Are you ready to explore every corner of the world while staying in one of these incredibly green tourist facilities surrounded by nature? From thatched roof cottages, to eco-houses in old farms, equipped for every emergency but at the same time still at one with nature. What are you waiting for then? Find out what’s in store for you!

As more and more people seem interested in spending their holiday surrounded by wild nature, we decided to suggest 20 green tourist facilities spread all over Europe, each one different from the other and with something unique to offer you. Whatever your needs and preferences, you’ll be spoilt for choice among bio farmhouses, small b&bs and suggestive cottages, each one greener than the last.

20 green tourist facilities for your nature holidays

1. For poetry lovers: a bio farmhouse in Corinth (Greece)

An amazing bio farmhouse in the ancient region of Corinth, Greece, surrounded by nature and far away from the city’s hustle and bustle. A place, which is so poetic, it’ll make you feel as if you’d gone back to your roots, between delicious biological food and an atmosphere of total relax, which will enable you to disconnect from the world for a few days while enjoying of of the best green tourist facilities in Greece.

It is special place because: the sea is only 250 mt away from the residence. You’ll go through the woods and the beach will slowly spread right in front of your eyes, almost surreal, made of white little pebbles, where nobody will try to interrupt your peace.

Why is it green? This organic farmhouse gets its electricity from renewable sources, it offers tasty local products, aka km zero products, in order to avoid pollution from shipping. But not only that, with low-power lightbulbs and solar panels, eco-sustainability is the real thing around here.

It is perfect for: everyone who wants both a romantic and relaxing holiday, taking strolls and diving into clear waters. Don’t miss the chance to book a canoe and start your adventure on the blue waters of Greece, for an out of this world – experience!

2. For those seeking wilderness, welcome to Portugal 

In Portugal, near Salgadinho, among our green tourist facilities, we find the albergo diffuso (literally “spread hotel“) Selao de Eira Velha, surrounded by the wild nature of one of the Portuguese National nature reserve’s valleys. It includes guesthouses, a swimming pool, a café and also a playground for children; this facility is really a world of its own, surrounded by a variety of animals and an atmosphere that feels like home…

It is a special place because: here you can visit the Alentejo Coast and the Vicentine Coast, both offering you breath-taking views, which will make you feel the real essence of Portugal. You’ll find yourself face-to-face with the force and beauty of an untouched nature, a nature so alive you could almost hear its heart beating.

Why is it green? The place has been built following bio-architecture‘s ecological criteria and all the food you’re going to taste will have been produced locally.

It is perfect for: barbecuing with your family on the wonderful terraces of the facility or near the river and the biological garden, with a traditional brick oven for a proper full experience with portuguese customs and traditions.

3. A green house to visit the most beautiful Sardinian beaches

In Olmedo, Sardinia, you can find Casa Gaia, a very sustainable b&b: located in an amazing hilly area, it is perfect for a holiday in the spirit of both comfort and the discovery of regional traditions. Surrounded by 1000 square mt of garden, it is waiting for you to have a relaxing but still rousing experience.

It is a special place because: it is in a great position to visit some of the prettiest and wildest beaches of Sardinia, such as the Riviera del Corallo, the Golfo dell’Asinara and Porto Torres. Not only the beach is beautiful, but also the Sardinian inland, with its historical relevance: for example, you could visit Mount Baranta’s compound, a prenuragic construction dating back to the Copper Age.

Why is it green? As many others green tourist facilities, Casa Gaia has been built in an eco-friendly way, using natural materials to ensure a nearly zero environmental impact. It possesses photovoltaic panels, Ecolabel certified floors, it uses green and biodegradable detergents to clean beds and rooms in general. Furthermore, the food used for breakfast is always bio!

It is perfect for: everyone! Indeed, Casa Gaia is the ideal location for families (a free bed is available for children from 0 to 2 years old) but also for couples who want to enjoy a romantic getaway, far from the city’s noise and pollution.

4. An eco-friendly Villa overlooking Spalato (Croatia)

Villa Klara is a beautiful eco-friendly villa in Solin, near Spalato, Dalmatia, where youwill spend your weekend being overwhelmed by the scents of the Mediterranean flora, among fig and olive trees and roses. You can take a dip in the pool or explore this mysterious green villa and discover the story and secrets of the old captain who lives there…

It is a special place because: the Villa is close to the wonderful city of Spalato. In fact, the terrace has a great view of the city, a city where you can take small walks or even make proper excursions in its outskirts. Dalmatia is particularly known for maritime tourism, given the great amount of islets which are part of it.

Why is it green? You will find a biologic garden producing km zero food and a lovely untouched nature. There are also ecological cleaning products and low-power lightbulbs.

It is perfect for: people who love nature and excursions, but it is also indicated for a yoga and meditation retreat or for families with small children as there’s a lovely playground at their disposal!

