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Črna vas 267 - 1000 Ljubljana - Ljubljana - Slovenia

Bio apartments Trnulja are located in the nature park Ljubljansko barje just 6 Km from the city center of Ljubljana. You can reach our organic farm by bycicle, by bus or even by boat. We are 100% sustainable and it is our way of life to do so.

Looking around the country estate Trnulja, one is enchanted by the sheer size and beauty of the surrounding Ljubljana Marshes. One can easily forget their everyday worries here... Enjoy the peacefulness and serenity of this place. Walking along the country estate, past the flowering fields and meadows on which horses and other animals are grazing, you will find your inner peace. Country estate Trnulja reflects our way of living, which is based on a philosophy of peaceful and balanced cohabitation with nature, the principles of which we will gladly share with you.

Our country estate combines a genuine, traditional way of living in harmony with nature and high-tech equipment. Our lifestyle reflects a deep desire to find peace, truth and authenticity in our existence.
Our holiday apartments are built solely with sustainable eco materials. The way they are equipped will help you relax and recharge your batteries at the country estate Trnulja before returning to your everyday activities.

The interiors of our holiday apartments smell of natural, unprocessed wood, while the clay products and hemp textile give a touch of homeliness and snugness to the living space.
The floors are covered with recycled brick from the old house that used to stand here, while the walls comprise a wooden construction with hemp insulation and clay plaster. All of the furniture is made from natural Slovenian wood and given a rustic finish. The mattresses are made from hemp fibre of the highest quality, as is the hemp textile for bed linen, towels and curtains. These materials have a positive influence on our health and well-being.

Four holiday apartments are available – two on the ground floor and two in the attic. Guests can also stay in a studio apartment for two persons, which has their own entrance. Our eco apartments are eco friendly, we are trying to set up ecotourism in the back to nature method.
Country estate Trnulja reflects our way of living, which is based on a philosophy of peaceful and balanced cohabitation with nature, the principles of which we will gladly share with you.

All of our buildings and facilities were entirely built in accordance with the principles of sustainable green architecture and by using ecological natural materials (predominantly wood). We used biodegradable building materials.

The following carefully chosen technical details were incorporated into the construction and decoration of our holiday apartments:
The architectural characteristics of construction can be explained in several segments. Our goal was to preserve as much as possible the architectural traditions of our region. We incorporated the typical architectural elements of local farmhouses, but used environmentally friendly building materials.

The oldest construction style - wooden façade
We decided that our house should stylistically emphasise the authenticity of its environment. The building was built following the model of the 19th century Tomaževa hiša (Tomaž House), the oldest house in the village Crna vas. Visitors are immediately struck by the beauty of the logs which decorate the larger part of the façade.
The spruce logs were obtained from the hillsides of Logarska dolina, which is one of the most beautiful valleys in Slovenia. The trees were cut down at the height of 1,300 metres to ensure exceptional quality of the wood. As a point of interest, the spruce trees felled for our construction were cut down by following the old lore of cutting down trees three days after the new moon.

Clay brick entrance
Clay brick (in colloquial Slovene we call them ''modularc'') give the entrance a timeless natural beauty. For a long time, unplastered brick facades were a typical feature of houses in Crna vas. By creating this kind of clay brick entrance, we wanted to preserve and incorporate part of the old tradition.

Typical elements of countryside cultural heritage
Strong overhanging eaves are part of the cultural heritage of old Slovenian farmhouses.
We wanted to preserve the architectural characteristics by using natural materials and taking into account the typology of the local farmhouses. Overhanging eaves are a typical element of traditional farmhouses and run along the entire building. The facade is classically smooth and, with its gentle yellow hue, emphasises the beauty of spruce logs.


  • Electric vehicle charging station
  • Bicycle rental service
  • Supporting the local economy
  • Promoting "eco" activities
  • No single dose
  • Motion sensors lights
  • 100% renewable energy
  • Organic or Local Food
  • Car-free accessibility
  • Ecological cleaning products
  • More than 80% waste recycling
  • Energy saving lights
  • Green building
  • Solar thermal panels for hot water
  • Water flow reducers
  • Recovery & reuse of rainwater
  • Recycled paper
  • No disposable packaging
  • Towel change on request
  • Natural conditioning or class A air conditioning
  • Appliances in energy class A
  • High efficiency boiler > 90%
  • Water-saving toilets
  • Regional Food
  • Environmental-friendly fornitures
  • Fair trade products
  • Biodiversity of green areas
  • Guest Satisfaction
  • Digital Detox
  • Rental of electric cars


  • Kitchenette
  • Electric Vehicles Charging
  • Private bathroom
  • Internet
  • Breakfast included
  • Organic garden
  • Bicycles
  • Ecotourism itineraries
  • Wellness center
  • Accessibility
  • Small pets allowed
  • Garden
  • Credit card
  • Hairdryer
  • Crib
  • Parking
  • Sauna
  • Educational farm
  • Gluten free meals
  • Vegetarians meals
  • TV in room
  • Artisanal products for sale
  • Air conditioning
  • Gym
  • Vegan Meals
  • Own entrance
  • Covid-19 Safety measures


  • Families
  • Groups
  • Natural Park

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