This wooden sculpture, located among the Cimbri Highlands, in the Alpine Pearl of Lavarone, is the largest one in Europe and is the symbol of the rebirth of Triveneto woods, affected by the terrible Vaia storm of October 2018. In fact, the wood used comes from the trees fallen due to the strong bad weather of that period. The Vaia Dragon was made, between October and November 2021, by the Asiago sculptor Marco Martalar, within the project “Lavarone Green Land”. The work, with its 6 meters in height and 7 meters in length, consists of 2000 pieces of wood from the Vaia storm and 3000 screws.

Vaia Dragon, #dragovaia
Photo by Martina Manzotti

Everything is transformed

Through the Vaia Dragon, Marco Martalar wanted to send a very clear message: nothing lasts forever and everything is transformed. In fact, the wood of the sculpture is untreated and, over time, it will deteriorate due to the effect of atmospheric agents. Therefore, it will change shape and, through decomposition, will form new humus for the woods. The trees unprooted by the storm will then be nourishment for other trees and will help to make them more flourishing.

Vaia Dragon, Vaia storm, Lavarone
Photo by Martina Manzotti

How to get to the Vaia Dragon

The Vaia Dragon can be reached by foot, so as not to create discomforts to the hamlet of Magrè, where there are no car parks.

The recommended starting points and parking spaces are:

  • Cappella
  • Gionghi
  • Bertoldi (here you can also use the chairlift to go up to the chalet “Tana Incantata”)

How to get to the Dragon starting from the hamlets of Lavarone?

  • From Cappella, go towards the hamlet Longhi, follow the sings for cost, and then for Lavarone trekking up to hamlet Magrè. Route map from Cappella
  • From Gionghi, after parking in the large school square, follow the pedestrian street that passes behind the Red Cross, in the direction of the historic center of the hamlet. Near the historic square of Gionghi you will find the signs of the path to follow towards Magrè. Route map from Gionghi
  • From Bertoldi, walk up to the hamlet Slaghenaufi, and from there follow the signs to reach the Chalet Tana Incantata. Just before arrival, you will find signs to the hamlet Magrè and the Vaia Dragon. Route map from Bertoldi

In the winter period we recommend hiking these paths with the appropriate equipment: boots, snowshoes, crampons or trekking poles.

paths, routes by foot, Alpe Cimbra, Vaia Dragon in Lavarone
Arrival at the Vaia Dragon from the Sentiero delle Leggende – Photo by Martina Manzotti

Sentiero delle Leggende (the Legends Path)

On the top of the Tablat, the Vaia Dragon is a starting and finishing point of one of the four thematic routes designed by Lavarone Green Land to discover and explore the woods of the area:

  • Sentiero delle Leggende (Legends Path), Avi, the Avez del Princez and the Vaia Dragon
  • Sentiero delle Sorgenti (Sources Path), in search of water el vacarot
  • Sentiero 4 salti nel Bosco (4 jumps in the Wood Path), Avi the explorer and the animals
  • Sentiero del Respiro degli Alberi (Breath of the Trees Path), characterized by the beautiful works of Land Art
Vaia Dragon, Lavarone Green Land, Alpe Cimbra
Vaia Dragon in Lavarone – Photo by Martina Manzotti

The Legends Path leads to the discovery, in addition to the Vaia Dragon, also of the famous secular fir “Avez del Prinzep”, which has fallen due to the bad weather one year before the storm Vaia. In addition, the wood of the Vaia Dragon comes in part from this huge fir.

Landscape from the Dragon of Lavarone
Landscape from the Monte Tablat and from the Vaia Dragon – Photo by Martina Manzotti

For more information about the Vaia Dragon and the routes of Lavarone Green Land visit the website of the Apt Alpe Cimbra. Enjoy the walk!


Cover Image: Photo by Andreas Tamanini on Alpe Cimbra

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