Explore the city of Bern: white peaks and rolling hills, ancient palaces and magical atmospheres!
the city seen from an hill with mountains in the background
Bern - Martin Abegglen via Flickr

Bern is the capital of Switzerland and of the namesake canton. Historically the city that lies on a plateau surrounded by hills and Alps, was built inside a bend of the river Aare. This is the historic center where still today you can walk and admire charming architectures. And if you want to dive into nature you just need to visit the Emmental Region surrounding the city. Bern is a perfect destination for your holiday, where you can enjoy breathtaking emotions in every season of the year!

1. What to see in Bern

you can see the catherdal with its tower among snowy roofs of houses
The cathedral of Bern - Martin Abegglen via Flickr

The old city center, built around the year 1191, is a great testimony of medieval architecture and for this reason part of the UNESCO World Heritage. You can walk among the magnificent sandstone facades of buildings, majestic arches, richly decorated fountains and visit the beautiful Cathedral, the largest in Switzerland, built around the year 1421.

the building of the musum
Zentrum Paul Klee - Martin Abegglen via Flickr

Not only the majestic architecture characterizes this city. Bern is culturally active, even from other points of view! You can visit Albert Einstein house: the relativity theory was formulated right here by the scientist. Have a visit to the Zentrum Paul Klee, the largest museum with works by Klee and which organizes every year other important exhibitions.

orange flowers in the garden
Rose Garden - Guido Gloor Modjib via Flickr

There are also many parks in Berne, including the Bear Park. The bear is the symbol of the city from which it also takes its name. The garden tries to recreate the natural habitat where bears live. Visitors can thus admire two bears from very close and discover more about their habits! Also worth visiting is the Rose Garden, with its magnificent view of the old city, which collects more than 200 varieties of roses and other flower species.

2. Bern and surroundings

mountains in the background and a field full of flowers
Gantrisch - Thomas Wenger via Flickr

The Emmental Region with its rolling hills, surrounds the city of Basel with a pleasant and authentic landscape. This area is famous for the cheese, which is produced in local dairies and that you can enjoy after a walk or a bike ride. Another green area not far from the city is the Gantrisch Nature Park, which takes its name from the highest peak in the park. Many are the paths that cross thick forests and alpine meadows. Inside the park educational courses are organized, like the one that runs through the Lothar forest, following an elevated walkway. The park guides will reveal you the secrets of the inhabitants of the park and the typical flora of those areas!

3. Traditional flavors

white meringues
Meringues - cristian via Flickr

In Bern you can enjoy the famous Berner Platte, made ​​with different types of meat, accompanied by sauerkraut with juniper and beans. Typical dishes of the winter season are the onion soup and Rosti, roasted potatoes. Even pastry lovers will not be disappointed: the meringues are a real treat, not to mention that they were born right here in Bern, as well as the Lebkuchen with hazelnut.

4. Where to sleep in Bern

a path covered with yellow leaves and surrounded by trees
Autumn in Bern Canton - Patrick Nouhailler via Flickr

Also in Bern and surroundings you will find cozy green solutions for your stay!

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Author: Anita Cason

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