Nature and history intertwine in a strip of land that nourishes the soul and takes you on a multisensory journey: it is the Etruscan Coast, a strip of Tuscany that was the home of the ancient and cultured Etruscan civilization.

There are golden beaches and large rocks, thick pine forests and small villages. The scent of the Mediterranean scrub blends with that of the vines, the landscapes are silent and moved by the wind, among the stone-paved alleys you can hear a sweet shouting and the sound of the footsteps of someone who goes to one of the local craft shops. The Etruscan coast is a fascinating destination where the richness of a surprising nature blends with a thousand-year history of which traces are still preserved, making it an open-air museum. The acropolis, temples, cities and their ports take us on a journey into the memory of this great people who in the 9th century BC. founded Populonia, its only coastal city.

Here there is so much to do and see, everyone can find the one activity that best suits their tastes. We can give you some indications to help you discover this multi-faceted territory.

The beaches of the Etruscan Coast

The beaches of the Etruscan Coast

From Livorno to Piombino 90 kilometers of coastline await you with beautiful beaches, wild cliffs, coves ideal for diving enthusiasts and small romantic bays overlooking a clear sea of ​​a thousand shades. Immediately south of Livorno there is the Calafuria cliff with enchanting backdrops. Then there are the coves of Castiglioncello, the beach of San Vincenzo bordered by its pine forest, the golden beaches of Baratti and the beach of Cecina.

Nature and Natural Parks

More than 20% of the Etruscan Coast is covered by parks and protected areas, and this is one of the reasons why the area is a perfect destination for us green tourists and nature lovers. The environmental and naturalistic heritage is represented by dunes, marshes, woods and pine forests. A visit to the Bolgheri Oasis is a must. It’s a wetland populated by thousands of water birds which represents a naturalistic jewel of international importance. Inside the Macchia della Magona 16 itineraries await you through this thick vegetation, home to a number of animal species. The Etruscan Coast also includes the Parks of Val di Cornia, a system that includes 2 Archaeological Parks and 4 Natural Parks.

A journey through history

Archaeological Park of Baratti and Populonia, Etruscan Coast
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It is precisely among the Parks of the Val di Cornia that there is the unmissable destination for those who want to immerse themselves in the history of this territory. The Archaeological Park of Baratti and Populonia tells the story of the Etruscan city over the centuries. In the lower part you can admire two necropolises from the Etruscan phase, the limestone quarries and the industrial districts; in the upper part there is instead the acropolis of Populonia, with the temples, buildings and streets of the Roman phase, as well as the remains of the huts of the first Etruscan settlement and of the walls that surrounded the city on the sea side. Behind the promontory of Piombino, there is the Archaeological Mining Park of San Silvestro. Between underground galleries and museums you will discover the history of the ancient copper, lead and silver mines and of the miners.

The villages of the Etruscan Coast

Campiglia Marittima, village in Tuscany
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There are 15 villages on the Etruscan Coast, each with its own unique characteristics. They overlook the sea or are immersed in the Mediterranean scrub. The inhabitants are seafarers or farmers, fishermen or winemakers. Everyone wins you over with their incredible charm. In our opinion the most beautiful are Bolgheri, made known by the poet Carducci for its long avenue of cypresses, Suvereto, with its romantic views and postcard corners, and Campiglia Marittima, an ancient medieval castle that dominates the heart.

Your holiday in the Etruscan Coast, sleeping in a farm

Your holiday in the Etruscan Coast, sleeping in a farm

The ideal starting point for discovering the Etruscan Coast is the Fattoria la Prugnola. The organic farm offers the opportunity to sleep in beautiful and original accommodations, from the classic Tuscan rustic to the original Yurt, from the tree house to the Lodge Tent. This beautiful place, surrounded by nature, tells you about the authenticity of this corner of Tuscany, with typical flavors, aromas and furnishings.


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