Among the hills of Parma (Italy), there is a place that gives you the chance to experience a holiday in contact with nature and learn the art of ceramic… It’s ‘Civico 75’, the eco-sustainable B&B by Angela and Robert Cross

Civico 75 Bed & Breakfast is only 30 minutes far from Parma city but is a world apart. Located on a ridge, it offers an evocative view of the lowland and, when the sky is clear, you can see the Alps.

B&B Civico 75 Medesano Parma paesaggio

The farmhouse was restored following eco-sustainable criteria. It is the perfect place to relax surrounded by nature and nice kittens that live there. Here you can learn the art of ceramic and enjoy the unique stoneware ceramic works by Rober Cross (“Gabbiano Studio Pottery“). In addition, for those who are curious, it is possible to visit the show-room, the workshop and the kiln. Finally you will have the chace to take part in a ceramic seminar.


Angela and Robert‘s purpouse is a constant improvement of their hospitality. Their small gestures, such as coming to to the station to receive you, will make you feel as comfortable as with your friends. The deep love for the Earth and to be kind is what really matters for them. They will do their best to be remebered, either your stay is long or short.

Angela Dardani and Robert Cross
Angela Dardani and Robert Cross

Let’s go to what will make unforgettbale your stay in Medesano, province of Parma.

How and when was Civico 75 founded?

Angela: «When you think about it, our B&B was waiting for us… It was a simple old house, the shutters were discolored and the walls were made of briks and stones. The house was inhabitated by my mother-in-law’s family, so it has been witness of their history.

He came every summer from England to visit his grandparents and this place enterd his heart. This hills choosed him to make his passion, stoneware ceramic, into his work. I was thinking about changing something in my life. This place, open as it is, allowed me to see the landscape sitting on a small green bench next to Maestà (a small local chapel) and to find out what I was looking for. All we made here is, according to a romantic point of view, the result of our love, of our dreams and of the inspiration of the nature.»

Farmesead civico 75
The farmstead

What makes your Eco-B&B a unique facility where to stay?

Civico 75 is a proper ceramic kingdom. By entering the B&B you will be surrounded by Robert Cross’ works. In addition to the visit to the showroom, the laboratory and the kiln, you will have the chance to create an unique work with your own hands, shaping the ceramic on the lahte. Further, ceramic is located in every corner of the house, form sink in the bath, to porcelain lamps, to the various pots, teapots, cups,dishes and many others objects. On the other hand, on the outside, you will be surrounded by nature, which landscapes look like oil paintings.


recover-wood furniture
Recover wood furniture

Other eco-friendly features are the low-consume lamps, the photovoltaic and solar system and the rinwater irrigation of the garden. A wooden fired stove provides the heating and the appliances are all low consumption devices. Civico 75 recycles more than 80% of the garbage it produces. Finally, a porch lies next to the B&B, where you can relax or have a bio-breakfast, while the indoor side works as storage and bike rental.

Porch Civico 75
Porch in the garden

Which green expereinces and unknown paths woud you recommend? What do your guests appreciate the most?

Our guests enjoy the silence of the hills, where they have a stroll or go by bike. Not far from Civico 75 is located the the enchanting city of Parma, which offers exquisite dishes, various cultural activities and unmissable place to see. Among the most appreciated there are the Castles of the Duchy, Masone Labyrinth and Guatelli Museum, where you can discover the way-of-life of the paesants.

The B&B is furthermore close to via Francigena, to the cycle lanes of the Parkes of the Duchy, like Taro, Stirone and Carrega’s wood gardens.

a Francigena, Carnevala, Medesano
a Francigena, Carnevala, Medesano, photo via facebook page of b&b Civico 75

Once you are back to the B&B, you can drink a warm infusion by the mug you made in the workshop. You’ll have the chance to relax, slowing your inner rythm in the shadow of a tree.

Author: Davide Fava

Born and raised between Mantova and Brescia, I performed my studies in the University of Trento. I am deeply in love with languages, dialects and every little rarity in the linguistic area. Thanks to my path in the scout group of my town, I have developed curiosity and respect for nature, which led to my interest in the area of environmental protection.
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