Need a cool down in hot days? Here are some tips for natural pools in Slovakia, which are worth visiting. And what´s more- they are all for free.

Are you tired of pools full of chemicals? Are you looking for natural options how to cool down in hot days? Here are some tips for natural pools in Slovakia, which are worth visiting. And what´s more- they are all for free.

Benatina Lake – Small Croatia

Small travertine lake is a Slovak uniqueness. It is situated between two villages, Benatina and Inovce, near Slovak- Ukraine borders. Benatina lake is often called small Croatia, because it looks like famous Plitvice lakes. The water is very clean and turquoise color will let you speechless. In the bottom of lake, you can see different small fossilized sea creatures. There is also 5 m long formation, which is probably the imprint of a huge prehistoric fish.

Slnecne jazera – Slovak Tahiti

Originally 5 lakes have gradually merged in one. Slnecne jazera (translated as Sun lakes) are only few kilometers from Bratislava, in Senec. The temperature reaches 25°C. It is also called “Slovak Tahiti”. You can find many water sports, accommodations and other facilities important for your stay.

Sutovo Lake – natural refreshment

The atmosphere of a lake resembles the famous movie- Winnetou. You can find it between cities Martin and Ruzomberok. Clean and turquoise colored water cannot be overlooked. It is also perfect spot for nudists, who can find dedicated beach to them as well. Just a small walk from Sutovo lake, you can find 38m high waterfall. Near the lake, there is restaurant and shop with traditional Slovak cheese.

Liptovska Mara- Slovak sea

Slovak largest reservoir has a rich history. While building Liptovska Mara, 13 villages were flooded. It´s extent is 22km2 and the maximum depth is 43 m. It is often called Slovak sea. Because of the colder water, it is recommended for hardy swimmers. You can try wakeboard, water scooters, fishing, surfing, sailing or boating in Liptovska Mara.

Palcmanska Masa- The coldest reservoir

Because of the water regulation, reservoir Palcmanska Masa was built. It is located in Slovak paradise, on Hnilec river. This reservoir became tourist attraction. Nowadays, you can cool yourself down in the coldest reservoir in Slovakia- Palcmanska Mara.

Tajchy near Banska Stiavnica – UNESCO World Heritage Site

The system of reservoir was created in 17th and 18th century for mining purposes. Today, it is popular for its recreational function. You can choose between 24 “lakes”, however the most popular are Pocuvadlo, Vindsachta and Richnava. If you are looking for seclusion, we suggest you Halca, Bakomi or Evicka, where almost no tourists are. The temperature is around 24°C and snack bars nearby are open from June to September. Today, Tajchy are proud member of UNESCO World Heritage Site and offer many interesting places for trips and relaxation.

Do you know more natural pools in Slovakia? Let us know below!

Cover Image: Photo by Adam Tas via Flickr

Author: Nikola Mečiarová

Nikola - soon to be a bachelor graduate in International Hospitality Management - was born in Slovakia, but currently is living and studying in Denmark. She is young, energetic and in love with nature, ecology & sustainable travelling. She believes in better future and therefore trying to pursue her ecological state of mind not only in her personal, but in proffesional life as well.
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