Allover the world on 22 of April it’s celebrated the Earth Day.

This is the biggest environmental event of the world that from United States has expanded allover the planet involving 196 different places.
46 years have passed from that 22 of April 1970 when 20 millions of american citizens demonstrated for the environment safety, after the environmental disaster of the leak of petrol from a spring in California. From then the Eart Day has become international and the participants have become more than a billion but there’s still a lot to dot. The global warming is changing our lifes and everyday it threats whole ecosystems.

This years, in occasion of the Eart Day will be signed the pacts effectued in Paris during the COP21 to stop the climate changing.

 Terra Vista dallo Spazio
City lights – Europe. Elements of this image furnished by NASA

The focus of 2016 Earth Day are trees

This Earth Day, to change the path, starts from the trees, the topic on wich this years will be focused the majority of the initiatives of the Earth Day. The trees are our first weapon against the exaggerated quantity of CO2 in our atmosphere. Each trees, infact, abosorbs about 10 kg of CO2 each year.

The aim: 7,8 billions of trees within 2020

In occasion of this Earth Day is shown from the Earth Day Network the project of planting 7,8 billions of trees, each for each earth inhabitant, within 2020. It’s a concrete reaction, not only symbolic, that permits to absorb the increasing quantity of CO2 that we produce. But is not all, the trees help us to protect the territory from the hydrogeological instability, they assorb the thin pouders and the polIuting gasses, like nitrogen monoxid and the ozone, clearing the air that we breath.

Our environmental impact is mesured in trees

In occasion of the Earth Day, us from Ecobnb with Howmanytrees have asked to measure the environmental impact of our jurneys in terms of saved trees. We have calculated how many trees can we save by choosing eco suistainable stays. As example: a traveller who chooses the hospitality that offers local food saves 35 trees per day rerespect to a traditional hospitality. Choosing a bio architecture the saved trees are even 78, wih the clean energeticals resouurces is possible to reach 58 saved trees. If the choosed hotel has all the 10 caractheristics of suistainability on Ecobnb the saving per guest a day is 295 trees.
A very important number that make us thing how, through some little actions we can influence the CO2 emissions and reduce our environmental impact on the planet!

Fronte - Cartolina(ita) ALBERI EN-01

To know how our actions ipact in terms of trees is the first step to adopt lifestyles (ad travel styles) as much as possible sustainable.

Instead of wondering “How much does it cost to me?” we should better demand “How many trees does it cost?” to make better chances.

During the Earth Day all of us are invited to act in a responsable way, saving the trees and reducing CO2. As much as better, who has the possibility can contribute to plant a tree to help us to reach 7,8 billions of trees!

And you? How do you celebrate this Earth Day?

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