Located on top of a hill in the South-West of Messinia, the Chamaloni Cottages give you the opportunity to recharge yourself in the 40 acres of fields surrounding the six guesthouses. Each cottage is uniquely decorated and offers breathtaking views of the Finikounda Gulf and the Ionian Sea.

Whether you join yoga classes, take a stroll in the countryside, or taste homemade products – the Chamaloni Cottages will allow you to experience what Messinian nature has to offer!

The view over Messinian nature from one of the guesthouses at Chamaloni Cottages
The view over Messinian nature from one of the guesthouses at Chamaloni Cottages

This eco-friendly tourism accommodation is surrounded by fields of olive groves and trees used to produce olive oil and wine. They also grow organic food on their farm, such as vegetables, fruits, milk, cheese, meat and eggs.

Apart from enjoying naturally grown local products, the Chamaloni Cottages are a perfect place for yoga as well. This tourism accommodation allows its guests to practice soft and dynamic yoga on the terrace overlooking the sea.

We have interviewed Georgia, the owner, to find out more about this place and what it has to offer.

1. Why did you decide to open Chamaloni Cottages?

«We have owned a 40 acres organic olive grove for years, and we decided to open Chamaloni Cottages to show other people the benefits of country life. We offer our guests the hospitality that Greeks are so well-known for and try to make them more sensitive towards ecology and nature’s needs

2. Which sustainable practices have you adopted?


«We recycle more than 80% of waste and we also have compost that we use to fertilize our plants.»

Organic production

«We have a small domestic production of organic fruits and vegetables that our visitors can taste. We also produce our own organic olive oil.»

organic production at chamaloni cottages: jam, tomato sauce, olive harvest
A sneak peak of the organic production at Chamaloni Cottages

Protecting nature

«We try to preserve the environment and the gardens around Chamaloni Cottages as natural as possible. We have a preference for stone paths instead of concrete. Moreover, we prefer plants and trees that can be planted naturally and do not need chemicals and fertilizers.»

Traditional and vegan cuisine

«We offer authentic Greek cuisine, which is mostly vegan, providing an alternative option for people following a vegan lifestyle. It allows more people to enjoy the whole package.»

homemade food at Chamaloni Cottages: bread, tomatoes
The homemade food at Chamaloni Cottages

3. What do your guests enjoy the most?

«From their saying, our guests enjoy a combination of hospitality, positivity, comfort, calm and privacy. This has been the key for our success all these years.»

The Alisachni Villa, one of the guesthouses part of Chamaloni Cottages
The Alisachni Villa, one of the guesthouses at Chamaloni Cottages

4. Which itineraries do you recommend to your guests?

«Near Chamaloni Cottages, there are many itineraries that allow our guests to enjoy Messinian nature. Some paths lead to virgin beaches, others to the mountains. They are not officially indicated, but Messinian nature is friendly and easy to explore, so there are no hidden dangers for those who are wise.»

Some villages worth visiting are Koroni, Methoni, and Pylos.


With its impressing castle resembling a Venetian fortress, the seaside town of Koroni is worth a visit. Not only there are several archeological sites, but Koroni also offers magnificent views of the port and the sea.

view of the seaside town of Koroni, Greece
The seaside town of Koroni (Photo by Wikimedia, via Google Creative Commons licenses)


Methoni is another Messinian village whose Venetian castle resembles an island. In fact, the majestic archeological site is surrounded by the sea on its three sides.

The castle of Methoni which resembles an island
The castle of Methoni which resembles an island (Photo by Wikimedia, via Google Creative Commons licenses)

Moreover, visitors can explore the town of Methoni and look at gift shops selling handmade products, eat at a taverna, or have fun at the beach.


Located in South-Western Messinia, the seaside town of Pylos is a natural harbor due to its position offshore.

Pylos is an important archeological site not only for the naval battle of Navarino but also because it was home to King Nestor. According to a legend, King Nestor used a cave to take shelter during the battle of Navarino. Today, Nestor’s Cave is a popular tourism site and rewards hikers with breathtaking views of Voidokilia Beach.

The breathtaking view from Nestor's Cave over Voidokilia Beach
The stunning view from Nestor’s Cave over Voidokilia Beach (Photo by Wikimedia, via Google Creative Commons licenses)

5. Why is Chamaloni Cottages a perfect place for yoga and retreat?

«Located in the best place of our property, the yoga spot is surrounded by the garden and offers the best view of the Finikounda Gulf, especially at sunset. Moreover, a freshly prepared vegetarian dinner follows the yoga class in the evening.»

yoga at Chamaloni Cottages
The yoga class at Chamaloni Cottages allows you to recharge yourself and is followed by a vegetarian dinner

6. What does it mean for you to be part of the Ecobnb community?

«Well, we do not know yet. We hope that our plans, dreams, and way of thinking will meet your expectations and vice versa.
We are sorry to admit that Greece is many steps behind when it comes to sustainability, so there are many things that we do wrong or could be done better, but our actions aim at earth preservation

So, if you want to recharge yourself from the chaotic life in the city, seize the opportunity to spend a holiday at this sustainable tourism accommodation !

Author: Stefania Angeli

Hi! My name is Stefania, and I’m a student of the degree course in “International Tourism and Leisure Industries” at the University of Bologna. My passion for traveling was sparkled by study trips and hiking in Trentino, where I was born and raised. Moreover, living in the US for one year has brought me closer to environmental sustainability issues, that were dear to my host family. My favorite travel? Interrail in Scandinavia, because it doesn’t take much to spend a memorable trip and contribute to the protection of the environment that surrounds us!
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