La casa Gaia

  • Bed & Breakfast
Località Calchinadas - 07040 Olmedo - Sassari - Italy

A few kilometers from Alghero and the Coral Riviera, surrounded by green countryside of Olmedo an ecological house and a cozy B & B Bio Eco Sustainable with organic breakfast.

We find ourselves in Olmedo, S'Ulumedu in Sardinian, name ascribable to the crossing of the terms Ulimu (Olmo) and Ulmetum (forest of Olmi) of nuragic and Latin derivation, a magnificent country of 4200 inhabitants with an ancient history, to measure man, suited to the needs of the individual, located on a mostly hilly territory a few kilometers from the Riviera del Corallo, in a strategic position from a geographical point of view that will allow you to visit as well as our beautiful beaches on the north / west and north coast of Sardinia, Riviera del Corallo - Asinara Gulf - Argentiera - Stintino - Porto Torres - Sorso - Castelsardo - Badesi, also our wonderful hinterland with numerous archaeological sites of considerable interest, including one of the most important megalithic fortifications of the Mediterranean that Olmedo preserves, as a confirmation of its distant roots, at the height of its robustness, the Monte Baranta Complex, the most rdinary example of a prenuragic fortified settlement attributable to the Copper Age between 2400 and 2200 BC But just as important are the more than twenty-five nuraghe present in the territory of the Municipality of Olmedo, as well as the nuragic palace of Santi Antine in Torralba and the necropolis of Sant'Andrea Priu in Bonorva, without forgetting the Roman ruins of Porto Torres and the different Romanesque churches that dot the territory.

The house Gaia, always attentive and sensitive to the environment that surrounds it, was built taking into account the parameters of sustainability with natural materials and very low environmental impact, designed for the environment and for those who must use it, in order to give away an ideal living comfort.

It is the ideal location for families who want to find in the places of stay the comforts of their own home, for business and work trips, for a romantic getaway, for those who want to spend some time in an uncontaminated natural environment, in open country, with 1000 square meters of well-kept garden in exclusive with every comfort.

And precisely because La casa Gaia is for a sustainable lifestyle, it has been equipped with photovoltaic panels, low emissivity glasses, lime plasters and water-based paints, with certified Ecolabel stoneware floors, taking care of its ornamental green areas according to the criteria of organic farming, for the cleaning of the rooms as well as for the washing of bed linen and towels use only completely biodegradable ecological detergents, the detergents it offers are also completely biodegradable, all their ingredients are natural, without of substances of petrochemical or animal origin, synthetic perfumes and dyes, absolutely banishes plates, glasses or rather plastic cutlery!

For breakfast, and more, La casa Gaia has chosen the bio because it is certain that it means providing the product with an added value, it is an ethical choice that allows the protection of the environment but above all allows to maintain with nature the contact that we risk losing in a world that is often too artificial: after all, despite the progress, the needs of the human species remain unchanged!

For this reason, the food products and drinks that are offered for breakfast are strictly organic, fair trade and where it is possible to Km0, obviously not failing to delight guests with our traditional confectionery, our jams and marmalades, our honey varieties , our naturally leavened bread, the bread at Olmedo also plays a fundamental role as evidenced by the various initiatives such as the Exhibition and the Crib of Bread celebrated every year, the fruit of the biological season and also on request makes available products for vegans and celiacs, as well as foods without milk, eggs or yeast.

The Gaia house has an apartment with two rooms furnished in a Sardinian style equipped with every comfort
with bathroom accessible from both through a disengagement that separates them, in privacy; there is also the possibility of having only one of the two rooms with the rest of the exclusive apartment.

The type of rooms is double / twin and double / single beds. There is also the possibility of hosting a child, naturally free, for a maximum of 2 years, who can relax and so much sleep in his comfortable bed.

All this in order to offer a holiday as well as a quality conscious.

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    • Supporting the local economy
    • 100% renewable energy
    • Organic or Local Food
    • Car-free accessibility
    • Ecological cleaning products
    • More than 80% waste recycling
    • Energy saving lights
    • Green building
    • Solar thermal panels for hot water
    • Water flow reducers
    • Recovery & reuse of rainwater
    • Recycled paper
    • No disposable packaging
    • Towel change on request
    • Natural conditioning or class A air conditioning
    • Appliances in energy class A
    • High efficiency boiler > 90%
    • Water-saving toilets
    • Regional Food
    • Fair trade products
    • Biodiversity of green areas
    • Guest Satisfaction


    • Kitchenette
    • Electric Vehicles Charging
    • Private bathroom
    • Internet
    • Breakfast included
    • Organic garden
    • Bicycles
    • Ecotourism itineraries
    • Wellness center
    • Accessibility
    • Small pets allowed
    • Child & Family Friendly
    • Garden
    • Hairdryer
    • Crib
    • Parking
    • Gluten free meals
    • Vegetarians meals
    • Play area for children
    • TV in room
    • Artisanal products for sale
    • Air conditioning
    • Vegan Meals
    • Own entrance
    • Covid-19 Safety measures


    • Families
    • Sea
    • Organic food
    • Garden


    2 Reviews



    3 years ago

    Wir können la Casa Gaia nur empfehlen! Es war alles so, wie wir es uns erhofft haben: sehr herzlicher Empfang, gepflegte und saubere Zimmer mit schönen Details und ein Frühstück, von dem wir heute noch träumen! Der Standort ist ideal, um prähistorische Stätten zu besuchen, das schöne Städtchen Alghero zu besuchen und ganz in der Nähe des Fähre-Hafens. Wir würden la Casa Gaia jederzeit wieder buchen!

    It has been noticed: Organic or Local Food, Green building, Energy saving lights, Ecological cleaning products.


    4 years ago

    Ottima struttura, gestori disponibili e preparati, Eccezionale la colazione

    It has been noticed: Organic or Local Food, 100% renewable energy, Energy saving lights, Ecological cleaning products, More than 80% waste recycling, Water flow reducers.

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    Make your travel greener by booking with Ecobnb.

    No prepayment needed

    Starting from 60,00 €
    2 Reviews
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