At Fattoria la Prugnola there are several ways to experience nature. Whether in a farm apartment, a tree house or a yurt, you can relax in the heart of the Tuscan countryside, among cultivated fields and the sea air.

Tuscan cultivated field

If you want to spend your next holiday in an oasis of tranquillity, the farmhouse Fattoria la Prugnola is the right place for you!

Preserving traditional lifestyles is the mission of Maria Cristina and Paolo, the owners of Fattoria La Prugnola.

In fact, the farmhouse is in perfect symbiosis with the flourishing nature of the Tuscan countryside. Immersed in 70 hectares of organically farmed land, guests are welcomed with the greatest comfort, in a structure recently renovated in perfect Tuscan style.

In addition, you can experience an emotion to remember by staying in a Tree House built around a large oak tree, or in a Yurt, a bright Mongolian tent, for the happiness of your children.

Inside a yurt

About 45 hectares are covered by protected woodland. The aim is to preserve the environment and to allow the reproduction of local animals. A guarantee of balance between the farm and the territory.

From farm to biological farmhouse: the history of La Prugnola

La Prugnola Farm from above

The “Fattoria la Prugnola” was born as an agricultural firm, when the farming was still the main activity in our peninsula. Initially it was the home of ten farm families. In the 60s the sharecropping became a direct management company.

The farm became part of the tourist industry only in the 80s. An adventure born when it was not yet known how successful the agritourism phenomenon would be. The central part of the farm has been renovated to make four houses, three of which are for rent to guests.

A lot has changed since then. The daughters Marina and Barbara have replaced them to help, while Maria Cristina and Paolo have become grandparents and have their own things to do!

Eco-Logic Choices of the Farm

Outer walls of the farm structure

For La Prugnola, the ecological aspect is essential. For this reason, choices have been made in harmony with the environment to ensure a completely eco-sustainable stay:

  • Organic farm. In 2013, agriculture was converted to organic farming, especially their olive grove, with which they produce and package Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and PGI.
  • Photovoltaic energy. The production of electricity from the photovoltaic system is able to cover all the electrical needs of the farm. With this choice, they have reduced the emission of over 370 tons of CO2.
  • Solar thermal panels supplying hot water to all the bathrooms of the Yurts and the Tree House.
  • Water wells. They have activated two wells for the irrigation of the Farm and the family garden. In addition, there is a tank for the recovery of rainwater to feed the sanitary services of the eco-camping.
  • Biodegradable cleaners. Cleansing products are biodegradable, for the benefit of the environment.
  • Bio-construction paints. They have used natural paints dedicated to green building, in order to guarantee a healthy stay.
  • Drinking water dispenser. A water purifier is available to all guests. Its purpose is to make the water pleasant to drink by removing chlorine and limescale.
  • Natural style. The spaces are built and furnished with natural materials: cotton textiles for the Yurts, wood for the Tree House.

Green destinations not to miss in the surroundings

The Fattoria la Prugnola is located in a strategic position, so that you can easily reach both the sea and the most beautiful tourist resorts in the area. If you love discovering the places on foot or by bike you can walk along the two paths of the Farm or the bike area to immerse yourself in nature.

Walking through history and nature

Children watching waterfalls in a wood

Inside the farm, they have arranged two trekking routes that allow their guests to walk along hidden points of historical and naturalistic interest, among woods and cultivations. For example, the first path leads to a cave that was used as a refuge by the partisans in the Second World War.

Directions are marked along the route, while Luca, Guide of the National Mountain Bike Academy, is at complete disposal for any doubts or suggestions. You will pass through fields, olive groves, woods… And if you are lucky, you will meet some wild animals in their natural habitat.


Cycling in a countryside path
Photo by Ricardo Arce on Unsplash

If you are passionate about cycling, in Fattoria la Prugnola you will find everything you need: a free bike storage, maps and GPS tracks, the main tools for repairing the bike, a laundry.

You can make excursions in the middle of the green, either independently or with the assistance of their guide. In fact, at your disposal there will be maps that will guide you along little frequented routes. They are different in length and difficulty, with departure and return to the farm.

In addition, they organize various half-day or full-day excursions. There is the possibility of combining wine tastings at wineries or visiting the villages nearby. Otherwise, in the night excursions you can enjoy the quiet of the sunset.

Sea and Etruscan Coast

Western coast of PIanosa, Livorno

One of the main strengths of the Farm is its proximity to the sea. In fact, the coast is easily accessible in a few minutes by car, discovering the spectacular beaches of the Etruscan Coast. There are both rocky and sandy coasts, where you can relax in the maximum comfort of a bathing establishment. If you prefer, you can immerse yourself in the wild nature of unspoilt beaches.

What are you waiting for? Book your stay at “Fattoria la Prugnola” and let yourself be charmed by the renowned Tuscan countryside.

Author: Maria Cristina

I was born around the sunny Sicilian countryside and grown up between the majestic mountains of Trentino. From an early age, I've always been fascinated by the cultural diversity of our country, from the north to the south. I have a big passion for languages and I dream about being able to discover every inch of the earth, respecting the environment and enhancing the unicity of the human race.
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