5. An Eco-Lodge in Ireland

Just on the sea, on the Atlantic Coast, in Ireland, Atlantic Bay Rest’s Dream Suite offers an experience in the real Irish nature, among mountains and ocean, sheep, and a cozy wood suite to warm you up after a long day in this wonderful rural reality.

It is a special place because: it is located in a strategic position to visit Northern Ireland and best of all, to go through the Dingle Way, 176 kilometers passing through amazing landscapes, moors, mountains, rocky coasts, and sandy beaches, all of them with a story to tell.

Why is it green?  The water is heated with solar panels, plus environmentally friendly cleaning products are used. It also provides natural soaps and detergents in bulk to avoid unnecessary plastic.

It is perfect for: it is the ideal place for couples of friends who want to shut the technological world out and explore the most rural areas of Ireland, sleeping in unique green tourist facilities.

6. A romantic Inn in France

Who said that our green tourist facilities cannot be romantic? In the Regional Natural Park of Livradois Drill, in France’s Rhône-Alpes region, you will find Auberge Les Liards, an old farm surrounded by nature and silence, far from the city and with a fantastic view of Auvergne’s volcanoes.

It is a special place because: the Regional Park of Auvergne’s Volcanoes is one of a kind in Europe and it includes 24 craters which spread for about 40 km. The highest peak of the compound is the Puy de Dôme (1.465 mt): it was considered a sacred mountain and it is now part of the “Grand Site de France”. But Auvergne is actually a wonderful place when it comes to any activity, from walking, to fishing, golfing and even riding a motorcycle!

Why is it green? A biological garden and an orchard will provide fresh fruits and vegetables for you. Energy is generated in a sustainable way and recycling is also extremely important. The cleaning products are also eco-friendly, just like the lightbulbs and the water flow reducers.

It is perfect for: a family trip with children, but also for couples looking for a relaxing weekend. You can also use the russian sauna of the facility, to make things a little more magical!

7. A flowery Farmhouse in Tuscany

Between vast expanses of irises and olive trees near Florence, the Agriturismo Poggio Pratelli finds its place, a typical Tuscan stone house with a bedroom, a livingroom, a kitchen and a bathroom for you, which will convey that warm and cosy sense of hospitality that is typical of people from Tuscnay.

It is a special place because: it’s surrounded by the silence of the countryside, but at the same time it is close to Florence, which you can easily reach. The place is quite scenic, on a “poggio”, a hill, between Chianti and Valdarno (a valley which is spread along the provinces of Arezzo and Florence).

Why is it green? The owners produce biological extra virgin olive oil (which you can taste!) and they also make face and hand creams with the irises. Water heating is powered by solar panels and there are also water flow reducers, in order to avoid waste.

It is perfect for: young families or couples who want to dive into a different reality and try things that they wouldn’t normally do, such as learning how to weave a basket or other manual activities!

8. A Mediterranean Villa in Salento

In Salento, just a few km from Lecce, B&B Il Gelso is a Mediterranean villa surrounded by fruit trees, where simple things are the only things that matter, such as the joy of spending a weekend in the wilderness of Salento, in one of the most beautiful green tourist facilities in the South, while enjoying the sun in this lovely piece of Italy.

It is a special place because: unlike other green tourist facilities, B&B Il Gelso is located in the middle of many gastronomic and cycle paths of Cupa’s Valley, an area of Otranto’s land which is full of elements of historical and geographical relevance.

Why is it green? The amazing breakfasts you will eat in the Villa will have been produced by fruit trees and a little garden. Recycling is particularly important for this B&B, which tries to keep its level of waste and pollution down by using as little energy as possible.

It is perfect for: families with pets, especially dogs, but also for guests of every culture, religion or belief, everyone is welcome to share and exchange stories and customs.

9. An ecological house in Andalucia

Spain, Alpujarra, at the feet of Sierra Nevada. An amazing eco house formed by 3 bedrooms with a private bathroom, observation decks and a biological swimming pool, immersed in the silence of the hill.

It is a special place because: it is extremely close to Lanjaron in Alpujarra, where you can visit what’s left of the castle and its thermal sources. Furthermore, Sierra Nevada is particularly relevant when it comes to mountain tourism: it has the southernmost skii resorts in Europe, which are also the highest ones in Spain.

Why is it green? The house is off grid, meaning that it produces all of its electric energy via solar panels. The swimming pool has its own functioning ecosystem, therefore it is compulsory to use bio sunscreen only before diving into the water.

It is perfect for: families with small children, but also those who love flowers, plants and animals, given that you’ll be able to spot birds, frogs, but also dragonflies and cute grasshoppers!

10. A green house in Romagna

And let’s not forget to mention in our green tourist facilities… Casa Calénc: in the locality of Sogliano al Rubicone, in the province of Forlì-Cesena, it is a lovely B&B made up of two separate apartments with a green garden, a pool and a solarium just for you.

