Have you ever visited Val Sabbia, Val Camonica or Val Trompia? These Brescian Valleys are the perfect destinations to spend your holiday among nature, culture, and sustainability. Let’s discover them together!

The area of the Province of Brescia is vast, and it features beautiful and unique landscapes and places: this is the case with the crystal-clear waters of Lake Garda and the green fields and vineyards in Franciacorta. Next to these well-known places, you will also find hidden gems that are totally worth a visit. We are talking about the three Brescian Valleys, that is Val Sabbia, Val Camonica, and Val Trompia, which are characterised by fascinating villages,pre-alpine lakes, green untouched fields where you can practise engaging activities.

Each of the three Brescian valleys has its own customs and tradition.

Are you ready to discover the Brescian Valleys?

1. Val Sabbia

Val Sabbia is in the easter part of the Province of Brescia and lies among Val Trompia, Lake Garda, and Trentino.

Lake Idro

Idro Lake - Brescian Valleys
Photo via Wikimedia

Lake Idro is a stunning glacial lake set in the Brescian Prealps, whose secular trees and forests are reflected in the clear waters. Lake Idro is an oasis of relaxation where you can sunbathe on one of the many beaches or dive into its refreshing waters. It is also possible to choose among an array of outdoor activities ranging from kayaking, surfing, or sailing to biking and hiking. You can choose one of the paths going around the lake and enjoy its marvels. Local cuisine offers a selection of tasty and traditional delicacies such as lake fish at one of the restaurants overlooking the lake or even cured meats and mountain cheese from the local alpine pastures. Thanks to the ferry boat you will be able to discover hidden spots and astonishing sceneries.

Rocca d’Anfo

Rocca d'Anfo - Brescian Valleys
Photo via Wikimedia

The Rocca d’Anfo is a military fortress built during the 15th century at the behest of the Republic of Venice. It was later enlarged and boosted by Napoleon Bonaparte: this is indeed Italy’s biggest Napoleonic fortress. The Italian Army used it as a powder keg and armoury. Nowadays it is a cultural site that carries along with the history of this area and can be visited upon reservation. The Rocca is on a hill that offers a breath-taking view of Lake Idro and the mountains. Every summer the Rocca hosts cultural and sports events, such as yoga and holistic walks.


Bagolino - Brescian Valleys
Photo via Wikimedia

Bagolino is a medieval village in the middle of the Brescian mountains and it ranks in the list of the most Beautiful Villages in Italy. It is an evocative village, whose history, culture, and tradition are perceived in every little corner. The transhumance is one of Bagolino’s most remarkable events, that is the displacement of cows from the stables to the pastures during summer. Bagolino’s Carnival is a fundamental occurrence for the villagers, who usually assemble in the streets wearing authentic costumes to dance to traditional music. In Bagolino you will have the opportunity to taste and buy a special delicacy, Bagoss, which is an exquisite, aged cheese. After visiting the village, you can have some rest in Parco Pineta, a big field equipped with barbeques, a playground, and a pond for fishing.

2. Val Camonica

Val Camonica is in the western part of the Province of Brescia and lies between Val Trompia and the Province of Bergamo.

Lake Iseo

Iseo Lake - Brescian Valleys
Photo via Wikimedia

This stunning lake lays in pre-alpine nature and it is suited for both sports and outdoor activities lovers and families looking for some rest in one of the villages around it. In the middle of the lake, you can find Monte Isola, the biggest lake island in southern Europe. You can reach it by ferry from Iseo and Sulzano. The island has 12 fascinating villages, olive yards and the stunning Sanctuary of Ceriola which is on a hill where you can look at the beautiful panorama. In the past, the lake was the setting of one of Christo’s installations, the Floating Pier.

Not far from Lake Iseo, you will find the Nature Reserve of the Pyramids in Zone to admire the particular deposit of moraine along a 3 km circular path of medium difficulty.

Rock engravings

Rock engravings in Val Camonica
Photo via Wikimedia

The National Park of Rock Engravings was founded in 1955. It was the first Italian archaeological park and it promotes and protects this treasure. The Park, which lays in Naquane of Capodiponte, hosts 104 rocks featuring prehistoric and protohistoric engravings. You can book guided tours to discovers the history and the peculiarities of this UNESCO heritage site.

