Rifugio Bella Vista

Maso Corto - 39020 Senales - Bolzano - Italy

Three ice igloo, a shelter for 2,845 meters amidst the beautiful Alps of Ötztal, the sauna and the highest in Europe.

An eco-sustainable shelter to 2,845 meters high, Val Senales, surrounded by ice of the hanging glacier of Hochjochferner, and with a beautiful terrace in the sun to rest after a day of skiing, and stunning views of the peaks over three thousand and the clear starry night away from any light source.
The first shelter was built in the late nineteenth century and has since remained in constant activity (except for some periods of closure during the two World Wars), and has been repeatedly restored and enlarged. Today it is a haven of charming mountain, with high and unexpected comfort standards, and some real gems like the igloo to sleep in the ice, and the highest outdoor sauna in Europe.
The rooms of the shelter, but the bathrooms and showers, offering incomparable panoramic views on the snow of the surrounding glacier.
The property offers accommodation for all tastes, for couples and families, with double and multiple rooms, but also with dormitories for groups and hikers.
The kitchen offers hearty offering of authentic regional specialties, accompanied by fine wines from South Tyrol, fresh spring water and amiable spirits. Even at the shelter we consciously use of quality South Tyrolean products.
The Stube is the ideal setting to spend time with friends, playing cards, chatting and occasionally singing along.
In the immediate vicinity of the Refuge Bella Vista are:
- A Swedish sauna with wood-burning brazier
- A heated wooden bathtub
- Three igloo
At 2,845 m above sea level, in the heart of eternal ice of the Hochjoch, there is the outdoor sauna highest in Europe. Swedish cabin with wood-burning brazier and bordering the pool offer a unique experience of relaxation after a day of skiing. All around a splendid view of the imposing mountain ranges. Watch the sunset on the Oetztal Alps, comfortably soaking in the hot tub is an unforgettable experience!
A romantic adventure to discover the historic border crossing

Just 300 m from the refuge Bella Vista, in the direction of Giorgio Alto, there is a small stone and wooden building is the old customs from falling, a monitoring time set along the Austrian-Italian border, from which went patrols looking for smugglers and deserters.
Today, this little house has been transformed into an accommodation for romantic alpine holidays and out of the ordinary. Who wakes up within its walls can enjoy in complete solitude of unlimited gaze on 3000 m of the Oetztal Alps and Hochjochferner.
Just under customs you can attend every year to an impressive show, early summer when thousands of sheep leave the valley and headed for the old summer pastures of the Valley of Vent in Austria, before returning in September.
The interior of the customs house feature a pleasant parlor to eat and sleep, with a double bed, warm duvets, and all utensils for everyday life, a Nespresso coffee machine and an electric kettle, a wood stove and a toilet. For a dive in the Alpine style more romantic just look at the traditional silverware. As long as you wait for the fire to warm the environment, you can count on an additional electric heating. The customs house also has a small terrace which faces south.
Of course, you can also use the health facilities of our refuge, with the showers with panoramic views of the surrounding glaciers and the outer Swedish sauna with tub of hot water. To walk to the hut for a walk is enough to ca. 15 minutes.

Three authentic igloo, offer the possibility to spend the night in a real house of ice every year in December we build next to the Rifugio Bella Vista two or three of these structures made of snow and ice, with their typical construction system. The beds are covered in sheepskin, perfectly isolated, and have sleeping bags from shipping, each fitted with an inner bag that change regularly, soft fabric that respects the skin. Igloos are designed for two people.
After being introduced to the world of these particular buildings, after a visit to our sauna, which is located in the heart of the mountain and after a rich dinner of regional products in the shelter, guests can also expect a bottle of Franciacorta Bella Vista, fresh at the right point, before going to sleep at an optimal temperature.
In the language of the Inuit, Inuktitut, igloo means nothing more than "flat", but from the fifties also the Inuit have now ceased to inhabit igloos, although they continue to maintain this architectural tradition, characteristic of their culture, using them to mostly as temporary shelters.
How is the night in an igloo?
After a telephone check-in you can get in a short walk from Maso Corto to the Refuge Bella Vista. Once you get to the shelter, will welcome you with a warm welcome drink and you can calmly enjoy the first impressions of the surrounding snow-capped peaks. Then we will take you around the shelter for a first contact with your igloo and comprehensive introduction. Your igloo-guide will explain in detail how you will play your stay and how to use the sleeping bags from shipping. It will also introduce the use of our sauna and outdoor hot tub. If you wish we can also answer general questions, concerning for example the risks of high mountains, the altitude influences on the body and the spirit, the atmosphere above 2000 meters or to be taken in the high mountains. At 19.00 at the shelter we will be served dinner with four-course menu. Waiting for the moment you can relax in the Finnish sauna and hot tub outside. When you want to retire for the night, just ask for your igloo-driving. We will prepare your sleeping bags and accompany you to your igloo. Will be welcomed by a bottle of Franciacorta Bella Vista and at this point I'll wish you good night. The doors of the shelter are also open at night and the toilets are always available.
In the morning we wake up around 7:30 with the awakening tea. If you wish we can wake up even earlier, if you want to witness the spectacle of dawn rising over the surrounding peaks. Starting from 7:30 is at your disposal a buffet breakfast.
Winter sports fans at this point will already be in full swing to not miss the unique opportunity to enjoy the 7.5 km of perfectly prepared track, down the valley before the daily activity of the plants. Those who still want to hold back a bit 'to the shelter, you can sit on a deck chair on our terrace and enjoy the sun.

