A romantic getaway is sometimes just what you and your other half need. To enjoy moments just for you, away from everything and everyone, to rediscover the pleasure of being together, perhaps surrounded by beauty and nature. So, these 15 romantic chalets are the perfect destination for your next vacation, be it for your anniversary, your honeymoon, a special gift or a casual and plain romantic holiday. But don’t be fooled by their name, yes they are chalets, but they are not all in the Alps, someone is actually right by the sea. Ready to fall in love again?

Eco-chalet with an amazing view of the Alps

Made of wood and stone and built in the typical Alpine style, this eco-friendly chalet, is located in Montovert, Villeneuve (Aosta Valley). Here you can relax in the spacious garden and enjoy the stunning Alpine landscapes, infinite sunrises, and sunsets. It’s the perfect starting point for exploring ancient castles and charming Alpine villages, visiting the Alpine Pearls of Cogne, or indulging in the thermal baths of Pre’ St Didier.

Ideal for a romantic mountain escape. From € 95 per night

Among the vineyards of Umbria

Here is the first of the romantic chalets we want to recommend you: the Wine Chalet is located within a Resort, but it is still far from everyone and everything, between an oak wood and the scent of the vineyards. Here you can indulge in the warmth of wood, in silence, and then discover the resort’s services, such as the zero-kilometer restaurant, the wine cellar or the wellness center. The building, in green architecture, uses only clean electricity.

Ideal for wine lovers. Starting from €100 a night

Romantic getaway on the slopes of Etna

Among the various accommodations of the organic farm Bagolarea there is also a beautiful wooden chalet, immersed in a citrus grove of clementines. We are between Catania and Messina, on the slopes of the Volcano, in an area that has a truly unique charm. In the morning, the chalet fills with light through a large window, which also offers a beautiful view of the sea.

Ideal for a rustic and romantic getaway. Starting from €100 a night

In the Irish countryside

What could be more romantic than a horseback ride through the enchanted forests of Ireland? Inside The Three Towers Eco House resort, which offers an organic restaurant and electricity from renewable sources, you can also stay in a really charming chalet. A place made for two, where for a few moments you will forget the rest of the world. The resort is also an equestrian center.

Ideal for those who love horses or want to try a new experience. From €185 per night

An eco-friendly chalet in Adamello Brenta Natural Park

The Maso Azzurro Charming B&B is a mountain chalet nestled among the beautiful landscapes of Trentino. Two rooms and a suite to choose from, and then three wooden living rooms, a romantic fireplace and two panoramic terraces where you can enjoy a breakfast based on organic and local produces. Here too the energy is green!

Ideal for a romantic mountain getaway. From €70 per night

In the hills of Florence

Just 5 kilometers from the center of Florence, between Medici’s Villa and olive trees, there is a resort that works every day to protect nature, cultivating according to the principles of organic farming, reusing water and without using chemicals in the beautiful pool. Among the 3 accommodations made available to guests, there is also a small chalet for couples that also has a beautiful gazebo. There is also a room for yoga exercises, as well as peacocks walking peacefully in the countryside.

Ideal for those who want to relax without leaving the city. From €130 per night

A vacation for two in the Alps of Slovenia

A wooden hot tub, the freedom of solitude, the comforts of modernity: Eco Chalet Astra Montana is synonymous with romantic getaway. We are on the outskirts of Triglav National Park and the chalet is completely self-sufficient: energy is provided by solar panels and heating comes from the chimney. You will find yourself surrounded by pristine nature, in a panoramic point offering unforgettable views, from the mountain peaks to the Adriatic Sea.

Ideal for those who love solitude and wild nature. From €360 per night

Off-grid experience in French Alps

Even in France you can live an off-grid experience, for a romantic escape on tiptoe. The Mystic Marmot chalet is located at an altitude of 1000 meters and everything will be at your disposal with 3 bedrooms, the main room with an exceptional view of the valley, a patio, an outdoor kitchen and barbecue, a wood and a mountain pasture. In the morning you can take fresh eggs from the chicken coop.

Ideal for those who want to try a unique experience. From €225 per night

A cabin in the middle of a wood in Bergamo area

Wild Cabin is a cabin in the middle of an alpine forest, about an hour’s walk from the last Pianezza village, at 1700 meters above sea level. There is no electricity, no running water. You will be only the two of you, without any superfluous comfort and without even those that seem indispensable to us. This is how you will find yourself and a strong connection with nature.

Ideal for the more adventurous couples. Starting from €12 per night

In one of the most beautiful corners of Bavaria

To find incredible and sustainable romantic chalets we also arrived in Bavaria, where we found some really special ones. The Tannerhof Hotel offers its guests both charming cottages and modern towers-chalet, scattered among the hills. Try the massages and Kneipp treatments, fasting cure, the sauna.

Ideal for those seeking wellness. From €260 per night

Romantic chalets in the Alpine pearl of Werfenweng

Next destination: Austria. Here awaits us a village of romantic chalets, capable of combining luxury with sustainability. There is everything a couple needs: wood with its warmth, fresh mountain air, incredible nature, a hot tub and a fireplace for the winter.

Ideal for a luxurious romantic getaway. Starting from €230 a night

A mountain chalet in Aosta Valley

La Maison de Gran Maman is an original 19th century farmhouse, now transformed into a splendid mountain chalet. For a romantic getaway that is also a journey back in time, among the rich traditions of local history. You can rent a single room or the entire chalet and in any case a delicious breakfast prepared with fresh, local and organic ingredients will be waiting for you in the morning. The property is just 2 kilometers from the Champorcher ski area and close to Mount Avic National Park.

Ideal for a romantic escape in the snow. Starting from €180 a night

A chalet in front of Spanish sea

Tarifa Chalets offers 5 romantic chalets, set in beautiful gardens and overlooking golden beaches. You will wake up to the sound of the ocean waves, admiring the blue and also seeing Morocco. There are hammocks, beds and armchairs, to indulge in some cuddles during the day.

Ideal for those who love the sea. From €45 a night

Romantic vacation in Canada

We also arrive in Canada, where a beautiful chalet awaits us, surrounded by nature. In fact, in every season there is no shortage of activities to experiment and places to experience and discover. Everything just outside the door.

Ideal for those who love nature. From €200 a night

An escape in the nature of Australia

The last romantic chalets we have selected are located in northern Queensland, between mountain air, breathtaking sunsets, streams and a rich fauna and flora. Every building within the Hidden Valley Cabins resort is built entirely of local wood, and most of the furniture has been hand crafted.

Ideal for those who want to escape from the world. From €105 per night