Rejuvenation in Fito Sauna

AMBROŽ POD KRVAVCEM 23 - 4207 Cerklje na Gorenjskem - Municipality of Cerklje na Gorenjskem - Slovenia
A unique opportunity to quickly regenerate your power and life energy and to refresh your tonus!

Fitosauna is made out of a cedar barrel, which stimulates the main health effects. The cedar is the tree possessing healing properties, based on the positive effects of the phytoncides contained in a large quantity in cedar drevesine. While in barrel, the body does not experience such stresses, as in the bath or sauna, as the head is not subjected to thermal effects. Therefore, the phyto barrels are shown to those people who can not tolerate a traditional sauna or steam bath.
Procedures with the use of cedar barrels help purify the body, which becomes possible due to thermal effects, increases lymphatic drainage, which will be useful for weight loss, normalizes the work of the cardiovascular system. In addition, the essential oils contained in the cedar, have beneficial effects on the respiratory system and relieve stress and symptoms of depression.

15 min of fito sauna 30€

15 min of fito sauna 30€


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