Bed & breakfast del Villaggio Verde

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Localita San Germano 16 - 28010 Cavallirio - Novara - Italy

Family owned lodging built and designed according to strict criteria of self - sufficiency and respect for the environment which allows it to offer essential hospitality.


This service is aimed at those who wish to stay for business or tourist purposes, and consider lodging in a structure with energy-saving criteria, green building and low environmental impact, knowing that this choice involves a simple and frugal lifestyle. To better understand the simplicity of the spaces and levels of comfort that you will find in our structure, please read our page dedicated to the structure and house rules.

It is necessary to specify that the service provided is that of a traditional Bed & Breakfast in occasional regime. The term b & b indicates a service within a private home. The Bed and Breakfast formula is characterized by the reduced number of rooms compared to a hotel, a family setting, giving you the opportunity to enter in contact with the reality of the place where you stay.

The b&b at “Villaggio Verde” is a receiving dwelling designed and built according to strict criteria of self-sufficiency and respect for the environment, which allow it to offer essential and affordable hospitality in a simple and frugal lifestyle. The building is located within the complex of “Villaggio Verde”.

The building is newly renovated and rated “B” in energy efficiency, with a lot of attention on material choices. The outer coat with mostly wood fiber as well as roof insulation. Roof tiles recycled from the previous roof. Fermacell and gypsum board used for interior walls as well as paints from simple natural resources making them breathable. Windows are double glass with a high energy efficiency rating.

Internal doors were recovered and restored, all furnishings made from recycled materials and finished with natural oils and wax. The parquet is in FSC certified bamboo, under which a low temperature heating system is in place.

Solar heating is used for domestic hot water as well as for heating. A wood burning stove does the rest of the heating, with wood we recover from our territory from fallen or dead trees, keeping our woods clean. The wood stove feeds into the heating system and heats domestic hot water during the winter on cloudy days. We have a small 4kW photovoltaic system connected to the network with which we exchange electricity, currently it produces more energy then what is consumed.


Washing machine is in class A +++, draws hot water directly from the hot water system. The fridge is in class A +++, while the dryer is in class A + and is used seldomly.


Cleaning products have a low environmental impact. Ashes are an abundant resource during the winter, when the wood stove is used for heating. The ashes are used to obtain lye, a very effective detergent, whitening, degreasing and disinfectant that can be used in the washing machine, to clean ceramic surfaces and steel, while it is not recommended on wooden floors. We also use homemade citrus vinegar and effective microorganisms (probiotic) for cleaning.

For breakfast we use organic products, seasonal fruit, coffee or tea, rice milk, cow's milk or almond based on availability. We serve sourdough pancakes or bread. The fermentation of foods makes their nutrients more easily assimilated. We accompany our bread or pancakes with our jams, honey and Ghee (clarified butter). During the summer period we usually have a great abundance of small fruits, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries and currants, depending on the course of the agricultural season.


  • Supporting the local economy
  • Promoting "eco" activities
  • No single dose
  • 100% renewable energy
  • Organic or Local Food
  • Car-free accessibility
  • Ecological cleaning products
  • More than 80% waste recycling
  • Energy saving lights
  • Green building
  • Solar thermal panels for hot water
  • Water flow reducers
  • Recovery & reuse of rainwater
  • Recycled paper
  • No disposable packaging
  • Towel change on request
  • Natural conditioning or class A air conditioning
  • Appliances in energy class A
  • Water-saving toilets
  • Regional Food
  • Environmental-friendly fornitures
  • Biodiversity of green areas
  • Digital Detox


  • Kitchenette
  • Electric Vehicles Charging
  • Private bathroom
  • Internet
  • Breakfast included
  • Organic garden
  • Bicycles
  • Ecotourism itineraries
  • Wellness center
  • Accessibility
  • Small pets allowed
  • Child & Family Friendly
  • Garden
  • Crib
  • Parking
  • Vegetarians meals
  • Vegan Meals
  • Own entrance
  • Covid-19 Safety measures

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