Are you familiar with the EU green strategies that businesses will have to implement in the upcoming period if they want to stay in the market game? How about the green companies that can help your hospitality stand out from the competition?  The green future conference is the place to be!

As a society, we are constantly exploiting insubstantial natural resources which creates irreversible damage to climate, biodiversity, and future life on Earth. We came to a turning point and have to make a transition to green. 

climate change
Photo credit: pxhere

About the green future conference

This event will be held in Split, Croatia, from 9.-10. June 2022. It brings together international and domestic technology leaders, companies, institutions, policymakers, scientists, and other stakeholders from the sustainable development sector. Besides the Eco Resort Network Event, this conference is one of the most desired events for green entrepreneurs.

Keynote speakers
Green future conference Keynote speakers

This conference has the 3 key areas of focus:

Environment: How can technology help us with adapting to climate change? Do we really understand that climate change is happening due to the habits of every single one of us?

Energy: What are the alternative energy sources and at what stage are they in technological development and application in everyday use?

E-mobility: What are the alternative forms of (urban) mobility? How much are we really willing to change policies, our own habits, and comfort?

Startup Challenge A Green Future Startup Challenge

A Green Future Startup Challenge is a competition for startups with innovative solutions in the field of sustainable development. Selected startups will have a chance to present their ideas to the judges and win a prize.  Among the applicants, there is also a Croatian company SILVAN. The owner Jelena Bikić will present her Zero Waste collection for green hospitality. 

Jelena Bikić SILVAN
Jelena Bikić the owner of SILVAN

Boutique Handmade Hotel Soaps & exquisite gift sets in packaging that grows

SILVAN provides natural soaps in creative custom packaging to leading green hotels & glamping resorts across Europe and beyond. Its biodegradable packaging is embedded with wildflower seeds and can be planted so that colorful flowers will grow from it. 

Natural soaps for green hotels_SILVAN
SILVAN Natural soaps for green hotels

Croatian National Theater in the city of Split

Croatian National Theater
Photo by Croatian National Theater

Green Future Conference will be held in the Croatian National Theater, located in the center of Split. Beautiful historic building from the end of the 19th century will give a special charm to the conference, which in the best possible way combines the cultural heritage of Split with the greatest technological achievements in the field of sustainable development.

Croatian National Theater
Photo by Croatian National Theater

Climate-neutral event

Green Future Conference is organized as a Climate-neutral event and the CO2 emissions will be offset. For each participant, 1 tree will be planted. 

tree planting
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Get your tickets now and book your stay in Split! You can also follow the conference online. Find more information here.