From the Po Delta to the Aeolian Islands: these are the best green destinations for a sailing holiday in Italy!

Sea, wind in your hair, the silence interrupted only by the sound of waves and seagulls. These are indelible sensations that remain in your heart after a sailing holiday. An eco-sustainable and memorable voyage that will lead you to discover hidden corners of our country. Carried by the wind, you will arrive at small beaches and wonderful places that are impossible to reach by land.

Furthermore, by following simple rules, from the choice of eco-friendly cleaning products to waste separation, you can make your sailing trip truly sustainable. To optimize your travel, you can reach your departure destination by train or other ecological transport. Then you can choose to rent a sailing boat on the spot.

A sailing holiday is a unique experience that can help you to appreciate the beauty of our country in a unique way, from the blue of the sea. In fact, Italy is full of destinations to discover by sailboat.

Here are some of the most beautiful green destinations for a sailing holiday in Italy!

Discovering the Aeolian Islands

Aeolian Islands by sailboat
Aeolian Islands by sailboat, photo via Canva PRO

One of the most fascinating archipelagos in the Mediterranean. The Aeolian Islands are the perfect destination for a sailing holiday in Italy. Seven volcanic islands where wild nature cohabits with Homeric myths, good wine with sophisticated agritourism, and ecological holiday homes.

On Vulcano, you can discover magical landscapes surrounded by the smell of sulfur, and immerse yourself in the pools of warm, beneficial natural mud.

On Lipari, you will be welcomed by the sea at Marina Corta and discover thousands of years of history preserved by the walls of the fortress and the archaeological museum. By sailboat, you can reach some of the island’s most beautiful bays, such as Vinci beach, below a sheer cliff, in front of Vulcano, and the stacks of Pietra Lunga and Pietra Menalda.

Pollara Bay in Salina
Pollara Bay in Salina, photo via Canva PRO

But the true eco-friendly pearl of the Aeolian Islands is Salina. Among vineyards and picturesque bays, Salina has bet on sustainable and gastronomic tourism. In fact, in this place, there are many agritourism that produce organic oil and wine. Not to be missed is the suggestive bay of Pollara, formed by the sinking of a volcano crater.

Sailing on the Po Delta

Po Delta Park on a sailing boat
photo via Canva PRO

The beauty of the natural oasis of the Po Delta, where many animals and water birds live, is perfect to be discovered by sailing boat. You can move silently on the water from the Adriatic coast to the Sacca di Goro towards the river delta, cross the canals of the Comacchio valley mirror, sail slowly through the wild nature of the Bevano torrent, between the Ortazzo and Ortazzino Oases, or sail through the reeds at the mouth of the Po of Volano and discover the treasures of the Cervia Salina.

Pink flamingos on the Po Delta, a green destination to discover by sailboat
photo via Canva PRO

Among pink flamingos, sea jays, and cuckoo hawks, birdwatchers will find one of Europe’s richest environments in terms of ornithology. This UNESCO Biosphere Reserve combines the valorization of the ecosystem and its biodiversity with the promotion of sustainable tourism.

Cervia, Goro, Comacchio, Porto Garibaldi, Savio, and Ferrara are some of the starting points for unforgettable sailing adventures. From this point, you can reach enchanted places in the Park that could not be reached in any other way.

The wonders of the Cilento on sailing boat

Baia degli Infreschi, Marina di Cammerota, in Cilento
Baia degli Infreschi, photo via Canva PRO

If you are still thinking about where to go for a sailing holiday in Italy, Cilento seems the ideal destination. Sailing along the coast from Salerno to Acciaroli, you can discover all the magic of this green destination, between nature and archaeology. The suggestive medieval village of Agropoli, perched on a promontory over the sea, full of typical restaurants and small shops, is considered the door to Cilento. From here you can explore the archaeological remains of Paestum and Velia.

Following your sailing trip along the coast, you will arrive at Punta Licosa, with its green pine forest descending to the sea and an incredible seabed, protected for the rich biodiversity that hosts.

bay of Ogliastro, cilento on a sailing boat
Ogliastro Bay, photo via Canva Pro

Continuing on you will reach the bay of Ogliastro. Continuing to the south you will discover the picturesque medieval village of Acciaroli. In this stretch of sea, you will find the cleanest waters in Italy and some of the most beautiful beaches in Cilento. For example, you can enjoy Cala Bianca and Baia degli Infreschi.

Sailing holiday in Argentario

Monte Argentario
Monte Argentario, photo via Canva PRO

Few people know that Monte Argentario was once an island. Yes, that’s right! And perhaps, for this reason, the most beautiful beaches and hidden coves are not easy to reach. So, on a sailing boat, you can discover the most beautiful sea far from the crowded beaches.

As seen from the boat, the landscape changes so much, and the sea is tinged with a thousand shades. The Red Island is a large rocky reddish rock rising out of the water and tinged with purple at sunset. Here the water is crystal clear and only seagulls live.

Then there is Dead Sea Cove, with its wild, impervious landscapes. Worth a visit also Green Stones with its incredible emerald sea and rich underwater fauna.

If you are a snorkeling enthusiast, you cannot miss the paradisiacal depths of Giannutri, with its natural caves and reefs rich with corals and colourful sponges. The island has only two landing spots: Cala Spalmatoio and Cala Maestra. But if you love diving, in Cala dei Grottoni, you can explore a cave whose entrance is at a depth of 48 metres.

Cala Spalmatoio
Cala Spalmatoio, photo by Canva PRO

The “5 terre” on a sailing boat

One of the best destinations for a sailing holiday is the “5 terre”, which have been a World Heritage Site since 1997. The “5 terre” are ancient fishermen’s villages characterized by their colorful houses and are located in Liguria along the rugged coastline.

Manarola 5 terre
Manarola, 5 terre, photo via Canva PRO

Being located along the coast, the car is not the best vehicle for visiting them. The best observation point, to enjoy the beauty of the landscape, is the water. An excursion by sailing boat is, therefore, the best solution. You start from the Gulf of La Spezia, also called the Gulf of Poets, and observe the “5 terre”: Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore.

Riomaggiore, 5 terre
Riomaggiore, 5 terre, photo via Canva PRO


Which of these dream destinations is your favorite for a sailing holiday? There’s still time to spread your sails for this summer!

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