To make your holiday more sustainable, it is important to buy locally grown products, taste local specialties, shop from local producers or farmers’ markets. Let’s find out the best local food and wine not to be missed during your vacation in the Garda Lake area

Extra virgin olive oil, truffles, cheese and fish. The products of Garda Lake have not only contributed to shape the landscapes with olive groves and vineyards, but over time have shaped the identity of these places between land and fresh water. Discover Garda Lake through its agricultural heritage.

Extra virgin olive oil

Olive oil, one of the Local Italian Foods Not To Be Missed When Visiting Garda Lake
Olive tree, photo by Roberto La Forgia, Via Flikcr

The main type of olvive is the Casaliva, native variety of Lake Garda along with other historical crops: Leccino, Rossanel, la Raza, Moraiolo, Pendolino and Frantoio. Terraces of olive trees are common throughout the area surrounding the lake, but especially in the northern and eastern Garda. There are wonderful picture postcard villages such as Malcesine and Bardolino where you can enjoy local specialties and visit the Oil Museum.

Lake Fish

Boats for fishing
Boats for fishing, photo by Max7575, via Flikcr

The centuries-old fishing tradition is kept alive by local fishermen who supply fresh fish to shops and restaurants. The fish stocks of Lake Garda in the past few years has been increasing, thanks to the interventions for saving the species. Among the many species that live the waters of Garda Lake there is one, rare and sought after by gourmets, who lives alone here: carpione. It’s a salmonid and his meat is soft and very tasty.


Goat Cheeses in Lazise
Goat Cheeses in a Lazise market, photo by 190.arch, via Flikcr

The cheeses that we can consider as the exclusive patrimony of the territory of the Garda are Bagoss, Presidio of Slow Food (produced in the mountain pastures and in the valley of Bagolino), the Formaggella of Valle Sabbia, the Formaggella of Tremosine and the Tombea (produced in the territories of Magasa and Valvestino), and of course the goat cheese. The advice is to visit the local dairies, which abound in the west, you will have to buy cheese directly from producers, perhaps after a walk through the unique heights overlooking the lake.

Honey, chestnuts and truffles

Types of honey and its colors, photo by Roberta Tavernati, via Flikcr

Honey is a natural foods with lots of benefits for the health. The main types of honey of Garda are: millefiori, acacia and of chestnut. Good to be tasted with cheeses of the place.

Also in the Alto Garda Park there are a lot of crops of chestnut trees to visit in the fall when the shades of brown and red tinged the foliage of the woods. Our culinary tour of organic products and zero km of Garda can not go through the black truffle which is harvested from the Middle Ages on the Monte Baldo. This product is synonymous not only of quality but also of tastiness.

Salted meat

Specialty of the northern Garda in the area between Arco, Tenno and Varone, you will taste the salted meat very light, derived, subjected to a special process that makes it suitable for aromatic and be consumed both raw and cooked. Enjoyed in one of the restaurants or got in a local food market for a picnic, this meat can not miss on your journey through the Garda.

Salted meat
Salted meat, photo by CapZicco, via Flikcr

Wines of Garda Lake

Local Italian Foods Not To Be Missed When Visiting Garda Lake
Photo by Kym Ellis on Unsplash

The famous Vino Santo Trentino made by leaving the grapes of Nosiola on wooden racks until the pressing, is sweety and suitable for local desserts as the zelten. The juice is fermented and aged for several years, until a unique and rare wine, complex aromas and delicious, rich sweetness of the grapes.


In the amazing setting of Limone and other lttle towns in the northen Garda you can still see the typical terraces of lemons and oranges overlooking the lake, which have made this town a popular destination for the food tourism. During a bike ride in the Garda Trentino you can also taste the plums and prunes of Dro d.o.p.

For fans of the food tourism who search the sustainability even when they sleep, the bed and breakfast Vivere la Vita in Picedo of Polpenazze in the Lombardy side of the lake is the ideal place to begin or end this gourmet tour. The b&b is totally sustainable and offers rooms equipped with pure cotton linen and breakfast looking the lake.

b&b Vivere la Vita
Breakfast at the b&b Vivere la Vita from its web site

In short, bio-food lovers from all over Italy, we are waiting for you at Garda Lake!

Cover Image: Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on Unsplash