It is a special place because: the house is 30 km from the Adriatic Sea but you can also find many opportunities to go on excursions. There are many restaurants within 6 km from the house, it is therefore a perfect place to taste delicious local specialties from Romagna!

Why is it green? The energy sources are renewable, the food is km zero, there are water flow reducers and devices to restore water…sustainability is definitely assured.

It is perfect for: families and groups of friends who want to enjoy a proper excursion in the green of the woods, but also for real food lovers!

11. An ancient Provençal House among the Maritime Alpes

Going on with our green tourist facilities, in the town of Saint Jeannet among the Maritime Alpes in France, you will find the B&B La Maison Bleue, an ancient Provençal house surrounded by olive trees and a special and relaxing atmosphere, which at the same time is also filled with years and years of history to tell.

It is a special place because: Saint-Jeannet is a town in the region Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur, which is just 20 miles away from Nice. The village also finds itself at the base of the Saint-Jeannet Baou, a 800 mt high wall which is perfect for climbers, mountaineers and hikers.

Why is it green? It has bee rebuilt following bio-construction criteria, with the insertion of solar panels and low-power lightbulbs. Moreover, the place is peaceful, quiet and chill, which is obviously the perfect triangle to make nature grow and live happily.

It is perfect for: if you’re passionate about trekking but also about art, you’ll have the chance to take part in some workshops. However, it is also the perfect place for those who want to relax and meditate a little bit in the silence of nature…

12. A Rustic Cottage in Turkey

Fig Garden Cottage is an oasis of beauty in the green tourist facilities‘ category. It is located in the town of Kaya nr Fethiye in Turkey, a surreal place where you’ll be surrounded by nature 24/7 and you’ll be able to swim in a huge swimming pool.

It is a special place because: you can enjoy the city life with its restaurants and shops, but also take on long or short strolls in the green nature all around the city. The wonderful Turkish beaches are just a few km away from the cottage by car. We suggest you visit the Blue Lagoon of Olu Deniz, protected area of rare beauty.

Why is it green? The town’s community is mainly agricultural, so the products you’ll taste will all be from a km zero-local production. Furthermore, the Cottage area but also all the beaches are easily reachable without a car or public transport, in order to guarantee an always clean air.

It is perfect for: the cottages are provided with any kind of necessity for both adults and children, but the place is also particularly interesting for those who love activities such as horse riding or paragliding, quite common in the valley, but also bird watching or the observation of any other animal or plant.

13. If you’re looking for wellness 1hour and a half from Milan

In the medieval town of Zavattarello, in Alta Val Tidone, province of Pavia, the Agriturismo Valtidone Verde is waiting for you on a lovely green hill, to make sure you get the realx you deserve.

It is a special place because: it is immersed in nature indeed, but still just one hour away from Milan. In the outskirts there are many food/wine tourist itineraries, but also many historical and cultural paths.

Why is it green? There are many photovoltaic and thermo-solar panels and a private pool with a salt-based filtration system. Furthermore, the facility  has a Legambiente certificate and takes part in the corporate network “tra le terre – custodi di emozioni” (among lands – guardians of emotions), to make its tourist offer even more innovative.

 It is perfect for: a couple or a group of friends who want to spend a proper weekend relaxing and enoying the wellness services offered by the farmhouse, such as the kinesiology sessions.

14. A three house, a yurta or a B&B in Tuscany

In the province of Pisa, in the Tuscan countryside, you will find the Agriturismo Fattoria la Prugnola, in between woods and the sea, all ready to welcome you in the accommodation which suits you the most. You can choose among houses, apartments, agricultural camping, a three house or a yurta (traditional tent).

It is a special place because: it is near to the sea but at the same time it is located quite deep into the greenest Tuscan nature, where you will discover the history and traditions of the region.

Why is it green? The structures of these green tourist facilities derive their eletricity from 100% renewable sources, the cleanign products are gree, there are solar panels, flow reducers and the right means to restor water.

It is perfect for: both families (with pets!) and groups of friends with a passion for cycle tourism!

15. A biodynamic farmhouse in the Natural Park of Maremma

Tuscany‘s green tourist facilities are not over: in Grosseto, you can find the Agriturismo Biologico Sant’Egle, a 17th century’s customshouse, which has been transformed into a sustainable work of art…

It is a special place because: Grosseto’s province is full of interesting facts to discover, among museums, theaters and monuments, but also green and natural areas such as the Natural Park of Maremma.

Why is it green? The farmhouse coltivates, with the biological biodynamic and synergic method (this does not apply for all green tourist facilities), quite a lot of fruits and vegetables, but also saffron and, since 2015, truffle. Breakfasts in the facility include biological products from local farms. Furthermore, there is a bio-constructed holistic space which is available for those who book the whole farmhouse.

