The beach is the perfect destination for summer and not only. But how can we live it without damaging it? Let’s find out together!

10 rules to be green even at the beach

Bright sun, crystalline sea, umbrella, sound of the waves and maybe a good book: this is the beach scene that many dream all year round and are looking forward to living this summer just started. However, we can not forget to be sustainable even in these moments of total relax to protect the beach and the sea that host us. Here are 10 simple rules to be green and respect the environment even in the summer.

1. Sunscreen that do not pollute

10 rules to be green even at the beach

For a day at the beach you can not miss a sunscreen to protect yourself from the damage of UVA, UVB and IR rays, but it is very important to choose a product that does not pollute the sea. It is always easier to find organic and eco sunscreens that do not use chemical solar filters that are highly toxic to the sea and its organisms.

2. Zero waste

Bringing bags to pick up wraps and packs is essential to keep the beach clean. It is also best to avoid producing waste, for example, by not using disposable products.

3. Avoid hotels built on the beach

No to architectural monstrosity that ruins the surrounding environment! Unfortunately, the Italian beaches have been often cemented and, in some cases, destroyed. Instead of staying in these facilities it is always better to choose the eco-sustainable ones, even if they are a bit further, that offer organic food, respect nature and greenery, use bioarchitecture and are energy-conscious.

4. No plastic bottles

Do you know that if we don’t change in 2050s in the oceans will be more plastic than fish? It is always important to avoid buying plastic bottles, and even more on the beach. You can bring comfortable bottles from the most classic to the more modern ones.

5. Digital detox holiday on the beach

Why not give up on electronic devices at least on the beach? Enjoy the beauty of the sea, the scent of salt and the company of friends or family.

6. Sand is not a souvenir

10 rules to be green even at the beach

Even today we read about someone at the airport with a bottle full of sand or shells: a crime that seriously damages the environment, subtracting what nature has created in thousands of years. It may seem like an innocuous gesture, but it is a serious damage to fragile ecosystems. Imagine if we all do it…

7. A green lunch or a snack

10 rules to be green even at the beach

Seasonal and local fruits and vegetables, reusable containers, biodegradable dishes and cutlery: even lunch on the beach can be sustainable.

8. Which beach?

10 rules to be green even at the beach

To be green it is also important to choose the right beach, or rather the one you can easily reach by giving up the car and using the train or bike!

9. Leave jellyfish and starfish to their sea

10 rules to be green even at the beach

Someone will still remember the sad story of the dolphin puppy dead because of tourists looking for an original selfie. It is much more common to find jellyfish and starfish in the children’s buckets, left in the sun. Rather than killing animals, teach to the younger the respect for them and for all the nature.

10. A bag that is worth 10

Do you know the classic family preparing to go to the sea with a thousand bags? We advise you not to buy a bag for every single need, especially avoiding the beach ones, which are almost always made in plastic.

Here are our little tips for a summer we hope unforgettable, but definitely green and sustainable!


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