The Croatian magazine ‘Apartman Plus’, dedicated to the world of hospitality, delves into the topic of sustainability with Ecobnb, reviewing the main eco-label certifications for accommodation facilities

Eco-friendly, organic, vegan and zero-waste accommodations are becoming increasingly popular in the world. Croatia also follows this trend. If on the one hand, we witness the phenomenon of overtourism and some destinations, such as Split, Venice, and Dubrovnik, become increasingly crowded and lose their identity. On the other, more and more travelers are looking for authentic destinations and new ways of traveling. The conscious guest looks for quality, innovation, respect for the environment, places and people, green itineraries.

A growing number of hospitality companies recognize in the green a market niche to be developed. This also makes the eco-label important, which prevents “Greenwashing” and makes it easier for travelers to choose a truly green accommodation facility.

Ecobnb and the Touristic Ecolabel Certifications on Apartman Plus

The interesting article wrote by Nastja Logar for the magazine “Apartman Plus”, is focused on the ecological certifications for touristic accommodations. What are the most popular and most recognized eco-labels? What are the sustainability standards required by the main European eco-labels for tourism? From water-saving, to waste reduction, from the use of ecological detergents to the use of biological food, from communication with guests, employees, and collaborators, to the promotion of sustainable mobility.

The article suggests Ecobnb, the most important platform for booking eco-friendly hospitality in Europe, that offers the possibility to select accommodation facilities on the basis of all these eco-sustainability factors and to check for each facility which environmental certifications are respected (Green Key, Ecolabel, etc.).

Le Pagine della Rivista Apartman Plus che parlano di Ecobnb

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Author: Silvia Ombellini

I am an architect with a passion for travel. I think it is urgent to be able to live in harmony with the ecosystem we are part of. After the birth of my second baby, Leo, I began to work at Ecobnb, an adventure undertaken to change the way we travel, to make it more sustainable, respectful of the environment, places and people.
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