From the refuge Bella Vista there are many paths to nearby shelters of Oetztal. If you are equipped with the right experience and the right equipment you can also reach the tops of the immediate vicinity, as the Iceman, the Top End and White Ball.
The Bella Vista is also one of the stages of the European Path E5 path with a short detour. Vent after you leave the E5 trail and take the crossroad the branch that goes down into the valley Rofen, climbing up to Rofen pasture. On top of Hochjochferner the path divides. Follow the signs to the Hochjochferner at 2865 m. Once you reach the top you are already in South Tyrol. 3b following the path number you will come to our shelter.
To return from there to the E5 trail continued along the path 3 up to the mountain station of the cable car to the Grawand. Hence the number 8 path leads to the side of Lake Finale to Lake Vernago in Val Senales, where you can continue on the European path.

For the refuge by car:
The road to the Val Senales. A22 Bolzano Sud motorway exit. Take highway "MEBO" Merano. Continue the road following the signs to the Reschenpass. After ca. 15 km, behind the Naturnser variant diverted following the signs for Val Senales and reach after further 23 km the town of Maso Corto, in the valley.
For the Rifugio Bella Vista, starting from Maso Corto
It is advisable to get to Maso Corto by 15:00 hours to reach the refuge in peace.
Arrived in Maso Corto, do open the bar at the end of the parking lot before the cable car, and continue even machine ca. 150 m. Arriving at the curve that bends to the left at the end of the street, on the right you see the cabin of our cable car. Here you can change yourself and wearing winter comodoabbigliamento mountain and unload luggage. To the right of the building is a wooden staircase that leads through a door, always in wood, within the valley station of the cable car. You can store your luggage on the left, under the "Arrivals" sign. We take care of the luggage transport to the refuge. The luggage transport to from Maso Corto to refuge cable car takes place at 10.00 and at 16.00.
Now you have to return the machine to the large free parking lot beyond the barrier.
At the valley station of the Val Senales glacier cable car, depending on the nature and length of your stay, you can get:
The ski pass (hint: after 15 hours the climb for those who just arrived is free if you purchase the day ticket for the next day).
Or single ride or round trip. For those who go on foot there is the Ötzi Card / Bella Vista, which includes roundtrip ride on the cable car of the glacier, with the chairlift Grawand chairlift and the glacial lake. Cost € 26.50
Now go up by cable car of the Glacier up to the mountain station of the Grawand.
If due to bad weather the cable car was stopped arrange a transportation to the shelter with the snowcat. The cost is € 25 a head.

For the Refuge with ski and snowboard
From the mountain station Grawand go down the slopes and glacial lake and reach the station in the valley Hintereislift, that you will take up hill. In the last third of the hold on the track on the right and pay attention to the sign for the Bella Vista. So you will arrive directly at the shelter.

Warning: the last ride upstream from Maso Corto 16.30. We advise skiers to take the chairlift not after the stroke of 15:30 to be sure of reaching the Hintereis chairlift before closing, otherwise we will be forced to pick you up by snowmobile to the downstream of the plant station (assuming a price of € 10 for 2 people). Should you miss the last bus dell'Hintereis, or if the lift was stopped for other reasons, call us and we will pick by snowmobile.

