Discover 8 Eco-sustainable Christmas Presents which support Circular Economy.

‘To give’ means to do something good or helpful for someone else. Giving is indeed a social action which brings people together. At Christmas, we usually buy presents for those we love. This happens not only because it’s a custom, but also because this action makes our soul lighter.

at christmass shopping centres are very busy
At Christmas, shopping centers are very busy. Photo by Heidi Fin on Unsplash.

But in the last few years, Christmas has become all about waste. People throwing presents, high prices and stress are for example some negative aspects of December. Nevertheless, there are present ideas that make this period more eco-friendly and less polluted. In this respect, the British Magazine The Guardian, has held a competition to encourage readers to support the circular economy at Christmas time as well. At the end of the competition, the winners’ eco-friendly ideas were published online.

Ecobnb accepts the challenge too! We have listed 8 creative ideas for your eco-friendly Christmas Presents, find them out!

1. Experience in contact with nature

gift card ecobnb

Christmas is all about sharing and loving, so have you ever thought about giving experiences? This is now possible with the Ecobnb digital Gift Card. The Green Card allows you to give a Green gateway from the routine. You can choose from more than 3000 Eco-friendly Accommodations, there are Tree-houses, glamping, old villages …

Why is it creative? Giving a journey means giving your time to those you love and giving yourself an unforgettable experience too.

Why is it eco-friendly? According to Howmanytrees, every night spent in an Ecobnb avoids 8 Kg of CO2, saves 295 Trees and 302 liters of water.

2. DIY presents have never been so cool

recycled present
Second-hand bike. Photo byi Alexey Lin on Unsplash

This practice is called Upcycling. Also known as creative reuse, Upcycling is the process of transforming by-products, waste materials, useless, or unwanted products into new materials or products of better quality and environmental value. Surprising, but positive is the attitude of Europeans, who consider the upcycling more, and they adopt this practice because it’s environmentally friendly. The most popular DIY presents are furniture, vintage watches and jewelry, lamps, renovated bikes and a lot more…

Why is it creative? Every object has its own story, tell it!

Why is it original? Giving new life to objects means to avoid waste and reduce gas emissions, which the production of new materials produces.

3. Taste your organic and Km 0 Presents

Photo by Kym Ellis on Unsplash

Giving food is always a good idea. You can buy organic food, ingredients in order to cook together or you can also spend your day in a farmhouse. We suggest you buy this type of presents at farms, so that it will be a Km 0 Gift.

Why is it creative? This type of gift will remind you of times spent together in unspoiled places.

Why is it Eco-friendly? Giving such a present means supporting the local economy of Green Farms.

4. At Christmas say no to Plastic

Plastic free presents

To avoid waste means avoiding not eco-friendly practices, especially avoiding Plastic. At Christmas, you can buy reusable water bottles as a gift. You’ll find lot of unique reusable bottles online, which you can also customize.

Why is it creative? You can customize the bottle adding a phrase, a name or a picture.

Why is it eco-friendly? Plastic is really damaging the environment, that’s why using a reusable bottle is a conscious and Green practice.

5. Are you searching for a unique present? Give a vineyard

Photo by YinFengLu; Unsplash

If you’re searching for a unique present and the addressee is fond of vineyards, this gift is perfect for you! Giving a vineyard is now possible with Befarmer. The website offers the chance to adopt a vineyard that produces the wine you prefer and in the land you choose.

Why is it creative? Many people want to produce their own wine, so from now on, you can make it possible, also creating your own wine-brand.

6. Support an important project

Calendar as christmas present

Support Greenpeace buying their 2020 Calendar. You will enjoy the pictures taken from all over the world and at the same time, you’ll reflect on the dangers threatening the Environment.

Why is it creative? In the Calendar, there are some shots from Italy to not forget the beauty of Italian seabeds and its panoramic landscapes.

Why is it eco-friendly? The Calendar is made of recycled paper. By purchasing it you will in fact support all their environmental campaigns.

7. Give a Fruit Tree

Bio Farm

Today at Christmas you can adopt a Tree with Biofarm. You will have your own field and the farmers will share weekly the results with you. You can always supervise the cultivation and decide whether to receive fruit at home or personally pick your fruit.

Why is it creative? You can choose the farmer, read his/her history and decide to support his/her production

Why is it Green? To plant a tree is probably the best gift we can give to the Earth.

8. DIY Christmas Cards

christmas diy card

If you want to give something special for Christmas do it yourself! Here you can find some original ideas for your Christmas cards.

Why is it eco-friendly? You can reuse papers, old postcards, and materials you have home giving them a new look!

Make Christmas more Eco-friendly!

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