Next stop: Campania! If you’re traveling to this southern Italy region, then Cilento is one of those places you shouldn’t be miss! In-between the deep blue waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the bright green of the gentle hills facing it, one of the cradles of Greek and Roman history – Paestum – awaits you. An unforgettable experience to discover and live (in a green way) everything that this remarkably beautiful land has to offer!

Cilento: the ideal destination to slow-travel

Castellabate, Cilento
Belvedere di Castellabate, photo by Paul Barker Hemings via flickr

A land of extraordinary and unique beauty: il Cilento. Here, where sea, woods and history meet, travelers have the chance to live a one-in-a-lifetime experience. The Cilento National Park is one of the World Heritage Site, as it is a cultural landscape rich in flora and fauna. Here you might spot hawks and golden eagles, or explore the Pertosa-Auletta caves and sail an underground river, or even walk along the small alleys of the villages in the Park.

And then there are many different itineraries for those who want to walk among all these beauties and slow-travel. In Cilento, you’ll never get bored! Here you can find every tip you need.

Paestum never stops amazing!

Paestum, Goddess Athena's Temple
Paestum, Goddess Athena’s Temple, via pxhere

Paestum is one of those places you really shouldn’t miss. This World Heritage Site is the cradle of Greek and Roman history, where you’ll walk among architectural beauties, that have bewitched every visitor for a long time. Within the ancient 5km long walls, the three majestic temples of Hera, Athena and Neptune, the Greek square (named agorà), the amphitheater, 28 towers and many others roman buildings. And after the Archaeological Park, there’s also the Museum for you to discover every secret from the ancient times!

Paestum by night

Not only that, you can also adopt a block of the walls surrounding the site, to protect it from being damaged! In this way you’ll help this place of priceless value to be well looked after.

Paestum is for everybody! Even the youngest ones have the chance to explore it in an interactive and funny way, thanks to the labs, hunts and themed routes.

Dreaming of Paestum’s beaches

Paestum is not just history, because beaches and sea are just a few steps away! In fact, in Capaccio Paestum there’s a gorgeous and long white sanded beach, where the only thing you have to do is to relax. You’ll also find a Mediterranean pine forest to take shelter in during the hottest hours.

For those who never get tired of history, Torre Paestum awaits you! During World War II it was used by the Germans as a strategic lookout tower to control the Americans landing on the coast.

Where to sleep eco-friendly near Paestum

Il Cannito, Paestum, Cilento

In this magical place, where nature and history meet, just 15 minutes by Paestum, you can sleep at the enchanting sustainable Bed&Breakfast Il Cannito. An ancient basilian cenoby surrounded by the woods, now turned into in a unique fascinating structure run by Antonella.

Antonella, how was this idea of a sustainable hosting facility born?

Il Cannito was born 40 years ago, as my father, deeply in love of these lands, decided to by the property and turn it into this B&B. Our archaeologist friends told us it is a basilian cenoby, where back in the XII cent. the greco-oriental monks would carry out their rituals.

The rock buildings of the B&B were renovated keeping in mind not only their origins, but also the principles of bio-architecture. We always put great attention and care for everything surrounding Il Cannito.   stati ristrutturati rispettando sia le loro origini, sia i principi della bioarchitettura.

What can your hosts find when arriving at Il Cannito?

Il Cannito is located in a hidden corner of Mediterranean scrub, a dream-like spot among unspoiled flora surrounded by majestic and centuries-old oaks. What about the view? It’s an intense green vegetation stretching towards the crystalline waters of the coast.

Il Cannito, Paestum, view from the B&B

Is there any itinerary you strongly recommend to your hosts?

Of course, in just 5 minutes by car from our facility there’s the unforgettable Paestum. We can say that we’re literally surrounded by history!

Biodiversity, locally-grown products and food: what do you offer to Il Cannito’s hosts?

To every guest who chooses us, we offer a relaxing family-like environment, with all the privacy you need as well. Here you can get in touch with nature, try our 0-km products from our biological vegetable garden and explore in Cilento National Park.

Il Cannito, Cilento, Paestum

Last but not least, Antonella, what does Sustainable Tourism mean to you?

To me Sustainable Tourism means having respect and love for nature before anything else.

It means to celebrate nature, to get in touch with it, appreciating everything it has to offer.

At il Cannito we have taken and respected many measures towards sustainability, as the ecological cleaning products, energy saving lights, bio-architecture and solar panels. Soon we’ll be adding more solar panels and a system to reuse rainwater.

Cilento, Paestum and il Cannito await you for a unique and unforgettable holiday, the perfect match of sea, nature, history and culture!

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