Our starting point is one of the romantic and eco-friendly chalets of Pineta Hotel, our destination is Val di Non where water, nature, and culture intertwine creating a place of magical atmosphere, the means of transport are our own feet, or perhaps a bike. These are the ingredients for a perfect and unforgettable weekend in the nature of Trentino.

Holiday in Val di Non (Italy) between canyons and chalets

We are in the heart of the province of Trento, surrounded by immense meadows, orchards, streams, lakes, and profiles of the UNESCO Heritage Dolomites. Val di Non is the largest valley in Trentino and is characterized by an uncontaminated territory and the presence, in particular, of water. The water of the romantic Tovel Lake, the lake of Santa Giustina and all the streams that are thrown into the basin. These streams have, over the millennia, dug the ground to form an underground world of canyons, gorges, and waterfalls that have been relatively recently discovered and which is the main attraction of our green holiday in Val di Non.

Val di Non: Canyon Valley

In Val di Non you can walk in mid-air through the canyons of Val Novella
In Val di Non you can walk in mid-air through the canyons of Novella river, photo via parcofluvialenovella.it

Among the dense forests and peasant villages of Val di Non, there is, therefore, a magical world that is only waiting to be discovered. Doing it’s easy, thanks to the beautiful trails accessible to everyone that is made into the rock. Armed with helmet and transceiver we can, therefore, experience exciting walks between mysterious gorges, narrow passages, and breathtaking waterfalls, accompanied by specialized operators. The two places that we can’t miss are the Rio Sass Canyon and the Novella River Park.

The first one is located in Fondo, the capital of High Val di Non. The historic center of the village is cut into two parts by a deep gorge where the Rio Sass rushes and the houses are built over the rock. In 2001, it was realized the path that, with walkways and staircases, allows to live this incredible show for a little more than two hours, between jumps, waterfalls, and tunnels that follow in a unique scenario.

In Kayak between the gorges of the Parco Fluviale Novella (Novella River Park)
In Kayak between the gorges of the Parco Fluviale Novella (Novella Fluvial Park), photo via parcofluvialenovella.it

The Novella Fluvial Park is located between the villages of Cloz, Romallo, and Dambel. In the forge of the Novella stream, a 3.5 km stretch of trail leads you to breathe the nature of the forest and to go into the heart of the rock, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. For water sports enthusiasts, you can now experience the wild gorges of the park on a kayak.

The chalets of the Pineta Hotel

Holiday in Val di Non (Italy) between canyons and chalets

In the heart of Val di Non, surrounded by the Dolomites, there’s the Pineta Hotel, 100% sustainable hospitality that allows you to discover the pleasures of the mountain. Here you can choose to sleep in a cozy chalet surrounded by greenery or a comfortable wooden room. In addition, this ecohotel offers a beautiful spa and a restaurant serving typical dishes of the area. Not only is the accommodation fantastic, but it is also the ideal starting point for the wonderful hikes that will allow you to discover all the wonders of Val di Non, such as this simple itinerary leading to the suggestive sanctuary of San Romedio, one of the most characteristic hermitages in Europe. But to tell you everything you can discover while staying at this hotel and living a vacation in Val di Non, I would not need a whole book, so you just have to leave and find out yourself!

San Romedio
San Romedio, photo by paolo.villa.74, via wikimedia

Cover Image: Novella river Park, Trentino, Italy foto via parcofluvialenovella.it