you can enjoy a panorama that sweeps from Lake Lugano to the Grisons Alps, from Monviso to the Apennines.

An eco-friendly stay in Val d’Intelvi

An eco-friendly stay in Val d'Intelvi

In the village of Schignano, the organic farm Al Marnich awaits you. It’s an accommodation surrounded by greenery and consisting of several stone and wooden stables and a restaurant where you can taste genuine products and culinary specialties of Lombardy. In the park there are crops of small fruits, walnuts and chestnuts and horticulture is practiced. They also raise Dairy goats, poultry, pigs and donkeys. The fan has a fully equipped gym, an energy path immersed in the park and organizes guided excursions.


Cover photo © Pifoyde via Wikimedia

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