For the Refuge walk
Once at the top station of the cable car, just out there in front of you the mountain station of the chairlift Grawand (chairlift Grawand No.2). The name or number of the chairlift is however only marked on the map.

DO NOT follow the signs "Schutzhaus Schöne Aussicht / Ref. Bella Vista "that lead back inside the top station of the cable car that leads to another street.

The chairlift shown the Iceman / Bella Vista Card that is valid for a round trip (after the last night at the refuge).

Approach the left side of the station of the chairlift up to a pound. Will come the attendant to check the ticket and, without slowing down the chairlift to accommodate you.

If there was wind (on the glacier can blow quite strong!) Cover yourself well from the cold because you'll be sitting for 20 minutes, exposed to the elements. Sometimes in the winter you can find extreme temperatures!

After the first chairlift continue with the second chairlift Gletschersee, then continue for ca. 10-minute walk up to the valley station of the chairlift Hintereis will see before you. Above the valley station you are already glimpsed the refuge Bella Vista.

Keeping to the right of the Hintereis chairlift station you take the climb under the chairlift track before steep but soon becomes more mild, carefully following the trail to the left and keep going on the right, even for 15 - 20 minutes coming to Bella Vista refuge after a final straight with gentle gradient.

snowmobile passage
We are happy to pick you up by snowmobile to the valley station of the chairlift Hintereis. For the service there is an additional cost of € 10 per couple. If possible we pick you up before noon or after 15, to avoid the rush hour of the refuge.

Recommended clothing and equipment
Important notice for those who go on foot and for winter hikers: consider that you are in a high-altitude Alpine region in winter and the temperatures can drop to -20 ° C as well. For clothing it is mandatory to consider: from high snow boots, or warm, waterproof hiking boots, long underwear snow, ski pants, warm jacket, scarf, hat and thick gloves. They should not be missed either sunglasses or ski and a sunscreen with a high protection factor. We recommend sunscreen of our GLACISSE cosmetic line with a protection factor 30.

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    • No single dose
    • 100% renewable energy
    • Organic or Local Food
    • Car-free accessibility
    • Ecological cleaning products
    • More than 80% waste recycling
    • Energy saving lights
    • Green building
    • Solar thermal panels for hot water
    • Water flow reducers
    • Recovery & reuse of rainwater
    • No disposable packaging


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    • Natural Park
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    4 years ago

    E' stata un'esperienza molto suggestiva: immersi in un paesaggio incantevole sia la notte nell'igloo che quella nel rifugio sono state incantevoli. L'attenzione, la cortesia e la genuinità dei ragazzi, il buon cibo e l'atmosfera familiare ha sicuramente contribuito a garantirci un soggiorno speciale.

    It has been noticed: Green building, 100% renewable energy, Energy saving lights, Solar thermal panels for hot water, Ecological cleaning products, More than 80% waste recycling, Car-free accessibility, Recovery & reuse of rainwater, Water flow reducers.


    4 years ago

    Camere accoglienti, servizi comuni puliti, ottima posizione a ridosso del ghiacciaio, accoglienza calorosa, ottimo cibo. Una bella esperienza per tutta la famiglia.

    It has been noticed: 100% renewable energy, Energy saving lights, Solar thermal panels for hot water, Car-free accessibility.


    8 years ago

    Posto meraviglioso in uno scenario da togliere il fiato. La struttura più che un rifugio sembra un hotel di buon livello. Bello il fatto che ci siano camerette per due persone e non cameroni classici dei rifugi di alta montagna. La cena con portate decisamente originali era di ottimo livello e anche la colazione non era male.
    Unico appunto qualche italiano/a e forse anche qualche straniero che entrava in sauna con il costume da bagno... che come tutti sanno non dovrebbe essere permesso per questioni anche igieniche. Non guasterebbe un bel cartello (il mio è un suggerimento) in italiano inglese e francese (per i tedeschi non serve visto che sanno che in sauna si entra solo con asciugamano ) che vieta questi comportamenti.
    Per il resto tutto estremamente positivo!
    E' stato apprezzato: cibo biologico o a km zero, e materiali naturali.

    It has been noticed: Green building, 100% renewable energy, Energy saving lights, Solar thermal panels for hot water, Car-free accessibility.

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    What happens after contact?

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    • You will receive an answer from the host with availability and price, you can also ask for more information
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    Starting from €75.00
    3 Reviews
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