To discover foliage, the magic that transforms the trees creating colourful artworks, the woods under Pale di San Martino are the perfect place. Here you have 5 itineraries you cannot miss!

Autumn is one of the most charming seasons in the mountains. This thanks to the trees which lose thousands of colourful leaves and days that are chill in the morning and night, but warm during the day. The foliage of the trees during this period of the year takes different shades, from red to yellow and orange….is the magic of autumn!

Making you surrounded by the resin and musk smell. Hearing the crunch of the leaves under the feet and the noise of a stream that flows far away, walking among the warm colours of larches, firs, beeches and birches is a relaxing experience that makes you enter in contact with nature. Foliage is a show not just for the eyes but also for the soul. And if to this you add the beauty of the Dolomites, the result is astonishing! That’s why we suggest you five autumn itineraries in the Alpin Pearl of Primiero, San Martino di Castrozza.

1. Twists of time

Foliage in the wood of Sagron Mis, alomg the Twists of Time path
Foliage in the wood of Sagron Mis, along the Twists of Time path, photo by © Luca Merisio

This itinerary is more or less 7 kilometres long and it extends into the woods surrounding Sagron Mis. Is a place to discover – on foot or by horse – within the Natural Park Paneveggio Pale di San Martino and the National Park of the Bellunese Dolomites. To reach the path you can leave the car in the parking located close to Giasenei Chalet and Observatory Tower T3. Then you can enter the marvellous forest of firs and beeches. Here you can enjoy the colourful show of the leaves falling from the trees. This itinerary winds along old trails. Thanks to the 16 informative totems and 3 interpretative harps you can discover numerous stories and curiosities about the local population.

2. Cordognè San Giovanni

Cordognè San Giovanni
Foliage among Caltena and San Giovanni, close to one of the most charming villages in Italy, Meazzano, photo by © Tommaso Forin

This path is located in half mountain. It goes up in the forests of one of the most charming villages in Italy: Mezzano. The itinerary has a ring shape and is possible to complete it in two hours and a half. We suggest you walk on this path during autumn since the foliage is spectacular during this season. Along the itinerary, there are various glimpses of Pale di San Martino, Pavione Mount, San Giovanni and the blue water of Val Nona lake. So this is the perfect place to take amazing pictures. Along the way, there are numerous benches where you can stop to enjoy this marvellousness.

3. Path of the giant trees

Giant Trees path
The “Posa de l’Ors”, along the Giant Trees path, photo by © Alberto Campanile

This path is named like that because it will make you discover secular trees, high 50 metres, that look like they are guarding Val Nona. Here you can find white and red larches, firs and beeches. These trees, during autumn, assume colours like fire and transform the landscape into a breathtaking view.
The path is divided into two parts, which both begin from the forestry house of Valpiana. The first itinerary is the shortest and is more or less 2,7 kilometres long. Is ideal for whoever wants to enjoy the silence and have a brief walk to enjoy the forest’s landscape. The second path is more or less 7,3 kilometres long. From it you can reach the pastures of Malga Val de Stua. This is for sure the most scenic point of the whole route. Here you can have the possibility to admire the landscape in the quiet and silence of nature. You will have an amazing view of the Primiero Valley with Pale di San Martino, Lagorai Mountain Chain and Feltrine Mountains in the background.

4. Capitel de la Fratta

Autumn walk in the woods of Vanoi Valley
Autumn walk in the woods of Vanoi Valley

This path is located outside of the most common routes, here is possible to find peace and silence. Anyway, you can find incredible glimpses also here. The path begins from the ancient rural village of Ronco Cainari, which makes you discover ancient traditions. Before entering the forest, you will find an ancient water mill that has been restored for educative purposes.

Incredible view on Vanoi Valley and Pale di San Martino from Capitel de la Fratta
Incredible view on Vanoi Valley and Pale di San Martino from Capitel de la Fratta

Later you will continue for an old path immersed in the wood. Here is possible to find various points where you can stop for a break and admire the surroundings. Larches, firs and beeches with their gold foliage create a suggestive scenario. Once you reach Capitello you can enjoy an amazing view of the Vanoi Valley on the spectacular Pale di San Martino.

5. Muse Fedaie’s path

Foliage under Pale di San Martino at Welsperg lake
Foliage under Pale di San Martino at Welsperg lake, picture by © Andreas Tamanini

This path is located in Val Canali. It extends into the surroundings of Villa Welsperg, the headquarters of the park Paneveggio Pale di San Martino. This itinerary is named like that because along it there are different “legni”, points dedicated to the goddesses of Greek mythology. These panels invite the hiker to think about biodiversity. They are meant also to have a break moment to admire the beauty of Pale di San Martino, which forms a natural amphitheatre.

Foliage in Val Canali, with Pale di San Martino in the background
Foliage in Val Canali, with Pale di San Martino in the background, photo by © Mattia Maranesi

Walking along this path is healthy for the soul and mind: here you can find an area where is possible to experiment with the Kneipp method. Here you can find also a sensorial path dedicated to the geological peculiarities of the place, where is possible to walk barefoot on 250 million years old rock. You cannot stop also at Welsperg lake. Here the Dolomites reflect in this little alpine lake, creating an amazing view with autumn colours.

Foliage with its bright colours
Foliage, photo via Canva pro

So, are you impatient to enter the forest for a walk in the thousands of shades of foliage? Don’t forget your camera and leave for the adventure!

Author: Beatrice Maffei

Hi! My name is Beatrice and I am a student, attending the course Sustainability and Tourism Management at the University of Trento. I like travelling and discovering new places, trying to behave like a local, and immerging myself in the native traditions and culture. I love nature and I like doing long walks and hikes with friends and family. During my studies, I lived for a while in Spain and Finland.
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