An option for these hot days, or even for the next winter are the wonderful thermal pools that you can visit for free. Long and wide for Spain, all nature lovers can discover these paradises, where to dive into the thermal water and enjoy its thermal properties. Here is where the inhabitants and tourists can find the 10 best free thermal pools in Spain!

Ourense: Pozas A Chavasqueira

Free hot springs in Spain
Photo by Victor Hermida Prada via Flickr

Ourense is probably the best known place for healing baths, with temperatures up to 40° C. Near the Minho River, you will find the small swimming pools also known as Baños do Bispo. It is suitable for those who suffer from acne and for those with rheumatic conditions such as psoriatic arthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. These outdoor pools are in stone, similar to a Japanese zen temple and are surrounded by sun loungers at any time of the year, ideal for couples and families looking for a free vacation. Definitely one of the top 10 free thermal pools in Spain.

The 10 best hot springs in Spain: in Tarragona, the Fontcalda waters

Free hot springs in Spain
Photo by calafellvalo via Flickr

For those looking for a relaxing bath in the mountains, the right answer is this destination between the mountains of Mola and Crestall. The water temperature reaches 38 degrees in the Canaletes River, also called Fuente de los Chorros. In the surrounding area there is also a playground for children and a picnic area.

Granada: Termas de Alhama

The temperature of these pools reaches 47°. The area on the weekend is very crowded, so we suggest you visit them in the middle of the week with your partner, family or friends.

The 10 best free spas in Spain: Ourense, Outariz’s hot springs

Free hot springs in Spain
Photo by Victor Hermida Prada via Flickr

In an amazing natural landscape here you can relax for a couple of hours at temperatures between 35 and 41 degrees! A perfect place to forget everyday stress.

La Rioja: Arnedillo Pozas

Along the Cidacos River, these hot springs form a natural paradise with a temperature between 35 and 52 degrees. Often visitors stay until after midnight, to admire an incredible night landscape.

The 10 best spas in Spain: Granada, the Zújar hot springs

Where are the remnants of an ancient Roman spa, among mountain scenery, here are the Zujar thermal baths.

Ourense: Terme Muiño da Veiga

Free hot springs in Spain
Photo by José Antonio Gil Martínez via Flickr

Located near the River Minho, these hot springs have large gardens and an old mill restored, giving the place an even more suggestive and charming atmosphere. Thanks to the temperature and the composition of the water, they are recommended for tourists suffering from dermatitis and eczema. Its temperature is above the average: between 65 and 72° C.

The 10 best free hot springs in Spain: Zaragoza, the Alhama de Aragón thermal lake

Free hot springs in Spain
Photo by Josè Luis Briz via Flickr

In the province of Zaragoza, next to the Jalón River, you can find this beautiful thermal lake. It covers an area of ​​two hectares and maintains a temperature of 28 to 3 ° C throughout the year, regardless of season. Families, couples and visitors can have fun and relax in its waters with a depth of two meters.

Tarragona: Manantial the Estany and the Riuet

Near the beach, we find this hot springs with a water temperature between 18ºC and 21ºC, which flows from the limestone rocks.

The 10 best free hot springs in Spain: Murcia, Las Charcas de Lo Pagán

Free hot springs in Spain
Photo by ___steph___ via Flickr

Its waters were born from the Mar Menor and is known as one of the largest areas of outdoor mud therapy in Europe.


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