In Liguria, not so far from the famous Cinque Terre, there is a quiet town known as Framura. This amazing place is characterized by the incredible beauty of its breathtaking views. Ideal for those who love the seabed, the lonely beaches or just take a walk on the sea.

The five small old towns are nestled in mountains facing the crystal-clear water of the sea. History of Framura enriches the landscape. If you like slow journey, natural paths and diving into the sea, you need to find these 5 green experiences out!

1. A walk along “La Via del Mare”

Natural pool
Natural Pool in La Via del Mare, Framura
walk along “La Via del Mare” in Framura, Liguria, Italy
La Via del Mare, Framura

walk along “La Via del Mare” in Framura, Italy

Framura, Italy

Firstly, La Via del Mare is, for sure, one of the most beautiful trails of Framura. This is a panoramic walk overlooking the sea, inaugurated in 2016. From a side of it you can have the rock walls, the agaves and the luxuriant plants, on the other side thousands of shades of blue water.

The on foot itinerary starts from the train station of Framura and lasts about 10 minutes up to the most beautiful beaches. The romanticism of this walk reminds the famous Via dell’Amore in Cinque Terre. Furthermore, along the route you can stop and admire the view at the shadow of the pines.

2. Dive in and admire the seabed

Sea view in Framura, Liguria

Secondly, for those who love the diving and snorkeling the astonishing seabed are the perfect landscape. As a result, swimming in this amazing sea,  different kinds of flora such as, bream, anchovies, mullet, amberjack, damselfish, croaker and so on, will surround you.

You can reach the Framura’s beaches on foot only. Obviously, this make isolation from the rest of the world possible and gives peacefulness to the place. The main beaches are:

  • Spiaggia di La Vallà – Apicchi. This is a sandy inlet, one of the most quiet and isolated among the Framura’s beaches. In 2020 it was elected as blue flag beach, thanks to its crystal-clear water.
  • Spiaggia di Fornaci is a very nice equipped beach. It had the blue flag beach recognition too and it is reachable from Deiva Marina easily.
  • Spiaggia di Arena is maybe, the most beautiful beach of Framura thanks to the color of its rocks.
  • Spiaggetta di Torsei. This is a small inlet between the rocks. The nearest to the train station, equipped with showers, toilet facilities and a bar.
  • Spiaggetta di Porto Pidocchio: the small remote cove is reachable by bike and connects Framura to Bonassola.

3. Discover ancient villages

Framura, ancient villages

Watchtowers and church in Framura
Watchtowers and church in Framura

Thirdly, it is very interesting discovering the ancient history and life of Framura, passing through the five hamlets of Anzo, Castagnola, Costa, Ravecca and Setta. These towns hided between mountains and sea are evaluated among the best maritime villages in Italy.

In addition, the pedestrian route, that connects villages to the sea, presents: steps, alleys, panoramic terraces and paths with dry stone walls. So, walking down the path, starting from the sea towards the villages, will become a travel in time. Nature noises and daily life sounds will follow you for the whole route. Furthermore, you will discover the farmers in the vineyards and several cats watching at you from the top of the houses. Moreover, the historical proofs of glorious Genoese domination are the incredible buildings, such as, churches and watchtowers of sixteenth century.

4. The local specialties of vegetable gardens and vineyards

Vegetable gardens on terraces
Vegetable gardens on terraces
Focaccia with tomatoes on Unsplash

Undoubtly, tourists love local food and wines. Indeed, along the Riviera, on the terraced hills,  several white wines are produced, and they perfectly join with local dishes. For example, you can taste different kind of fish, pasta with pesto or tortelli with borage.

Furthermore, along the on foot itinerary, in Anzo, Castagnola and Costa particularly, you can find some stands selling zero km vegetables. You do not have to miss the tasty focacce, salting pies, or the most known trofie with pesto.

5. The Ancient Gallery by bike

On foot, or by bike from Framura to Bonassola and Levanto

The route from Framura to Bonassola and Levanto can be covered by bike or on foot. Walking this path down, you can admire the breathtaking view and other little beaches where you can take a bath. This amazing 6 km itinerary was created in an old train gallery, built at the end of nineteenth century. Through the small windows you can watch the wonderful colors of the sea, and you can protect yourself from the scorching sun.

Above all, the first town you meet is Bonassola with its lively squares and beaches. Beyond, there is Levanto with its large coasts. Frequently, there are some costal storms, which attract a lot of surfers all over Italy.

How to get there and where to sleep


where to sleep in Framura
Eco-friendly farmhouse Il Lagello di Amina

Framura is considered an eco-sustainable place. You can get there by train, and beaches are reachable on foot in few minutes from the train station. In such a way, you do not have to worry about parking, and you will be eco-friendly.

eco-friendly farmhouse in Framura
eco-friendly agritourism and apartments in Framura

This organic farmhouse surrounded by silence and nature, 6 km from the beach, is the ideal starting point for exploring the paths of Framura on foot, from the hinterland to the sea. By train it will also be very convenient to reach the Cinque Terre, Levanto, Bonassola, Deiva Marina and other Ligurian villages on the sea. In addition to staying in the eco-friendly apartments, you can relax in the large panoramic garden, enjoy fresh vegetables from the garden, wine, oil and organic honey from the farm.

eco-glamping Sesta Terra in Framura
eco-glamping Sesta Terra in Framura

If you are interested in these places you can search on Ecobnb some of eco-sustainble accommodations. For example, the Eco-glamping La Sesta Terra has several wood cottages and glamping tents. It is deep in nature and silence, of forests of holms, pines and oaks, vineyards and flowers. The train station is not so far, and you can get there by e-bike available for guests. Last but not least, the restaurant offers traditional cuisine with zero km products.

Cover image: photo via Ecobnb 

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