Christmas is coming and it’s time to be creative not only with the green presents, but also with home made and cheap Christmas cards to let know to our beloved how much they are important for us. Here’s 10 simple creative ideas to create personalized Christmas cards even with the help of our children!

An expensive gift offered without a card means ” I have made this purchase for you, in a hurry”. A Christmas card home made, with an eccentric paper, a funny or romantic quote, represents a sign offered with the hearth. We have collected for you 10 creative ideas to realize wonderful home made cards for your friends and beloved.

You can combine the card to the sustainable and dematerialized gifts such as the Gift Card of Ecobnb that offers the experiences of green travels. What are you waiting for? Take some paper, fabrics and other second hand materials, scissors, glue and…let’s be creative together!

1. Perfumed cards with aromatic herbs

For the nature, plants and ecology lovers, here’s an excellent idea of a perfumed Christmas card. You can pick up the aromatic herbs of your garden and create with wire some small wreaths of bay tree, rosemary, sage or mint and then apply the wreaths on the card where we will write our best greetings.

The idea: you can cut a leaf of bay tree and apply it on the card for a perfumed Christmas tree and then add a little star made with orange peel.

2. Christmas cards with felt


Preparing Christmas cards using the felt is very simple. The felt is a material very simple to shape and perfect to use to create fast and wonderful Christmas cards. By cutting stars, hearths and Christmas tress and relying on your  imagination you can create wonderful cards!

The idea: add to the card second hand objects, such as buttons or pins that you have at home

3.  Creative glamour cards

Paillettes, glitters and small pearls for your fashion addicted friends. Create on the card a Christmas ball or a Christmas tree and apply some glitters, paillettes or shiny paper to create the desired shape. Or simply sprinkle you cards  with the glitter!

The idea: you can use wrapping silver-plated paper or shiny papers of the Eastern Eggs! Just cut it in small pieces and apply it on the card as decoration.

4. Christmas Pop-Up Cards

Cardboards, recycled paper, scissors and creativity! Fold the cardboard in two parts to create the base of the card. After that use the creativity and you imagination! To create a card with a 3D Christmas tree you need a green cardboard, bend it until you have produced the several layers of a Christmas tree.

The idea: to complete you greeting card you can add a special wish or a Christmas quote” ” When I was a child, the light of the Christmas tree, the music of the midnight mass, the sweetness of the smiles were shining and lightening the Christmas gifts”. (Antoine de Saint-Exupèry, The little prince)

5. Origami Christmas card


For the more expert you can also create a greeting cards using the creativity of origami! You need some wrapping card and some cardboards of different colors and imagination. Take a cardboard, fold it and cover it with the wrapping card. With the colorful cardboards you can create the Christmas characters and the Christmas decorations: reindeers, snowmen, colorful trees or a simple hearth.

The idea: to create origami you can use the recycled wrapping Christmas card or the extra paper cuts of the wrapping card. The more colorful will be the characters, the more surprising will be the result!

6. Home made card with old buttons

Always relating to the creative recycle, you can create greeting card by using some simple buttons. Take a cardboard and divide it, then you can decorate it with buttons and markers to create the perfect Christmas images. If you are using a white cardboard then use red, green and blue. Whereas if you have a colored cardboard is better to use the white or silver marker.

The idea: as a base of the Christmas card, it is better to use recycled paper. You may later decorate everything by adding some colored buttons, bows, paillettes or stickers.

7. Card decorated with toothpicks

To create a creative card you are even use the toothpicks. Just color with you favorite colors the toothpicks, let is dry and then, using garden scissors or a strong knife, cut the toothpicks in different shapes. Apply the toothpicks on a board card of the favorite color, starting from below to the high to create the classic pyramids shape of the Christmas tree.

The idea: as a finishing touch you have to create small balls of colored papers or magazines and attached it on your Christmas tree.

8. Use the spices for an oriental decoration

Fold the card in two parts. On te frontal part apply the glue and then sprinkle it with dust spices. Cinnamon, nutmeg, coriander or turmeric. Choose your favorite perfumes. Let it dry for one hour and cover it with transparent paper.

The idea: if you use the recycled paper, for a final touch for your cards, apply some cinnamon sticks or some vanilla berries.

9. Eccentric Christmas card with matchsticks boxes

With the matchsticks boxes you can realize unusual greeting cards with a surprise effect. You need to decorate the superior part of the box with glitter, beads or simply create a cover with the old papier of newspapers or magazines and write your message on the part containing the matchsticks.

The idea: to personalize your card, you can add inside some small pictures, perfumed candles, perfumed flowers, chocolate, sugared almonds or candies for a real surprise!

10. Decorations with ribbons

Old colored ribbons can be reused to create wonderful 3D decorations on your cards. To create a Christmas tree, choose a green ribbon and apply it on the card following a triangular shape. Fix the ribbon with some glue o adhesive to your Christmas card. Add some colored decorations, using old buttons, piece of papers or stars. And that’s it!

The idea: do you want to add your home made car with an original and ecological gift? Add a Gift Card of Ecobnb. A travel is a gift that you will always remember!

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Cover picture of Brooke Lark via Unsplash

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