Christmas is just a mont away and maybe some of you are already thinking about gifts to put under the tree. Here are 10 amazing ideas to create original, sustainable and low cost gift wrap!

On the occasion of the European Week for Waste Reduction we want to discover with you how to save on materials and reduce waste as following the rule of the 3Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. The 2015 edition of the European Week for Waste Reduction aims to raise awareness on the excessive amount of waste we produce every day and to promote all those actions and those good examples on how to reduce waste.

For this Christmas we must think to ecofriendly gifts, digital gifts or even better we can give to our loved ones experience (travels, cinema tickets, subscription to the bike-sharing service), but also we can give handicrafts made by recyclable materials or we can think of to create something ourselves.

In any case, at the time of the gift wrap you don’t absolutely need to buy wrapping paper, ribbons, cockade or other packaging materials. Take a look of this amazing gift wrap ideas:

1. Newspapers

Do you also have many old newspapers in a corner of the house? Well, it’s time to use them! A newspaper can become a beautiful gift wrap, the effect is assured. To do the package you can use kitchen string, add the red berries, or create roses or a rosette with the newspaper itself.

2. Sheet music

If you have a musician in the house, you will surely have a lot of sheet music around the house. The ones you don’t  need any more can become an excellent material for an original package. It’s perfect to wrap your gift or as decoration: you can create rosettes, small scrolls, Christmas trees …

3Rolls of toilet paper

Do you plan to dive something small and precious? Then this is the perfect package for you! It’s simple and the result never disappoints. Start decorating as you like the roll of toilet paper, you can paint it or cover it with wrapping paper advanced from last year. The only limit is your imagination! Then just fold inwards one end, as you can see in the photo, enter the gift and do the same thing with the other end. And your package is ready!


4. Pages of old books

Maybe someone won’t agree, but there are books that can be recycled to create  really delightful bags. The procedure is fairly intuitive. Take your book page and create two wings and fold them up inside. Use the tape to stick. Close one of the two ends as a classic gift box. The bag is ready, you just have to put the gift in the box and close it with a clothespin or with a bow by creating two holes at the top.

5. Box of cereal

For a bigger gift, you can use a cereal box. Eliminate the tabs at the top of the box and wrap it as you prefer, you can use old newspapers too. Fold and glue the paper on the base and glue it on the opposite side to the inside. Now we have to pierce both sides of the box, trying to make them more or less at the same distance. Then enter the string and tie it.

6. Old shirts

During your last trip you bought a stunning organic wine as a gift, but you don’t know how to package it in an original way. Here’s the solution: an old men’s shirt! Cut off one of the sleeves and take a needle and thread. Sew the bottom and you’re done! Place the bottle and fix the cuff of the sleeve. To close the bag you can use a ribbon, directly the shirt button or reuse an old tie! Isn’t it beautiful?

7. Paper cups

At home recently there was a party for children and you have bought many colored paper cups and, rightly, didn’t throw them away, waiting for the right opportunity to reuse them. Here it is! It is a package truly original and perfect for small gift. Just cut away the edge at the top and create 5-6 tabs, cutting perpendicularly to a few centimeters. Now bend the tabs towards the inside overlapping them one on the other and, if necessary, stopping with a little of the bioadhesive. The box is ready, and you just have to decorate it!

8. Scarves

In this case you don’t only recycle, but you reuse, that’s even better! You can make two gifts in one by using a scarf (possibly square) for packing the gift. Follow the Japanese art of furoshiki and you can create some really unique packages!

9Paper Bread Bags

For a rustic effect you can use the paper bread bags. Put them in the middle of books to remove some wrinkle. Put the gift in the bag and close it with wooden clothespins. To decorate, you can use dried flowers, sprigs of rosemary or chill.


10. Old fabrics

In the house you’ll definitely have old cloth you no longer use but that have a nice plot. Wrap your gifts and decorate it with lace and satin for a sleek effect that will amaze everyone.

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