It is perfect for: a romantic getaway in a farm, with heated bathtubs and a decor that smells like home…

16. A green house in Ireland

The Three Towers Eco-house, in Galway, Ireland, is the ideal place to discover the real Irish essence, among endless green areas and mountains in the background which will make your staying an unforgettable experience.

It is a special place because: near the facility there are many attractions you can visit, such as the city of Galway itself, with its beaches and its lively city centre, the cliffs of Moher with their different species of birds, Portumna’s castle and other typical elements of the landscape.

Why is it green? Three Towers’ food is km zero, electricity is derived from renewable resources, there are low-power lightbulbs, water flow reducers and tools to restore water. To frame it all, cleaning products are also green!

It is perfect for: families, couples, but also large groups of friends, given the great amount of available rooms. It is basically the perfect place for anyone looking for a little bit of peace in an hospitality in one of Ireland’s most typical green tourist facilities!

17. Cottages in a bio-dairy farm in England

Let’s just stop a little bit in the UK, but this time in England, more precisely in Plymouth, a town in the super green county of Devon. Here you can sleep in one of the Carswell Cottages, 8 indipendent cottages, each one with its own peculiarities and specialties to show you.

It is a special place because: there are many itineraries both in the city and the countryside. You can also practice other activities, such as surfing. Nevertheless, the most exciting thing that you can do here is perhaps visiting Dartmoor, a huge plateau covered with a vegetation typical of heaths, a place so mysterious and fascinating, which almost makes it look like it’s hiding some secrets…

Why is it green? It is possible to book a biological breakfast in advance or choose your own bio basket, an organic barbecue or some local cakes and pies to taste during your visit. In the cottages it is important to recycle and use green cleaning detergents.

It is perfect for: a romantic shelter foro couples, but also for families or friends who are looking for a cosy accommodation after a long trekking.

18. On the slopes of Etna (Sicily)

In the BagolArea Eco-farm, on the Ionian coast between Catania and Messina, you’ll have the chance to sleep in some special green tourist facilities, such as: an ecologically rebuilt ancient farm, or a lovely and romantic wooden chalet surrounded by citrus fruits.

It is a special place because: there are many eco-tourism a sports tourism itineraries, especially on the Etna, but there are also paths which are suitable for mountain biking and ecotrail.

Why is it green? During every season, you will have the chance to taste local fruits and veggies, but also oil and natural wine. The facilities in the farm have solar panels, heaters powered by pruning waste and the irrigation and the rain collection systems have been optimized in order to guarantee as little waste as possible.

It is perfect for: anyone who loves farm life and want to play a role int he activities and courses organized by the eco-village, but not just that, if you also want to  enjoy a total relax holiday in these green tourist facilities, BagolArea is the right place.

19. An ancient homestead in the heart of Marche

In the province of Ascoli Piceno, in the region Marche, an ancient rural village has been reconstructed in an eco-friendly way: it is now called Agriturismo La Curtis and it includes different apartments of an old homestead, where you can spend a weekend between the hills and the scent of fruit trees.

It is a special place because: it’s in a strategic position to visit not just the region Marche, but also Umbria, Tuscany and Lazio. You can go and explore Ascoli Piceno, San Benedetto del Tronto and Riviera delle Palme, to relax on the beach and dive into the sea. There are many other cities of art close by, such as Urbino, Ancona and Recanati.

Why is it green? The ancient house has been reconstructed following ecological criteria. The former stone structure has been preserved whereas roofs and floors have been replaced with biological materials. These green tourist facilities have got thermal and acoustic insulation and the energy is produced by renewable sources.

It is perfect for: organising a corporate event or a social gathering, given that some apartments have a capacity of no less than 12-14 people!

20. Pure Nature in Styria (Austria)

Almgasthaus Hiasl Zibenhütte is a cosy B&B in Austria, more precisely in Feldkirchen, among Austrian peaks, where you’ll be able to relax and breathe cleaner air, surrounded by a lively atmosphere and tasty biological food.

It is a special place because: from the Nockberge mountains to the Speikkogel, the highest peak of the south-western Pre-Alps of Styria, you will enjoy a breath-taking view surrounded by an untouched nature.

Why is it green? Hiasl Zibenhütte respects the environment and the criteria which characterise green tourist facilities. It focuses on recycling and on the restoring of water. It uses green cleaning products, low-power lightbulbs and, as we said before, the food is always bio!

It is perfect for: families who love walking in the mountains among the most beautiful Austrian peaks and spend some time in a lovely b&b made of pine wood, of which perfume will make you fall in love…

And you? Which one of these green tourist facilities do you prefer? Leave a comment and share your experience with us!

Cover photo: Carswell Cottages, United Kingdom

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