Ah, autumn! It’s a time for mushroom, chestnut fragrance and… Foliage! The leaves begin to change color, becoming red and orange, and every wood seems an explosion of colors. Romantic and beautiful landscapes await us in every corner of Europe: the fall season is perfect for a trip in nature,  the low season begins and prices fall and the nature becomes even more magical. Let’s find out the best destination in Europe to see the foliage.

Tara National Park, Serbia

Foliage in Serbia

Serbia is still unknown to mass tourism but it offers to its visitors a pristine nature and many wonderful places, including the Tara National Park. Immerse yourself in a forest of pine and spruce trees, explore the peaks, discover breathtaking canyon and admire the fall colors that surround the rivers.

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Lake Bled, Slovenia

Fall Foliage in Slovenia
Photo by Malcolm Carlaw via Flickr

In every season the famous Lake Bled is worth a visit, but in the fall is truly magical. The days are still warm and walking around the lake is a wonderful experience. This Slovenian jewel is surrounded by trees and their many shades, a truly amazing sight.

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Tyrol, Austria

Fall foliage in Austria
Photo by Giorgio___ via Flickr

We ride our bikes and explore the forests of Tyrol which shine in their new colors, from golden yellow to deep red. Here we will have a cycling network of over 3,800 kilometers to discover the forests and villages; Also it is time to traditional feasts and festivals! Do not miss the Großer Ahornboden, a large forest of maples at 1200 meters above sea level.

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Blenio Valley, Switzerland

Switzerland. get natural. Parc Adula in Canton Ticino. San Carlo di Negrentino, view across the Bleniotal. Schweiz. ganz natuerlich. Parc Adula im Kanton Tessin. San Carlo di Negrentino, Blick ins Bleniotal. Suisse
San Carlo di Negrentino, Blick ins Bleniotal, Switzerland, ph. by Roland Gerth, via swiss-image.ch

Switzerland is also a perfect destination for the foliage; we recommend you visit the typical alpine valley of Blenio in the canton of Ticino, which offers the opportunity to walk through many paths pastures, vineyards and forests of the Swiss corner kissed from the sun.

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Loire, France

Fall foliage in France
Photo by Francisco Gonzalez via Flickr

This renowned French zone, from October to November gives a beautiful show: the foliage of the vineyards make the landscapes that surround the famous castles even more evocative.

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The Wine Route, Germany

Fall foliage in Germany

Even in Germany there is a perfect place for wine lovers: it is the Deutsche Weinstraße, which starts from Bocknheim and arrives to the French border. Follow it means plunging into landscapes and red and yellow vineyards, where you can find stunning villages.

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Highlands, Scotland

Fall foliage in Scotland
Photo by Jacob Martin via Flickr

Autumn in Scotland is a spectacle that enchants. Particularly when the wild nature of the Highlands forests ignites in red, orange and yellow every visitor gasps, before this sublime beauty.

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Connemara, Ireland

Fall foliage in Ireland
Photo by Francesco Crippa via Flickr

We move in one of the most picturesque areas of Ireland, the lands of Connemara in recent months are tinged with new colors with breathtaking landscapes. A walk to pick blackberries will be an unforgettable experience!

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Bavaria, Germany

Fall foliage in Germany
Photo by Waldemar Merger via Flickr

Between the Alps and the hills, the landscapes that crosses the Danube become very picturesque during the autumn months. And between a slice of strudel and shines you can not help but fall in love with this nature so magical.

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Val di Non, Italy

Fall foliage in Italy
Photo by Daniele Dalledonne via Flickr

And here is the last destination of our journey through the colors of autumn: the Trentino valley is perhaps the best place in Italy to watch the phenomenon. The apple orchards and vineyards turn red, turning into an impressionist painting. Do not miss a tour around the lake Tovel.

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