Montespertoli rises between the rolling and sinuous hills of one of the most famous wine region of Italy, Chianti. Here, the infinite vineyards and the evergreen olive trees, are hiding in their fruits the authenticity of the flavors, of the typical scents of the countryside and of the tuscan kitchen. 

Lying on the highest part of the hills that separate the Val Pesa from the Val d’Elsa, Montespertoli encompasses in his territory the deep essence of Tuscany. This little village, only 20 km away from Florence, is one of the main area for the production of the wine and the extra-virgin oil of the region. And not only. Montespertoli, together with Montaione, is also famous for the truffles. The refined palate of the gourmands and good wine lovers will discover in this beautiful place the pure deliciousness of the excellent tuscan gastronomy. Let’s see together some typical products of this beautiful territory.

From the Chianti Montespertoli to the novello wine


As we have already said, Montespertoli represents one of the most attractive reality for the production of the wine Chianti in Tuscany. The Chianti Montespertoli is rigorously produced on the territory of the municipality. The ruby color, his medium intense perfume, with a pronounced character of refinement during the aging phase and the sapid taste that with the time is improving to soft velvety characterize this wine as a unique product. In fact, every year an entire week is dedicated to this wine, the “Exhibition of the Chianti”.  In november, another weekend is dedicated to the new wine, the “novello” wine. 

Old time Wine Tasting at the Poppiano Castle

Montespertoli Poppiano Castle

An unusual place, but very characteristic. The medieval castle of Poppiano, property of the Guicciardini since 1200, had the outpost function for the defense of Florence. Today, here they produce wine and extra-virgin quality oil. Immersed into the infinite and beneficial green tonality of the hills covered with vineyards and olive trees, the Castle offers the possibility to organize wine tasting, guided tour of the cellars and of the tower of the castle. 

The unique aroma of the tuscan extra virgin olives oil

Montespertoli oil

In Montespertoli and in Tuscany in general, is also developed the production of the organic extra virgin oil. A health product, rich in polyphenols and with a low acidity level. This also thanks to the attentive care during the production process, passing from the harvest to the cold extraction of typical tuscan olive varieties, such as Moraiolo, Correggiolo, Leccino and Frantoio. A unique oil, excellent to enhance the taste of cold dishes. 

Several specialities with truffles and and boar meat

Montespertoli truffle

Montespertoli, as the best tuscan tradition, is also the region of the fine food. Here, the woods show during every season their richness that will be presented on the tables of the restaurants and agritourisms of the area. Thanks to the boar meat, the truffle and the mushrooms, the taste buds can be constantly satisfied. Several dishes prepared with these products: tagliatelle with mushrooms, pappardelle with the board meat ragout, ravioli with truffle or filet with mushrooms. 

For some of these excellent deliciousness, there is also a festival, such as for example the annual “Festival of the boar”. For the truffle, the strong presence inside the woods of the territory has nominated Montespertoli as the “City of the truffle”. 

Montespertoli region

Our trip between the scents and the characteristics flavors of an authentic Tuscany is now finishing. If you are thinking to come in this beautiful region to discover the gifts offered by the rolling green hills, but you don’t know where to spend the night, no problem! On the Chianti hills, there is the Le Lavande Eco-House, a beautiful ecologic house ready to offer you a formidable holiday to enjoy the fine food and relax yourself. A unique hospitality respecting the environment. 

Do you know other places in Tuscany where it is possibile to discover the essence of this magnificent area? 


Cover image: picture of Karsten Wurth,  via Unsplash

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