3 hours on a catamaran or 5 hours on a ferry, starting from Split. We cross the Adriatic Sea and reach the only port of the island of Lastovo. Green hills, vineyards, and their inebriating scent, small fishing villages with timeless charm, ancient folk traditions: Lastovo is a truly enchanting and surprising natural paradise, an incredible destination that invites us to relax, a place where life flows slowly and the nature is still intact.

Lastovo: an incredible island in Croatia
Photo by © August Dominus, via Wikimedia Commons

As soon as you arrive you realize you have arrived on an island of peace and beauty, where it is easy to forget the frenzy of mass tourism.

The fishermen and the peasants welcome the travelers who arrive on this island in the heart of the Adriatic. Everything is authentic: rural landscapes or woodlands of great charm waiting to be explored by bike or on foot, the secluded coves, the cliffs overlooking the sea, the six villages with their picturesque chimneys, the famous lighthouse.

The six villages of the island of Lastovo

The presence of man in Lastovo is really limited: the queen of the island is certainly nature. There are only 6 small population centers, for a total of 792 inhabitants.

There is Zaklopatica, in the northern part of the island, where you will find some small restaurants and a diving center.

Ubli is where ferries arrive from the mainland and neighboring islands and houses a restaurant, a bar, the post office and the island’s only petrol station.

Skrivena Luka is located in a hidden bay, where there is also one of the oldest lighthouses in the Adriatic.

ancient village on the island
photo via Canva Pro

The most famous bays of the island, Velo Lago and Malo Lago are located near Pasadur, in the western part of Lastovo, where the second diving center awaits you. 30 small houses, which were once also used for the conversation of fish, form the historic and charming Lucica, just a few minutes from Lastovo, the island’s capital.

The village is located on the northern coast of the island and climbs up a hill that seems to dive into the sea. In Lastovo there is a supermarket, several restaurants, a tourist information point, a post office, a medical center, the island school, a fish market, and some bars.

The sky of Lastovo and all the things to do on the island

© August Dominus, via Wikimedia Commons

Tourists who love the nightlife will certainly say that in Lastovo there is nothing to you.

To you crystalline water, the spectacle of the woods, the possibility of being surrounded by the silence of nature, the hospitality of a small trattoria are nothing?

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On the island of Lastovo we can walk for hours in contact with pristine nature, or bike along the different cycle paths.

You can stay in the charming rooms created within the majestic lighthouse, snorkeling, and diving to discover beautiful seabeds. The lucky ones who travel by boat can explore the 46 islands that form the archipelago of Lastovo and where other even more wild beaches are hidden.

buildings in Lastovo Island
photo via Canva Pro

We can walk between the houses of Lastovo, admiring the original chimneys built in the seventeenth and eighteenth century; taste delicious dishes and certainly the famous lobster.

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But perhaps the most amazing experience to do in this Croatian island is to look up at the sky when the night comes. It seems like we can touch the stars. Only in the Sahara, you will see a sky cleaner than this.


Cover photo via Canva Pro