Have you ever wondered why the sea is such an important resource for man and the planet? Find out why and adopt simple but effective behaviors

The sea has always been a fundamental resource for men and the planet. It is an environment full of life, inhabited by mammals, fish, mollusks, algae, and much more. Sea currents are also capable of influencing the climate and this benefits the populations living in neighboring areas.

The sea has always allowed man to eat, work, trade, and earn a living. However, this has greatly affected the life of marine beings and the intense human activity is endangering the survival of species living underwater. One of the most serious problems is the spread of plastic in the water. Marine animals are increasingly dying after ingesting pieces of plastic and this can only harm the marine population. Pollution has also greatly damaged the seabed and continues to reduce biodiversity by causing the extinction of real beauties of the sea and the ocean such as coral reefs.

Coral reef and fish
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6 Reasons Why the Sea is Important

Here are some simple points that explain why the sea is so important. Let’s discover them together.

  1. It produces 70% of oxygen and absorbs 1/4 of the carbon dioxide produced
  2. The sea gives life to many marine creatures with incredible biodiversity
  3. It mitigates the climate and absorbs heat helping to maintain the atmospheric temperature
  4. It beats all records because it hosts from the smallest to the largest animal
  5. The sea gives us work and food to eat
  6. It provides us with poetic inspiration, it makes us feel the beauty of being alive by observing sunrises and sunsets
6 reasons why the sea is important
Author: Sara Andreotti

6 Ways to Protect the Sea and the Oceans

Protecting the sea and the oceans is our duty. Find out how to play your part by following these simple but essential tips.

  1. Do not hunt marine animals and do not collect shells. If you want a souvenir, take a picture of them
  2. Spend some of your time cleaning the beaches
  3. Use little shampoo and natural and apply sunscreen after swimming
  4. Take short showers and do not dissipate the water. Do not waste food
  5. Learn about the marine state and its inhabitants
  6. Respect it as much as possible and take care of it by pampering it and making it feel protected
6 Ways to Protect the Sea and the Oceans
Author: Sara Andreotti

There is no more time to waste

Collective action is needed to try to reduce the damage caused to the marine environment by intense human activity. According to the Red List of endangered animals, the next animal species to disappear will be the blue whale, the turtle, the seahorse, the shark, and many more. The main causes are pollution, illegal trade, poaching, and climate change. An immediate change of direction is needed and everyone’s commitment to preserving this great wealth.

Endangered marine animal species
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Author: Sara Andreotti

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