Ponte di Legno – Passo Tonale

Ponte di Legno
Photo via Wikimedia

This destination is in the northern part of Val Camonica, and it borders Trentino. It is well known for its rich and vast ski area where you can ski from autumn to spring thanks to Presena glacier. In the summertime, you can choose among lots of interesting activities. You can opt to go trekking, rock-climbing or mountain biking but also hikes suited for both adults and children. Among the numerous itineraries, the most interesting one is the path on Lake Valbione. You can reach this area through a chairlift or by a path to spend an amusing day with your family. At the lake, you can fish and there is also a golf club.

3. Val Trompia

Val Trompia is between Val Camonica and Val Sabbia and is part of the Brescian Prealps.

Passo Maniva

Photo by Ivan Zanotti on Flickr

Passo Maniva is an alpine crossing point that indicates the natural border between Val Trompia and Val Sabbia. During the winter this location becomes a ski area where you can practice many winter sports. Some of them are ski downhill and snowshoe hikes in the woods. In summer you can choose among the various paths, both for expert hikers and families. One of the most interesting of them is the path that runs along the itineraries of the Great War. The army used the crossing point, thanks to its strategic position, during WWI. You will be able to visit the old emplacements and trenches following the dedicated path. You can stop at one of the refreshment points to taste the local delicacies such as the tasty spiedo bresciano.

Cycle path from Tavernole sul Mella to Brescia

Cycle Path
Photo via Wikimedia

Bike lovers, you better be all ears! Starting from Brescia you will have the opportunity to come to the very heart of Val Trompia – to be specific, in Brozzo – following a 20 km path far from the chaos and surrounded by nature. The “cultural bike hallway of Val Trompia” runs along river Mella and passes through many towns and villages where you can access the track. Along the road, you will find numerous panels and both directional and educational signs which point out the places of interest and tell the story and curiosities of that area. You will also find equipped areas for a break along the track.

Mining Park

In the past, the economy of this valley was strictly bond to the extraction of iron. That allowed the development and the spread of many industrial and craft realities. The Iron Way is an itinerary that was created to pass on this practice that had such an important role since the old times. In Pezzaze you will be able to visit the Mining Museum Marzoli. It was a former mine that has been operational from 1886 to 1972. It was focused on the extraction of siderite and fluorite. You will learn how they used to carry out the work while visiting the site sitting on an original miners’ train. Instead, in Sarezzo you can find an old forge where they set up an educational space for children to have the experience and discover all the secrets around iron and its properties.

Sustainable holiday in the Brescia Valleys

Sustainable accommodations in Brescian Valleys

There are a lot of occasions to spend a sustainable holiday in touch with nature in the Brescian Valleys. Here are some of the best green facilities to spend a nice stay without giving up on respect for the environment.

Cascina Clarabella

Cascina Clarabella is a social farm in Iseo. It is a unique place where you can spend a supportive holiday surrounded by a family atmosphere. The farmhouse operates in many social projects thanks to the help of its guest. The farmhouse offers a bed and breakfast, an agritourism to taste local cuisine made with local products. Moreover, you can also enjoy a big outdoor area, vineyards and the picturesque pond.

B&B Padò

B&B Padò is in the very heart of Val Camonica, in a strategic position to visit Lake Iseo, the pyramids of Zone and many other stunning locations. The facility is a farmhouse in a green area directly facing lake Iseo. In the surroundings, you can go for walks or ride your bike.

Ricci Curbastro Farmhouse

Guests who choose Ricci Curbastro Farmhouse for their holidays will stay in flats equipped with all comforts. The facility is between Lake Iseo and Franciacorta. That means that you can reach every place of interest in these areas. In addition to this, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities such as golfing and horse riding. In the complex, you will be able to admire the agricultural tools and a stunning library.

The three Brescian Valleys are a unique, stunning, and sustainable destination for your summer holiday. As you can see, they have something for everyone so that you never get bored. The Brescian Valleys are waiting for you to offer you an unforgettable and moving stay!

Cover image: evondue on Pixabay

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