A life off-grid, to live on tiptoe, in full respect of the environment. No longer a radical choice, but a possibility for many.

Living off-grid means being completely self-sufficient from the energy point of view and not consuming any natural resources, therefore being outside the public network in order not to pollute. It is a solution that not only guarantees the awareness of being completely autonomous and eco-sustainable and the satisfaction of high savings, but which can represent a new beginning, an adventure towards a more natural and conscious lifestyle.

You do not have the possibility of having a self-sufficient house, you want to see what it means before you start living off the grid. The reasons may be many, but surely the time has come to experience the off-grid lifestyle in person, for a very special holiday in one of these 10 locations around the world.

Between the mountains and the ocean in an off-grid Spain

A place to be barefoot, surrounded by nature, without any digital contact. Solar showers, organic food, furnishings obtained by the recycling of old objects and solar panels make this accommodation a very special place. You can stay in the garden with your own van or in the delightful ecological cottage.

The experiences you can’t miss: the accommodation is located a few minutes from the city of Tarifa and the ocean can easily be reached on foot.

Off-grid experience in the heart of Italy

Among the green hills of Umbria there’s Podere Vallescura, an organic farm that can offer you a true off-grid experience. All the energy needed for the farm and houses is self-produced, without telephone poles or electric wires, but only from the photovoltaic panels and the wind generator. Here you can stay in a romantic apartment inside the main colonial house dating back to 1660, recently renovated in a green way.

The experiences you can’t miss: even if it seems very far from the world, the farmhouse is just a few kilometers from Perugia and the enchanting villages of this region. If you prefer you can stay immersed in nature and help in the daily activities of the farm.

In the French Alps

Mystic Marmot is a charming chalet located in the Alps of France that offers a property of 12 hectares surrounded by pristine nature. The entire chalet will be yours, while the hosts will be close in another accommodation. Here you will learn to use energy sparingly and to fully experience nature.

The experiences you can’t miss: endless adventures await you! Excursions, paragliding, skiing, mushroom picking, snowshoeing: you only have to choose.

Green and sustainable Greece

On a small island of the Cichlids you will find Tinos Eco Lodge, an accommodation with an independent off-grid system consisting of two independent houses equipped with every comfort and a wonderful outdoor space with a breathtaking view of the sea. Energy comes from the sun and the wind, rainwater is collected, treated and then reused.

The experiences you can’t miss: perhaps the main activity of your holiday in Tinos will be to relax in the shade of a pergola, on a sun-heated bench or in a hammock under an oak tree. But of course there is so much to do, from gardening to hiking to the beaches.

Off-grid Portugal

Rainbow Lodge is committed every day to live in harmony with the earth, trying to have a low environmental impact. You will stay in a warm and cozy thatched house, surrounded by an organic vegetable garden and fruit trees, hens and goats.

The experiences you can’t miss: in addition to exploring the surrounding nature and central Portugal, you can take part in lessons and workshops about energy medicine and astrology.

In Spain, on the foot of the mountains of Sierra Nevada

Cortijo Los Alamos offers you a nice and cozy bedroom in an off-grid finca. The photovoltaic panels and the solar thermal system for hot water allow the accommodation to be completely autonomous. The room, with its own entrance, has a private bathroom and a lovely patio.

The experiences you can’t miss: the Sendero De La Salud, a beautiful hiking trail that starts directly from the finca and the flight of an eagle, a common sight among these mountains.

A private and off-grid island

If you are looking for a truly exclusive holiday, you have found it. In the middle of the ocean, a 30-minute boat ride from the shores of Canada, you’ll find a private island with comfortable accommodation and unparalleled views. A wild nature and no internet connection, but we are sure that you will not even notice it.

The experiences you can’t miss: boat trips and kayaking, walks in pristine nature, but also collect the oysters and clams to eat for lunch!

Holistic hotel in Colombia

If you prefer an intimate beachfront and off-grid hotel you can stay at La Sirena Eco Hotel & Retreat, an eco-friendly property located in front of the beach of La Guajira in Colombia. The hotel offers country-style accommodation with views of the tropical gardens or the sea and an excellent vegetarian restauran.

The experiences you can’t miss: choosing this hotel also means living a wellness holiday you can participate in beautiful yoga classes on the beach.

A typical English off-grid manor house

Cuffern Manor is an 18th century manor house which offers guests 11 tastefully furnished rooms equipped with every comfort. The house is surrounded by a beautiful garden, woods and meadows, and has a biomass boiler and solar panels that produce all the necessary energy and provide the excesses to the national network.
The experiences you can’t miss: walking routes, canoe and cycling tours to discover the impressive, wild and incredible Pembrokeshire Coastal National Park.

Your private beach in Mexico

If you like to be lulled by the sound of the Caribbean waves, the seafront rooms of the Mayan Beach Garden Inn are the perfect destination. In the heart of Mexico, this off-grid hotel offers a relaxed atmosphere and rustic location, a bar where you can enjoy an excellent Margarita and a gourmet restaurant, all powered only by the sun.
The experiences you can’t miss: one of the most memorable and incredible activities that people can do in the Costa Maya is to snorkel in Punta Placer.

Ready for an off-grid holiday?