Prague is a beautiful city often compared to Paris. It is very easy to get lost in the wonderful streets of Prague. But can you buy eco and sustainable goods here? Sure you can! And we will show you some places, where to find them.

Zero waste

Zero-waste shopping is becoming more and more popular and it is very easy! Take some bags and jars you find at home. Make your grocery shopping using your own packages and leave the shop without producing any waste but still with everything you needed to buy. Perfect concept, Ecobnb is a huge fan of! Here are some tips for zero waste shopping in Prague.

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Bez obalu

Bez obalu is a non-profit organization spreading the idea of a zero-waste lifestyle in the Czech Republic. You can find dry organic food in bulk– for example rice, legume, nuts & seeds, dried fruit, chocolate, sweets, and many more. You can taste everything before buying. And if you come without reusable bags, you can buy some cloth packaging as well as reusable glass, in which you can take your goodies home.

Address: Bělehradská 96, Prague 2

Farmer´s market

A very popular concept in Prague, especially during summer. The most popular farmer´s market is in Naplavka Riverbank. To walk around and shop organic fruit, vegetable, oils … or just to buy some brunch is a perfect form of relaxation. Bring your own bags and packaging and your shopping will be zero-waste as well. Come earlier on Saturday morning to avoid crowds.


For ecological and zero-waste cleaning products and cosmetics, Nebaleno is a perfect choice! Their suppliers are at the same time manufacturers of products they offer. Products are ecological, not tested on animals, and without packaging. But if you will find some packaged products anyway, the package is compostable after usage. All you need is to take a jar or container with you. Don´t worry if you do not have any, people from Nebaleno will borrow you one for free!

Address: Jaromírova 15, Prague 2

Slow Fashion

Fast fashion is all around us. The phenomenon of quickly changing fashion trends is not sustainable at all and it even destroys our planet. Concept of slow fashion on the other hand shifts from quantity to quality. It is often referred as sustainable, ethical, or fair fashion.

Clothes, Eco Prague sustainable shopping
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Bohempia makes shoes, clothes, and accessories from hemp. Everything is manufactured in the Czech Republic. Hemp is an ecologically produced, sustainable, biodegradable material, which is also very strong, antibacterial, and comfortable to wear. Hemp itself is considered one of the most sustainable natural textiles. They have PETA vegan certification and are sourced by the EU.

Address: Sokolovská 76, Prague 8


Stylish and for a reasonable price. EtikButik is a boutique selling vegan, fairtrade and sustainable clothing, shoes, and accessories. The shop supports Czech designers and international brands like ArmedAngels and Stanley/Stella, which are part of the Fair Wear Foundation. They do even have an e-shop in case you want to check them before visiting.

Address: Bělehradská 36, Prague 2

Bio and organic restaurants

The popularity of organic food is rising worldwide. More and more people take care of the ingredients their dish is made of. Here are some restaurants, which use bio and organic ingredients.

Dessert, Eco Prague, Sustainable shopping
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Jídlo Lásky

Jídlo Lásky can be translated into English as Food of Love. The philosophy of Jídlo Lásky is to create healthy organic and vegan “raw” food with love. You can choose from the main courses (tasty and healthy food, salads, desserts), fresh juices, tea, and coffee. During the week between 11:00 and 16:00, you can order a daily menu.

Address: Nerudova 32, Prague 1

La Veranda

La Veranda takes care not only of their customers but also of suppliers. Most of their products & ingredients are from small farms in Šumava, Krkonoše, and Vysočina regions (some of them with BIO label). Seafood is imported from fish markets in Venezia. They are connecting traditional Czech cuisine with exotic ones.

Address: Elišky Krásnohorské 2/10, Prague 1


One of the best coffee bars in Prague. They offer bio/direct trade coffee Source, which is considered as one of the best quality coffee on the marketplace. Tricafé also offers a variety of gluten-free desserts and meals, so if you are allergic to gluten, you know where to go for your afternoon cake & coffee.

Address: Anenská 3, Prague 1

Country life

Finally, we would like to introduce the Country life company. Their first Wholesale was founded in 1991. In 1997 they opened their first eco-drugstore. From 2003, they started to grow even more and now they owe bio bakery, bio shops, bio restaurants and snack bars, eco-farm, and eco centrum. They organize different talks, healthy lifestyle clubs, and weeks dedicated to health. You can find them all around Prague and it is definitely worth visiting one of their restaurants.

Address: Francouzská 835/29, 120 00 Prague 2


Cover Image: photo via Canva Pro