Travel, ancient history, traditions and pristine beaches... all of this in one single city, Agrigento!

Sicily for all the green and authentic experiences lovers is a must, but in particular Agrigento is one of the most ancient cities, bordered by the Mediterranean Sea and occupied by the famous Valley of the Temples, an archaeological park dotted with Doric temples, tombs and cemeteries.
Valley of the Temples, Agrigento, Sicily, Italy
Valley of the Temples, Agrigento, Sicily, Italy, ph. by Dennis Jarvis, via flickr

1. Best things to do in Agrigento

The famous writer Andrea Camilleri has devoted pages and pages to Agrigento: cultural incentive to visit this part of Italy rich in history, monumental beauty and relaxing landscapes. But also economic and low-impact location.

Its sunny climate makes it even more pleasant in summer, with its silence and tranquility, the ingredients to be reckoned with in order to make a refreshing break.

The archaeological park of the Valley of the Temples is a must: included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage of humanity and corresponding to that which was Akragas in the Hellenistic period… do not even miss the Temple of Castor and Pollux and the Temple of Vulcan, imposing and majestic and at their center the garden of Kolymbetra, which in antiquity was home beautiful performances.

Many simple Doric temples and intact and many other wonderful works of Greek people make the place outside time and space, where the philosophy and the care of happiness impact on the minds of all travelers...

It's a ball or a cone of rice breaded and fried, generally stuffed with meat sauce, peas and cheese or diced ham and mozzarella. The name comes from the original form and the typical golden color, reminiscent of an orange, but it must be said that in eastern Sicily arancini more often have a conical shape. Green Guide Sicily
Arancino, tipical product in sicily. Photo by Backdoor kitchen, via Flickr

2. Tastes and local food

You cannot miss this paradise of the south food: the fish is an invaluable asset and should be served in one of the many restaurants where the prices are incredibly affordable for everyone.

To taste the most genuine Agrigento dishes dip into pasta with sardines, in the rice balls, in swordfish (among the most delicious caught in the area) and tuna. Not to mention the almond (every year there is the Festival of Almond Blossom).

This is magic hill. There are hundreds of small natural volcanoes of clay. Green guide, Sicily
Macalube di Aragona, Agrigento. Photo by Marica, via Flickr

3. Nature, sport and green itineraries

The vegetation, "the Greek" sunsets and the horizon merged with the sea are attractive do justice to the words of the poet Pindar, who wrote "the most beautiful city…".

The Natural Reserve Macalube of Aragon is 15 km away from Agrigento. Take a walk between the sources and volcanoes that erupt idroargillose clay ... autumn small hills are covered with a light green grass in spring bursting into a beautiful carpet of wild flowers.

The hot Sicilian summer instead shows the hill of volcanoes as a land barren and desolate, whitish and gray to dark gray, a lunar landscape or rather, Martian, with a number of mud volcanoes, really unusual.

The white beach of La scala dei Turci, near Agrigento, Sicily
The white beach of La scala dei Turci, near Agrigento, Sicily, ph. by Giampaolo Macorig, via flickr

4. Agrigento e dintorni

On the south-west coast, between the mouth of the river Platani and Belice, it stands the beautiful Sciacca, town known for sulfur springs flow from Mount San Calogero and that create an attractive spa that each year attracts thousands of tourists.

Not only spa but also mud baths, inhalations and showers in a lovely setting and idealfor find the well-being of body and mind.

Sciacca was born right on the Sicilian Channel, over against Pantelleria and Tunis close to major archaeological parks of Selinunte, Segesta, Eraclea Minoa and Agrigento. 

In a world so harsh and mountainous, between Sambuca di Sicilia and Giuliana Contessa Entellina, you will findthe Natural Reserve of Monte Genuardo and Santa Maria del Bosco: a small anfiteatro that contains real natural treasures typical of Monti Sicani. The reserve is the only vestiges of the ancient forests that once crowded the Sicily and is full of unique fauna and untouched by time ...

Turquoise sea near Agrigento, Sicily
Turquoise sea near Agrigento, Sicily, ph. by Andrea Mignani, via flickr

5. Where to stay in the city and surroundings

Discover all ecofriendly facilities in Agrigento and its province, from organic farms to small and family B&B overlooking the turquoise sea.

Discover all ecofriendly accomodations in Agrigento


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