Summer is now drawing near and it’s time to dust off that old pallets pile! Here you’ll find 10 creative tips to indulge in the art of recycling. A simple way to create the most different objects and make your garden, balcony, and vegetable garden even more unique (and eco-friendly).

Pallets are a basic element to begin with. And because of their simplicity, they are probably one of the easiest DIY materials to modify and customize. For each of these projects, you’ll only need a good number of pallets, some nails, a touch of colored paint, and a lot of creativity.

1. Customized and creative bases for your vegetable garden

Vegetable garden, pallets, DIY project
Ideas to renovate your vegetable garden, via Pinterest

For those who love taking care of their vegetable garden, pallets are a very adaptable solution: from overlapping bases to pyramid-shaped structures, they will all add to your garden some originality. First organize your space carefully, then choose the geometric shape that suits it best, and then you only have to start planting the first seeds.

2. Space-saver vertical garden

Vertical garden, pallets, flowers, vases
Vertical garden, via Pinterest

If you have a green thumb but small spaces, vertical gardens are a simple but astonishing solution to take care of your green corner. Just find the perfect spot for your pallet and then combine different vase dimensions, colors, and plant (or flower) varieties.

3. Home-made exterior decorations

Decorations, pallets, signs, candles, vase
Customized decorations with old pallets, via Pinterest

Whether you only have a small balcony or a huge patio, you’ll also have some space left for a couple of decorating elements. Flower vases, candle holders, signs, and multi-purpose boxes: transform your pallets into anything you like to enrich your exteriors. Don’t forget, details matter!

4. Furniture for exteriors

Pallest, exteriors, sofa, table, chair
Ideas for outside furniture, via Pinterest

If you love spending time in the open air and dining with friends, recycling pallets has never been easier. Tables, couches, chairs, benches, and work surface areas (for barbecues and much more) will give that country but designed touch to your garden. Now relax and enjoy the warm summer evenings in good company!

5. Useful pallets to tidy up

Pallets, storage box, container, tools for gardening
Re-organizing pallets, via Pinterest

Keeping all the necessary garden tools in order can be difficult, but pallets will help you dealing with tidying everything up. In fact, they can be transformed into handy containers, storage boxes or even hooks’ bases to put forks, rakes, and pruners back (but most importantly, to find them again next time!).

6. Hammocks and swings to relax

Swings, hammocks, cushions, green, pallets
Hammocks and swings to relax, via Pinterest

Hammocks have one and only meaning both for children and adults: relax. Pallets, a comfy mattress, and a couple of colorful pillows are the only ingredients you need to create your perfect spot. Isn’t it exactly what you’d need after a long day, to read and chill out?

7. Games for every taste

Pallets, wood-house, kids, play
Creative ideas for children’s games, via Pinterest

What’s the best thing about these basic DIY materials? That they are versatile! Kids will have so much fun in making these projects and will want to spend the entire summer outside among their castles, mud-pie kitchens, boats, cars, and Indian teepee tents! Arm yourself with creativity and turn your pallets into whatever they like the most.

8. Backyard fences

pallets, DIY fences, green
Fences for your backyard, via Pinterest

To enclose your garden or to create a safe area for your children to play, you can break up your pallets and then put them back together in a creative fence. Ask your children to help you to customize the colors and shapes of your project.

9. Walkways and decks

Garden, walkways, wood, pallets
Pallets for garden walkways, via Pinterest

Keep breaking your pallets up and create the perfect walkways for your garden. A colorful layer of paint and the result will be surprising and unique. You can also use the same technique and create a perfect wooden patio.

10. You’ve got mail! Tips for creative mailboxes

Mailboxes, pallets, creative, box
Mailboxes out of pallets, via Pinterest

With these unique mailboxes, you will surely strike your guests from the beginning. Put the wood pieces together and try different heights and dimensions of the structure. Garnish them the way they best represent you with colors and words font.

Our 10 green and creative suggestions to recycle your old pallets have come to an end. You are now spoiled for choice: go look for your old pallets and add them your personal touch. And why don’t you try combining different projects? Let us know your results!