April 22 we all celebrate the environment, the planet and its preservation: it’s the Earth Day 2016, the 46th World Earth Day. It is the largest environmental event that every year is committed to promote the protection and conservation of natural resources of the Earth.

The theme of Earth Day 2016

We’ve started the countdown for the 50th anniversary of the April 22, 1970, when millions of Americans demonstrate for the protection of the planet, after an environmental disaster due to the oil spill from a well in California.
From this year we will choose 5 great goal that, on their own and together, will have a significant impact on the Earth and will represent the basis for a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable planet. The first of these five major goals will be trees, which are the first step to combat climate change.

The trees are the first step in combating climate change, that is why the goal of Earth Day 2016 is to plant 7.8 billion trees

The trees absorb harmful and excess amounts of CO2 from our atmosphere along with other polluting gases. Each year a tree absorbs around 10 kg of CO2.
On April 22, but not only, let’s plant trees in our gardens, in our schools, in our cities to achieve the goal of 7.8 billion trees in the world!

This year the international initiative has a  even more special and important meaning: the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki Moon, has chosen this date for the ratification of the historic agreement on the climate of Cop21 signed in December in Paris.

Even Ecobnb celebrates Earth Day this year, showing you all the number of trees that you can save (and therefore virtually planting) choosing the accommodations in our network.

HowManyTrees, web site of two engineers that allows to quantify in a simple and effective way, the ecological cost of things and different actions, has calculated for us how much can save on a day our traveler for each of the 10 sustainability requirements.
For example, an accommodation that provides local food allows a saving of 952 g of C02, which is equivalent to 35 trees planted, rather than cut. A green building saves 2091g of CO2 per person per day, equivalent to 76 trees. If you choose an accommodation that uses the flow reducers to save water 102 liters of water and 26g of CO2.

If you reserve a room in one of the greener hospitality, those who possess all 10 major sustainability requirements, you save 8085 g of CO2 and 302 liters of water per person per day. It is a gesture which is equivalent to planting 295 trees! If you want to know more read all the details in our page.

How many tree and how many co2 can you save with Ecobnb?

On Earth Day, Ecobnb invites all its accommodation to plant a tree!


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